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How A Reputation Management Handled Its Own Reputation Crisis

Austin, Texas based online reputation management firm Status Labs, recently experienced a reputation crisis due to some careless and inappropriate conduct by one its now former employees. The news made local and even national headlines. French who was a CEO at the time, quickly became vilified.


Even though Jordan French did his inappropriate and crude behavior outside of his role at Status Labs, the company also became a target of vilification and suffered a severe blow to its reputation. The company lead by new CEO and its second co-founder Darius Fisher quickly took action to rectify the worsening reputation problem.


All of the employees at Status Labs voted to terminate Jordan French as CEO of the company immediately and sever him from the company permanently. He would be replaced by one of its co founders and current CEO Darius Fisher. The entire Status Labs team then sent out a letter condemning Jordan French’s actions regarding the eviction of the Jumpolin pinata shop. The letter included a photo of the entire team, and reiterated that the company does not stand behind the selfish actions of French and are committed to servicing and living within the community of Austin, Texas.


After the letter, many Status Labs employees began to volunteer in local charities and non profit groups such as Urban Roots and Dress for Success. This would help regain the trust of the citizens of Austin, who now thought that the entire company was scandalous.


Changes were made within the company as well to boost morale after all the negative publicity. On Fridays free lunches were catered at the office, pets were allowed to be brought in if they could behave, and a company newsletter was published that had news and developments within the company.


In the end, Status Labs managed to survive and got stronger after undergoing its own reputation crisis. The employees can now sympathize with the clients of the firm who themselves have undergone or are undergoing a reputation crisis or vilification in the press or in public.


A leading digital management firm, Status Labs has helped over a thousand companies and people restore their reputation in a period of only four years. This is done through good publicity, search engine optimization, creation of new content and a good old fashioned PR campaign as well. Status Labs serves clients from all over the world. It has expanded outside its Austin, Texas home, and is now found in New York City and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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