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New York Entrepreneur Billy McFarland Has A Knack For Starting Winning Businesses

Most kids don’t think about starting a business. But one Short Hills, New Jersey kid did just that. Billy McFarland seemed to have an active business gene was he was younger, and it was dying to get out and create something. McFarland started his own company before he graduated from high school. Billy was accepted to Bucknell University because he had the ability to conquer any challenge that was put in front of him.

But college wasn’t where McFarland felt comfortable. He wanted to make a difference in the tech world, and he did just that when he decided to start a digital acquisition, and optimization company called Spling. Spling was just what McFarland needed, and it was just what the Millennial crowd needed in New York and other cities across the country. Spling is one of those urban dictionary words that means laugh out loud. Spling is also written on official parking signs in London, and that renders the signs invalid.

Billy McFarland had the right idea when he started Spling. Millennials have their own language and their own way of doing things. Billy is a 24-year-old Millennial. He saw a void in the market, and he decided to fill it. Millennials living in the big cities need their own identity.

The Baby Boomer perks don’t work for Millennials. That group wants to be noticed for their uniqueness, not their sameness. McFarland is all about uniqueness. He decided to take that quality and build a private club around it. In 2013, Billy put a private club concept in motion that catered to educated, and well-paid Millennials in the tech, fashion, and finance industry. Billy calls his private club concept Magnises.

Magnises was launched in New York and Washington, D.C. in 2014. Millennials can purchase a membership for $250 a year. Members receive a black Magnises membership card that resembles the black American Express Card. The Magnises card can be linked to a personal credit or debit card. More than 12,000 Millennials have joined Magnises over the last two years.

Those members enjoy special deals on hotel rooms, restaurant reservations and an assortment of specially priced quality merchandise. According to Fortune, Billy McFarland plans to open the Magnises concept in Atlanta, London, Chicago, LA and Boston soon.