Wealth Solutions Says, “Be Weary of Using Your Property as Short Term Rental Investment”

Wealth Solutions warns investors to be very weary of the new income venue of renting out their expensive properties as short term investments. Under the guidance of expert registered investment adviser Richard Blair and his associates at Wealth Solutions many investors have discovered that in today’s market turning their expensive area home into an investment income property to offset costs may be very popular but extremely riskier than companies handling this type of property management would have you believe. It can definitely make the homeowners some welcome extra income short term but is it really that great a deal to rent out to a stranger at high risk involvement?

Wealth Solutions makes you aware of all investment aspects, such as licensing fees involved on your part. What are the insurance risks? What are your rights during a possible lawsuit when it seems like today the person renting has more rights than the renter. Doesn’t sound all that great a deal does it?

Bottom line, a renter would need to look at all the insurance issues involved simply to “supposedly” supplement their income. Property damage, theft, fire, refusal of tenant to pay, on site injuries from tenant or someone visiting the property, your goodwill with neighbors may suffer, there’s no end to what could go wrong that could end in a lawsuit or needs insurance coverage. Does this sound like a good income source?

The problem with sites such as Airbnb or VRBO that handle these type of short term home rentals is that they’re in the business to strictly make accommodations online between owner and customer, not to advise. The whole point of Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions is to advise and assist the investor to reach their goals for retirement and during retirement. They’re available to help clients achieve realistic financial goals with little or no risk. Wealth Solution is an advisory company that will give all the pros and cons before any decisions are made.

What makes Richard Blair’s company different is that they work with a diverse group of investors who may have a lot or very little to invest and need to make sure that they have a detailed account every step of the way to be positive Wealth Solutions is working in their best interests. If you’re still not convinced about short term rental of your property visit Wealth Solutions blog on the matter http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/blog/march-16-2016-insurance-issues-to-consider-before-renting-on-airbnb.

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Darius Fisher Saves The Reputation Of His Firm

Some time back, a crisis and online reputation firm, Status Labs, found itself in a fix. The firm mandated with saving the reputation of people and organizations online found itself in a reputation crisis. All this was initiated by the actions of a former executive of the company and what started out as a local news item exploded into a national news story. This threatened the reputation of the firm.


Since 2012, over 1,000 businesses and individuals have benefited from the services of the company by being provided with a second chance. The market for these services is also expanding as the role of PR continually shifts to the digital world. According to Status Labs, the only way of ensuring a lasting change in reputation is a change in behavior. This is the step that Status Labs took.


The first step in the process involved changing the leadership, with the employees calling for the said executive unanimously. This was followed by informing the media of the steps taken, together with a team photo. This helped in putting human faces on the company that had attracted o much hatred. With the realization that the company should have been more engaging with the local community, the rest of the year was spent working with various charities and nonprofits.


Darius Fisher is the President as well as Co-founder of Status Labs. The much-loved President and his team help businesses, as well as individuals, improve their online reputation, especially after times of crisis. The firm has a client base of over 1500 clients in 35 countries.


The Vanderbilt University graduate was involved in the creation of the strategic vision of the company, being the president of the same. He has built partnerships with agencies and influencers, all with the aim of improving the online reputation of his clients. Follow him on Twitter @FisherDarius to keep up with his news and upcoming events.

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Shaygan Kheradpir’s Past Success Lead Coriant To New Horizons

Coriant, a telecommunications company, made the right decision by naming Shaygan Kheradpir CEO in 2014. Kheradpir has had a long standing career in the telecommunications field and even worked for the cellular mega company Verizon for almost ten years. Born in England Kheradpir moved to Iran with his father and spent his childhood there until he moved to the United States to finish his schooling. He attended Cornell University and graduated with a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree in electrical engineering. His landed his first job in 1987 with GTE and helped develop the first national network management platform. Afterwards he was promoted and moved to Dallas where he became the company’s CIO.

When GTE merged with Bell Atlantic in 2000 to create Verizon Communications Kheradpir became the head of the company’s e-division sector, and then he became the company’s very first CIO and CTO. During his time at Verizon he and his team developed and integrated many Verizon’s core operating systems, and the changes are still in use today. His former team created and launched FiOS which became an award winning fiber optic video initiative. Verizon’s FiOS became one of the infrastructure programs in the history of the country, and is now a whopping $12 million item.

Kheradpir initiated a thirty-day program that helped his team create, develop, test, modify, and implant different technical advancements. By working nights and over-time under Kheradpir’s leadership his team was able to improve Verizon’s core programs including their automated customer service. His team even managed to successfully integrate GTE and Bell Atlantic’s systems that were previously separate even after the companies merged together.

Kheradpir left Verizon in 2011 and joined Barclays, a global retail bank, as their Chief Operating Officer. After only two years he was promoted to Chief Technology Officer of the company. Amid his promotion he oversaw the digital integration of the bank including retail, business, credit cards, investment banking options, and wealth management. He left the position in 2014 for job back in the United States for Juniper Networks. He was named CEO and dispatched a cost-cutting plan and helped restructure the company.
While he was working for Juniper he had become part of Marlin Equity Partners and when Marlin created Coriant Kheradpir shifted over to become CEO of the new company. His past in telecommunications allowed Kheradpir to take over with ease and has been able to expand Coriant.

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FreedomPop Is Bringing Some Big Changes to the Spanish Cellphone Market

Mobile World Live recently reported on some big news for anyone in Spain. Or, really, anyone interested in the cellphone market. Because while the story itself is centered on Spain, the company it’s looking at is international. The story looks at the recent expansion of cellphone provider FreedomPop into Spain. For those unfamiliar with FreedomPop, they’re a company offering a unique voice in an otherwise often homogeneous world of cellphone providers. Most of the companies within the industry offer a fairly similar set of service plans. But FreedomPop is unique in the way that it both carefully analyzes individual markets and also tries to offer as low priced a plan as possible. In fact, the company’s name showcases what they’re always striving toward. FreedomPop tries to offer up as much free service as possible.

FreedomPop offers a limited amount of free data, texts and voice service in every country they operate within. Saying that this is unprecedented would be an understatement. The company has also gone to great lengths to try and provide refurbished phones at greatly reduced prices to their customers. Basically, they’re one of the few companies whose actions actually match up to claims of wanting to save their customers money. But one of the most impressive aspects of FreedomPop has come from their interest in really meeting the particular demands of various areas. Every country has unique ways of approaching phone service. And FreedomPop has demonstrated that paying attention to these trends can mean big savings for their customers.

In this particular case, FreedomPop noticed that the WhatsApp program had an impressive foothold in Spain. The app is responsible for a full 90% of texts within the country. FreedomPop quickly realized that this was a great way to gain an instant foothold. As such, FreedomPop has begun offering free calls and texting when using WhatsApp. This allows them to offer very cost effective service within the area. And all of this with a familiar user interface that people in Spain are already used to.
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A Businessman, A Father And A Philanthropist

Sanjay Shah is the owner of Solo Capital Markets. Solo Capital Markets is a financial service company that has its headquarters in London, but it deals with many groups all around the world. Solo Capital has specialties in professional sports investments, consulting, and property trading. The net worth of Solo Capital Management is over €15 million and the owner of Solo Capital Marketing is a retired young man.

Sanjay Shah originally wanted to go to school to be a doctor, but when he found out that medicine wasn’t what he wanted he decided to become an accountant. He started off working in investment banks such as Credit Suisse, and Merrill Lynch. Soon SS stated that he was going to start his own company when the financial crisis hit in 2009. That is how solo capital started and now it is a multi-million-dollar company.

Recently Pharmiweb did an article about Sanjay Shah and his companies. Sanjay Shah is the owner of both Autism Rocks and Solo capital.

Sanjay Shah is also a philanthropist and he is known as highly respected businessman. Sanjay Shah gives business advice to individuals that are hoping to be entrepreneurs. Shah believes that it is important for individuals to never underestimate the amount of money that is need to start a business, and also not to assume that everything that they need to do for the business has to be done by them.

Sanjay Shah realizes that it is important to take being a business owner very seriously, but he also realizes that help and delegation are also important when it comes to owning a business. This year in April 2016 Autism Rocks will host festivities for the entire family. This fund will host well-known artist, and those individuals that attend the festival will be able to make contributions to Autism Rocks. All the funding for Autism Rocks goes into the research for Autism and also to help individuals to understand the disorder better.

Soros Sees the EU in Danger

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has not been shy when it comes to voicing his opinions of the European Union on http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527 and the direction its leaders are taking it. In the recent history of increased refugee migration coming to Europe, George Soros sees the need for action to keep the EU from collapsing under the weight of this crisis.

George Soros penned an essay for the New York Review of Books, Soros pointed to the humanitarian crisis in Greece as the epicenter of Europe’s problems. George Soros’ cited the desperation of those seeking asylum, and the responsibility of member nations of the EU to consider the need these people have to live a life away from conflict. But in order for the EU to help the people who need it most, EU leaders on https://www.facebook.com/breakingpolitical/posts/1562000144097945 need to be willing to increase their spending beyond what little they’ve dedicated to this situation in recent years. It’s the only way to respond effectively to this crisis.

Since 2015, the war in the Middle East and Africa has pushed people to flee their home countries by the millions in search of safe haven in Europe. At present, deals have been solidified to keep illegal immigrants from moving further into Europe after arriving in Greece. If denied asylum, these refugees will be returned to Turkey. The exchange of these refugees will in turn allow refugees from Syria to take their place in Europe by being granted Asylum.

Soros estimated that 300,000 to 500,000 refugees would be an acceptable number that the EU can manage without being overwhelmed by demand to take people in. This will need to be matched with an budget of $34 billion to be applied each year in order to manage these operations.

And while this sum may appear large, George Soros points out that it can be managed if leaders in the EU realize that not managing this crisis will in the end cost them more to rectify when the burden refugees place on the 26 European states is felt in the near future. To help actually gather the money necessary for this fund, Soros points to the European Commission’s Multinational Financial Framework, a spending plan the EU drafts to manage their budget. Soros suggests that it be expanded to include the money necessary to address these crises.

In the short term, Soros says that even more money is needed. Through the European Financial Stabilization Mechanism and the Balance of Payments Assistance Facility, both in possession of $68 billion, could be dispersed to address this crisis. While this may be irregular, he was quick to point out that this is a moment of emergency, one where extremes needed to be exercised in order to keep the European Union from danger.

Having fled Hungary in 1947, George Soros built a life in the United States where he made a career in banking in his adopted New York, becoming one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Soros has been active in philanthropy since 1974. Through the Open Society Foundations, his personal organization, Soros has operated in over 100 countries, helping to reinforce human rights and pushing for government transparency.

New Weight Loss Program Nutrimost Sees Great Weight Loss Success

Weight loss is one of the most difficult things that a person can achieve in a lifetime. We start out as young children with lots of energy and a high metabolism. After we graduate from high school, some of us go on to college but others of us tend to begin a sedentary job. Sitting around a lot or eating fast foods is packing on the pounds. We try starvation. We try running and walking and Pilates. We even try going to a weight loss clinic that promises overnight success. The hope of everyone based on a WoodTV study is that we will lose the excess weight and become healthy overnight. This is not how it happens but we can get some help. Doctors and diet pills are two of the ways we can achieve a healthy weight loss. Doctors will monitor your intake, your blood pressure, and your weight. You follow the doctors diet plans and you will almost always achieve success. Nutrimost is a weight loss program that doctors approve and is helping people knock off the pounds quickly and safely. Slimming down is now easier and quicker with the new diet program sensation.

There is a new diet sensation that is hitting the market with great success. Nutrimost diet system posted on nutrimostrecipes.com is one of the new weight loss programs that guarantees a significant weight loss. Doctors are following the progress of this diet program and very hopeful because of the good results. Over the past ten years, diets have hit and missed. Nutrimost is one of the weight loss programs that is satisfactory and healthy. Natural weight loss is a plus. No one is wanting to put anything in their body that is not made of natural and safe ingredients. Nurtimost is made of safe ingredients and is doing the trick. Check out the results on http://news4sanantonio.com/sa-living/slim-down-with-nutrimost.

Kyle Bass Talks In Circles About Economic Policy

Kyle Bass is one of the rare people who has made a fortune while knowing very little about the economy. He made a ton of money when the loan market collapsed in America because he was betting against it, but that sheer dumb luck where Mr. Bass is concerned. He is not someone who should be talking about policy, but he tried to talk about policy where the presidential candidates of 2016 are concerned.

He mostly talked in circles because he is not sure what he is saying. He says that Donald Trump could be good if China collapses, but most economists believe that China will be just fine. He then says that Hilary Clinton would be a good president because he wants to see drug prices go down. His talking in circles had him turning back on every point, and he even said that he is not someone to talk to policy about.

The problem with believing in what Kyle Bass says is that he just puts people in a position where they will be losing money. He tells people the things that are exciting to hear, but what he says usually does not have any merit. There was a time when he thought that America would collapse by the end of 2016, but now he is talking about a credit bubble in Asia which is not exactly correct.

Every country in Asia is trying to manage their currency better, but that is not the same as having a credit bubble. Kyle Bass proves that he is not very deft with vocabulary in finances, and he is still gaining audiences who think that he knows what he is doing. Someone who wants to make money probably needs to go with someone else so that they can get better results from their investments. It is also important to remember that Kyle Bass does not even manage his own hedge fund very well. The fund has been slowly dying for years, and that should tell people that they need to be concerned about what Kyle Bass says.

Mr. Bass is just a talking head who gets too excited hearing his own voice. He is telling people wrong information, and he is off on policy. He needs to make up his mind, and he needs to try this interview again. He also needs to be smarter with his own money before he advises others. http://usefulstooges.com/2015/08/24/kyle-bass-the-frantic-investments-of-a-desperate-gambler/

Coriant Success in Optical Data Transmission Technologies

Coriant is a leading technology company in the supply of SDN-enabled end-to-end packet optical solutions. It works using technology that it derives from Sycamore Networks and Siemens Optical Networks. The company has been in operation since 2013 while in collaboration with Nokia Siemens Systems. Later on, it became independent from Nokia Siemens Networks under Marlin Equity Partners. Marlin Equity Partners went ahead to acquire Sycamore Networks to help them gain access to Coriant America along with Tellabs.


The main product line includes both the software and the hardware for the use in optical transmission when installing the backbone network of data, voice, and mobile networks.

The main products include integrated optical planning solutions, MSPP Solutions, Edge Routing solutions, TDM-Cross Connect solutions, Intelligent Network Management, Optical LAN, and Broadband Access.

Most of the solutions are hiT7300 products for the optical multiplexing over the standard optical cables, network management solutions, and hiT 7100 that enable electrical cross connection in the optical paths. The firm also provides several software tools for network planning and interconnection.

With the rise of the cloud connectivity, the firm also provides Data Center Interconnect solutions that enable high speed, and secure bandwidth for the use in cloud applications. It also has DCI WAN solutions for futuristic wide area cloud connectivity for the companies.

Key competencies
Coriant boasts of advanced solutions for the use in several kinds of enterprises including the defense forces, government agencies, banking and finance organizations, network service providers as well as research firms. Here are some of the basic qualities of their solutions.

• High speed data connectivity for data center connections and cloud connectivity
• Best in class connectivity solutions
• Maximum optical transmission in the metro area, long hauls interconnectivity and regional connectivity solutions.


The success of Coriant as an organization has been mostly due to advanced solutions, innovation, and good leadership. Recently the outgoing team handed over the mantle to the new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir to run the company. The CEO has wide experience in both the technology and running blue chip companies. He holds a doctorates degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University, where he too both the undergraduate and the masters in the same field.

Before taking up the job at Coriant, Kheradpir held executive solutions in a number of industries that include Juniper Networks, GTE, Verizon, and the Barclays. With the experience and the competency in electrical and information technology fields, it is expected that he will lead Coriant to higher levels of revenue growth, expansion, and innovation.

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About Michael Zomber And His Mission To Protect History

Michael Zomber is one of the most famous antique collectors in the world. Michael Zomber is a historian who has a big inspiration for preserving and protecting history by collecting antiques with historical significance. He collects this antiques and sells them for preservation. His main interest is directed to antique arms and swords that were used by the Japanese samurais. Michael Zomber also works with other historians and antique collectors to safeguard the history that is symbolized by the rare antiques of the past. Michael Zomber is also a prominent author, filmmaker, and philanthropist whose efforts are dedicated to the preservation of history. His long term practice in the antique collection sector has made an experienced and expert historian.

Michael Zomber is the founder and owner of Samurai Arts LLC, an American antique firm that has specialized in dealing with ancient Samurai antiques. Michael Zomber and his antique firm have been in the antique collection business for over forty years. During this time, he has managed to collect numerous valuable antiques. His achievements as an antique collector have given him a chance to work with the famous History Channel’s in America as a guest historian. One of his major appearances was in the series, Tales of the Gun. That is the programs; Million Dollar Guns, Guns of the Orient, Guns of the Famous, Shotguns Dueling Pistols, and Automatic Pistols. Michael Zomber’s legacy as a historian and an antique collector has given him an international reputation. He has even been endorsed several times by the Japanese samurai swords authority for his dedication in preserving the Japanese history.

Michal Zomber is also a good narrator and storyteller. His authoritative writings have gotten several credits worldwide. Over a dozen of his writings majorly historical novels have been turned into screenplays. This includes Shogun Iemitsu and Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War. The most notable work is the Jesus and the Samurai, a non-fiction work which has received a lot of positivity in the market. Michael Zomber also has a successful documentary film known as the Soul of the Samurai. He produced this documentary film in collaboration with his wife, Andrea. This film was released through their proprietary film company, Renascent Films LLC and it had a good market receivership. Micheal Zomber has also participated in various humanitarian initiatives in collaboration with international organizations. His humanitarian efforts are dedicated to reconciliation of historical conflicts worldwide.  See Michael Zomber on YouTube, in his Dueling Pistols segment from the History Channel.