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Richard Mishaan Design: Innovation in Every Layer

The New York City interior design world is filled by the One Percent being catered by the people who know what they like. New York is a city unlike any other and the people living there have taste like no other people. So, it’s nice to see someone like Richard Mishaan, of Richard Mishaan Design, come along and completely defy expectations. Richard Mishaan has established himself as one of the most unique interior designers in the Big Apple and his work continues to both inspire and draw more attention.


Richard Mishaan Design is all about how you blend your room together. Mishaan likes to focus on blending both the authentic and traditional look with the unabashedly opulent and lavish. Mishaan knows that one of the top rules of interior design work is to never really mix styles and eras, but he thumbs his nose at the concept. Richard Mishaan likes to be bold and that is why you see so much of his work rife with multiple patterns and a range of different colors. While Mishaan may call himself a modernist, his work can take on entirely new vibes based on the room you are seeing. You can get a close up loko of Mishaan’s work in his books: ‘Modern Luxury’ as well as ‘Artfully Modern’. Both books were released by the Monacelli Press over at the Random House and make for great tableside reads.


If you were to sit down with Richard Mishaan and really pluck his brain about how he approaches a project you would end up with some pretty interesting answers. Mishaan says that he aims to design a room like it was “collected over time.” Richard Mishaan points to old family homes in Florence or Venice where artisan work is shown off and layered in lavish levels of style and texture. Mishaan compares his design work to something akin to a museum, collecting and layering as if he were a curator to his own special content. Ultimately, Mishaan admits, he is inspired by culture as well as travel. Mishaan says, “Design based on heritage creates a legacy that transcends trends or styles, making it timeless and pure.”


Outside of his luxurious approach to modernism, Mishaan has a real standard that he has to live by when he is designing for clients. Mishaan particularly hates it when clients only opt for the most expensive options around. Mishaan says, “I don’t like it when someone walks away from something because it’s not expensive enough.” Mishaan believes that you can have expensive tastes without actually spending a ton of money. Mishaan goes on to say, “I think it’s really more about having an eye than having a certain amount of money.”


No matter where you stand with your concept of interior design chic, you have to admit that Richard Mishaan is making serious changes to the industry. In an industry dominated by the one percent, Mishaan is making his name and changign the way everyone thinks about their work.