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Anthony Petrello Rose from Humble Beginnings to Fortune

Anthony Petrello saw his parents struggle as they raised him, and he resolved to work his way up to help them out. It took him many sleepless nights reading and working to reach the top. His efforts did not go unpaid as he was among the top paid CEOs in America in 2014 when he, earned $68 million.

Background and Values

Anthony Petrello was raised in Newark in New Jersey. This is a community that is predominantly Indian, and it has its own set of cultures. Case in point, the main value in the culture is hard work, where everyone is taught to work towards meeting the needs of others. As such generosity and diligence were not an option as Anthony grew up. Additionally, integrity and honesty are held highly in Newark community and one is expected to tell the truth even when it does not favor them. These values that were inculcated in Tony Petrello as he grew up have been very instrumental in his career as he has kept a clean record in his offices. Anthony has not been caught in scandals as he always does what is right in his line of duty.


Anthony Petrello is mostly known for his high salaries being ranked in several lists as the highest paid American. He works with Nabors industry where he serves as the CEO and President. Anthony joined Nabors in 1991 and worked in lower ranks until 2012 when he took over the leadership of the company from his predecessor Eugene Isenberg. Anthony was most suited for the job for he had learned a lot about the company affairs. He knows exactly what needed to be done to make the company have a higher reach. Moreover, having a background in revenue and taxes, he knew how to make Nabors more profitable. Anthony had previously worked in Mackenzie Law Firm where he was a tax specialist.

Nabors Industry

Nabors is a company that deals with oil drilling and natural gas. It offers contract driller services as well as field service driller. It has over 500 rigs that are actively used in 25 countries.