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Exciting Wine Varietals in Sonoma

One of the latest offerings from the always exciting Jackson Family Wines is Vérité La Joie, a Cabernet heavy Bourdeaux blend that is perhaps unexpected, coming from the Sonoma region. This varietal is being championed by none other than Julia Jackson, the beautiful, young spokesperson for her family’s company. Jackson believes that Cabernets are a force to be reckoned with and that this particular grape varietal deserves a place beside the already popular stalwarts, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

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Jackson is no stranger to the California wine scene and has grown up working in the business alongside her father Jess Jackson. Her mother Barbara Banke is also a huge inspiration for Julia Jackson, and she often refers to her as a genius. In fact, the example that Barbara set for her family was part of the reason she founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment in order to reach out to what she describes as Women Warriors. A graduate of Scripps College, Julia has constantly reached out to others to share her passion and enthusiasm from a very young age.

The future of California winemaking is in good hands, and the Cambria Estates production model of small plot growing is at the forefront of the sustainability trend. The entire Jackson family shares in the work of the family business and the success of the venture is surely a group effort. The Jackson Family Wines company believe in family businesses that can be passed from one generation on to the next and the future of the Jackson business is secure. In fact, the company is constantly expanding and presently has over 20 companies located in six countries. The Jackson family looks forward to continuing to work closely together and continue to grow the business into new and exciting areas, such as the Cabernet grape varietal.

Helane L. Morrison and the Growing Compliance Officer World

Many people are unaware of the duties compliance officers have, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The compliance officer position, after all, is pretty new. Despite that, it’s becoming a more prominent job every day.

Roy Snell works as the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO). It’s a well-known not-for-profit organization that’s located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has been around since 2001, too. The primary focuses at the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics are risk management, compliance, continuing education, learning, investigations, audits and institutes, for example. Snell revealed that the job of someone who has a compliance officer position is to take charge of regulatory and ethical issues. It’s also to locate them and stop them from emerging in the first place. Compliance officers are supposed to rely on risk evaluations, audits, education and investigation to accomplish their goals.

Snell reported that strides in the compliance officer world have been significant over the past couple of decades. The position almost didn’t exist just 20 or so years ago. There are now thousands of people who have it, however. These compliance officers all take care of many diverse responsibilities as well. Snell stated that it isn’t uncommon for people to feel confusion about what exactly compliance officers do. Some people are under the false impression that compliance officers create guidelines that don’t have any basis in reality. Snell corrected that belief by indicating that compliance officers help stop errors in workers. They work hard to keep employee errors at bay and as a result to keep potential punishment away as well.

Helane L. Morrison is a businesswoman who is native to the United States. She used to work at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as its regional director. Helane Morrison is also an attorney. She hails from New York, New York’s Brooklyn. Morrison attended the private research institution Northwestern University. She earned a journalism bachelor’s degree from the highly reputable school. She also went to the School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. While she was there, she was the California Law Review’s editor-in-chief. In 1984, Morrison got her Doctor of Law degree.

She currently lives in San Francisco in Northern California. Helane works at Hall Capital Partners LLC as a chief compliance officer. She’s been with the company since 2007. Some examples of Morrison’s skills include leadership, legal tips, litigation, employment law, strategy and securities regulation.