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Free Your Mobile Phone with FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a company that provides completely free cellphone service. They offer 500 megabytes of service per month absolutely free! What’s the catch you ask? There’s no catch. However, if you go under 100 megabytes of your data limit, you will automatically be charged 10 dollars to top up your account. You can opt out of this, and pay an additional $0.02/MB instead, but I wouldn’t recommend FreedomPops free plan to anyone planning to binge Netflix all day. That being said, it should be plenty for someone who needs to make a few calls or read some articles.


FreedomPop also offers other plans. If you know you’re going to go over the free 500 MB data limit, there are several plans you can select from in order to get the most out of FreedomPop:



$10.99 monthly unlimited talk and text with 500 MB of data

This plan gives you unlimited talk and text with 500 megabytes of data.


$5 monthly WIFI calling

This plan allows you to do everything over Wi-Fi hot spots. It’s a great option for those who live in big cities and don’t use a cellphone very often.


$20 monthly unlimited talk and text with 1 GB of data

This is FreedomPops most popular plan. It provides the same benefits as the $10.99 plan, except you get 1GB of data.



If you’re interested in FreedomPop, you can join them by either bringing your own sprint compatible phone, or by purchasing one of their phones. They offer several refurbished phones and tablets to choose from.


Internet Service

FreedomPop also offers a mobile broadband service. Just like the cellphone service, you can go for the 500 MB free plan, or you can choose from a few other options:



Basic 500MB

This option is completely free. However, the user is limited to 4G and additional data will cost $0.02/MB


Pro 500MB

This option is $3.99 per month. There is also a one month free trial for newcomers and allows 3G and 4G to be used. additional data is $0.02/MB


Premium 2GB

This option is $19.99 per month. Like the pro plan, it includes a free trial and allows both 3G and 4G. Extra data is also cheaper at only $0.015/MB