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Rocketship Education – Providing Special Approach To Public Education

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit public elementary charter institutions that serve mainly low-income learners in regions where reach to good schools is limited. Transforming schools does more than just educating students. They empower teachers, inspire communities and engage parents.

Rocketship Education is an institution founded by Preston Smith and John Danner and based in Redwood City, California. The non-profit institution applies a combination of learning model together with adaptive software to improve students’ accomplishment. Presently, there exist sixteen institutions based in Redwood City, San Jose, and Concord California in addition to schools in Washington D.C., Milwaukee, and Nashville.

Engaged parents are vital to eliminate the accomplishment gap. Rocketship Education operates with parents to assist them to become strong advocates for their kids and their communities. By direct involvement of parents, Rocketship Education team helps parents to become leaders at school, at home, and within their communities. Leadership at home incorporates assisting their kids with doing their assignments, managing households and providing services to positive role model for their kids.

While leadership in the school entails spearheading community meetings, advocating for the needs of children, organizing school-wide events, and helping leaders and their teachers to in interviewing processes. The Rocketship Education community leadership incorporates being active participants in the community, participating in school boards & advocacy groups, and standing for their schools and students. Rocketship Education community encourages parents to speak for their kids.

Rocketship Education comprehends many items that the traditional school system does not address. Everyone learns things in special ways. From the time we were children, every individual leaned things in their manner of advancing and learning. Unfortunately, the conventional school structure does not permit that. In Rocketship Education, students are referred as Rocketeers who get customized instructions that are targeted to tailor their special learning styles and that meet their needs. Rocketship Education blended studying model brings together technology, traditional system, and tutoring, thus permitting every Rocketeer to study and learn at their pace. The ideal thing about the model is that it operates for every student within the Rocketship program, whether they are racing ahead or catching up.