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Whitney Wolfe Pushes Forward with App that Makes Dating Easier

Whitney Wolfe is someone that wears her heart on her sleeve. This is a good thing when it comes to the dating industry. Women that know her story are going to be pleased to utilize the Bumble dating app. This is an app that puts women in charge, and it allows them to make the first move once they are sent messages. Some people may look at the biography of Whitney Wolfe so far and assume that her time in the industry so far may be something that would skew her perspective of the dating world, but she has thrived.

Most people would agree that the game of dating is a complicated one. There are so many unspoken rules, but there’s one rule on Bumble and that is clear: women are the ones that are going to make the first move. They have the ball their court once messages are sent to them. This is what Whitney Wolfe wanted to experiment with. She wanted to take a chance to see if this could actually work.

It was something that she thought about, and it appears that she researched the ideal greatly because this has become a phenomenon. Millions of people have accepted this as one of the best Innovations in the dating world so far. It is a huge leap from what was considered the norm, and now it appears that more people are going to make an attempt to duplicate what she is doing. There are a lot of copy cat entrepreneurs that are in the shadows with an intent to capitalize on this concept. Whitney Wolfe isn’t worried about any of this though because she is the originator. She keeps her ear to the street, and she knows about the best ways to keep users loyal to Bumble.