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Darius Fisher Saves The Reputation Of His Firm

Some time back, a crisis and online reputation firm, Status Labs, found itself in a fix. The firm mandated with saving the reputation of people and organizations online found itself in a reputation crisis. All this was initiated by the actions of a former executive of the company and what started out as a local news item exploded into a national news story. This threatened the reputation of the firm.


Since 2012, over 1,000 businesses and individuals have benefited from the services of the company by being provided with a second chance. The market for these services is also expanding as the role of PR continually shifts to the digital world. According to Status Labs, the only way of ensuring a lasting change in reputation is a change in behavior. This is the step that Status Labs took.


The first step in the process involved changing the leadership, with the employees calling for the said executive unanimously. This was followed by informing the media of the steps taken, together with a team photo. This helped in putting human faces on the company that had attracted o much hatred. With the realization that the company should have been more engaging with the local community, the rest of the year was spent working with various charities and nonprofits.


Darius Fisher is the President as well as Co-founder of Status Labs. The much-loved President and his team help businesses, as well as individuals, improve their online reputation, especially after times of crisis. The firm has a client base of over 1500 clients in 35 countries.


The Vanderbilt University graduate was involved in the creation of the strategic vision of the company, being the president of the same. He has built partnerships with agencies and influencers, all with the aim of improving the online reputation of his clients. Follow him on Twitter @FisherDarius to keep up with his news and upcoming events.

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