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Securus Technologies Company wins the Stevie Awards

Securus Technologies is a top provider of justice and local technology solutions for investigations, public security, monitoring, and corrections. The company has won the Gold Stevie Award as the best training department in the 11th annual Stevie Awards for customer service and sales. The Stevie Awards for sales and customer are the leading honors of clients, contact center, business Development, and sales professionals. The Awards organizes different world leading Business Award programs like Prestigious American Business Awards and International trade awards.

The Award was presented at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, and more than 650 executives worldwide were in attendance. More than 2300 nominations from companies of different types were evaluated for the competition, which is an increase of around 10 percent over the previous year of 2016. More than 75 judges are used to determine the winner of the Awards. The winner has been determined by an average score of 77 professionals around the world. The customer service has 61 categories that are considered and contact center achievements. Another 53 types of sales and enterprise development results starting from senior sales executives to business manager of the year were also recognized.

The training group of Securus Technologies identified the empathy of customers and solved issues affecting them, and this has helped them improve clients’ experience. They then focused on developing materials and ways that would assist their agents to understand their customers’ needs and help them during the hard times. These have worked, and the results of best customer satisfaction and Net Promotions has been identified.

The Judges have commented on how the enterprise has played a significant role in the society and offering customers with the services they need. The recognition of customer’s problem and the training team is committed to helping associates produce more. The Securus Technologies is working hard to ensure it wins more Stevie Awards which are very competitive.


Securus Releases Insightful Press Release About GTL

Securus Technologies has produced an incredible volume of products for the correctional industry. Inmates appreciate the excellent phone services and video apps necessary to communicate with family. Those who work for the correctional industry rely on Securus Technologies for tracking software and more. The Dallas-based company does a lot more than “merely” providing products and services. Securus Technologies has also acting as an industry watchdog. Through a press release, Securus Technologies has announced it will address inaccuracies promoted by Global Tel Link (GTL). Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


Specifically, Securus Technologies is responding to a press release promoted by GTL. The GTL press release focused on lawsuits filed in Texas Federal Court in regards to patent issues.


In Securus Technologies press release, six corrections are made. Six statements made by GTL are presented and, directly underneath them, Securus Technologies puts forth the corresponding half-dozen corrections.


In the press release, Securus Technology brings up questions about the policies GTL employs in filing lawsuits. Overall, the press release is worth reading due to its very revealing nature.


Securus Technologies has been a very busy company lately. Securus Technologies recently acquired JPay Inc., a top technology company that serves the correctional industry. This joint venture and the press release campaign prove Securus Technologies is always on the proverbial move.