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Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Awarded

Talk Fusion is a company in the Video Communication business founded by Bob Reina back in 2007 and he has been the Chief Executive Officer ever since. The firm is known for its broadcasting, video conferencing and social networking products. Talk Fusion is devoted to assisting companies to be competitive, to increase revenues and to ensure consumer loyalty. As such, it provides lively ways of making marketing more engaging, persuasive and memorable via video chat.

The company’s innovative products are advertised to each individual by independent links in over 14o nations. Moreover, a month free trial of the all-in-one Video Marketing solutions is offered to everyone that wants to try before buying and its does not require a credit card. According to a recent press release, he cost of the video chat is affordable. Its basic service goes for an initial price one time price of $175 after which customers pay $20 monthly. At that cost, each client gets one account, storage capacity for a thousand emails and they can record videos that last up to 5 minutes.

The firm’s video chat product was awarded the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the year on the 15th of August by the Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) for the second time. This award honours remarkable goods and services that incorporate voice, data and communications that had been introduced in the industry in the past year.

Talk Fusion incorporate the power of WebRTC expertise to permit its video chat users to communicate one on one with different persons in different locations. It works on any device with a camera such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. Moreover, the Video Chat App can be downloaded on iTunes or Google Play Store.

The CEO and Founder of the firm explains that there are even bigger plans to make the All-in-One Video marketing solution to continue being on top of the curve. On top of the double credit from TMC, the company announced free trials, a new site and its WebRTC Recorder.

Widely Known Across the Web




In efforts of giving back to the community, Talk Fusion supports numerous charities and animal populations. The company, co-founded by Bob Reina, creates video marketing solutions. At a convenient price, small businesses that need a good startup can prosper from the services.


Individuals can choose to try out the services for 30 days before deciding to make any purchases.


List of Marketing Solutions



Email – Used for personal or charity purposes.


Newsletters- Features a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to easily add text and photos.


Live Meetings – Great for recording global presentations.


Video Chat- Compatible with multiple devices


Sign-up forms- Useful for long e-mail lists.



Charity Account Program


Talk Fusion is devoted towards doing good and making a difference, particularly through charities. Associates gift the custom plan (of products) to organization of their choice. The Unity Committee of Central Oregon is affiliated with their efforts.



More Accomplishments


During a recent press release, Rich Tehrani announced that Talk Fusion is the winner of the 2016 Communication Solutions Product Award among many recipients. The reward was distributed from the Technology Market Corporation. Candidates who are eligible to receive the award must produce products and services that creates an amicable environment for video communications


The company made major advancements during the new year. The launch of FreeTrials, WebRTC recorder and the launch of gained recognition from TMC and is reaching out to more associates and customers who are interested in the products.