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Ricardo Tosto- Prominent business lawyer in Brazil

Brazil is governed by a system of government that follows the constitution. The constitution in Brazil was passed about 30 years ago. The constitution is the supreme law in the country and it outlines all the responsibilities that the government is to carry out as well as outlining the laws that will be followed in the country. Coupled with the other legal documents, the constitution have is used to rule the people of Brazil. The constitution outlines the organization of the government. It states that the government is composed of three arms of government that are interdependent. The legislature which is mandated by law to make laws which are to be implemented by the executive and then finally the judiciary.

In a country that is governed by the ruler of law, the legal profession is one of the most popular lawyer. In like many other countries, Brazil is one country where the legal profession is held in high regard. This is a profession that attracts a large number of Brazilians. In a country with over one million law professionals, then it has to be one of the most followed professions. The high number of law schools in the country are responsible for this high number of lawyers. Brazil has the highest number of law schools in the world. In terms of the number of lawyers, it ranked number three after the United States and India and more

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is one of the influential lawyers in Brazil. He started practicing law when he was 26 years. Since then, he has assisted hundreds of clients in solving lawsuits. Ricardo Tosto is a graduate of Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He is known for his ability to litigate business cases. Ricardo Tosto attracts clients from many fields. He has assisted governmental organizations, non-governmental, politicians, banks, and other business organizations. He is a founding member of the Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados.

Karl Heideck is a Seasoned and Reputable Litigator

Karl Heideck is a Seasoned and Reputable Litigator
Karl Heideck is a Seasoned and Reputable Litigator

Litigations are proceedings conducted by two entities to solve a dispute. There are four main steps involved in a dispute litigation procedure, which includes pleadings, discovery, trial, and appeals. Pleading is a process where the conflicting parties file their initial papers explaining their differences. After the pleadings, discovery follows where each party conducts research about the case. After all the groups find evidence, the case goes to trial to get a verdict. Where there is a dissatisfied party, an appeal follows and more information click here.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a litigator skilled in legal writing, corporate law, and legal research. He boasts more than a decade of professional experience in legal practice. Heideck completed his degree in disciplines of English and law at Swarthmore College. He is also a proud alumnus of Temple University where he received a degree in J.D. Law. Throughout his litigation career, he has worked as an associate at Conrad O’ Brien where he represented individual and corporate clients. While working for this company, he handled matters concerning SEC receivership, toxic tort defense, government investigations, white collar criminal defense, and subprime litigation.

At Conrad O’ Brien, he acquired skills in the development of analytical memoranda, execution of filed pleadings, and professional correspondence. Heideck has also served as a project attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP in the Great Philadelphia Area. While working for this firm, he was in charge of developing quality control reviews to enhance compliance. He currently works for Hire Counsel as a contract’s attorney in Wilmington, Delaware. He handles issues revolving around liquidity, acquisitions, risk management, and transactions. Heideck also hosts weekly meetings to review and improve the company’s protocols. Heideck is a longstanding member of the Afro-IP African Intellectual Property and learn more about Karl.

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Sujit Choudhry, a Reputable Legal Expert

Comparative law is an extensive study that focuses in the comparison of both differences and similarities between legal systems. The comparison gives results that are closely related to the distinct legal cultures analyzed. Furthermore, comparative law plays a deeper and crucial role of enabling individual have a clear understanding of global legal systems. In this era of intertwinement of international public and private law, complexity and globalization, comparative law plays an important role in the unification of laws and global harmonization thus leading to a prosperous and better world order. Nowadays, most legislators make use of comparative law to draft useful laws. Comparison of legal systems has been used widely in both academic disciplines and distinct areas of law.

His Involvement in Comparative Law

Sujit Choudhry is the faculty director and founder of constitutional transition. Through his institution, he has been able to bring together diverse knowledge to support constitutional building. Sujit is an icon of comparative law and political development. He has written an interesting book on constitutional design as an important tool to manage transitions from violent to very peaceful democratic politics, especially in politically divided societies.

His Career and Passion

Choudhry has published more than 70 articles related to Migration of Constitutional Ideas and Constitutional Design for Divided Communities. Presently, he is working on two great books known as the Oxford Handbook of Indian Constitutional Law and Constitution Making. Additionally, he works as a board member of various committees including Constitutional Court Review of South Africa, Cambridge constitutional Law Studies and International Journal of Constitutional Law.

Before moving to work at Berkeley Law, Mr. Choudhry served as a professor at the prominent NYU school of Law. Furthermore, he served as the head chair at the law faculty in the well-known University of Toronto. In 2010, Sujit was one of the leading Canadians to receive the Trudeau Fellowship accolade, an award equivalent to the MacArthur awards. He holds several law degrees from Oxford, Harvard and Toronto. Sujit Choudhry was also an active Rhodes Scholar and worked for Antonio Lamer Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Canada as a law clerk.

SEC is succeeding in Taking Action against Federal Securities Violators

Labaton Sucharow LLP is among the first firms to introduce a program that defends whistleblowers, who expose financial companies that commit fraud. Recently, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) awarded a whistleblower represented by Labaton millions of dollars for exposing illegal doing in the financial service industry. The award is the second largest since the introduction of SEC’s Whistleblower Program. SEC has put in place policies that dictate the percentage of money that whistleblowers should receive upon successfully exposing wrongdoings.

This award-winning whistleblower provided enough intelligence that resulted in imposing sanctions against a key financial player. Usually, a whistleblower is chosen in secrecy to protect him or her and to avoid blacklisting and retaliation. According to Jordan A. Thomas, whistleblowing is important because it protects investors from uncouth practices by company administrators. It is expected that in future, people will be courageous enough raise alarm in the event of a fraud, enabling SEC to prosecute more financial executives and companies. Mr. Thomas has been actively involved in SEC cases. One of the primary cases he has handled involved a public officer of a public company. He also handled a case whereby an employer was convicted for retaliating against the whistleblower.

SEC offers incentives and protections to its whistleblowers, who provide reliable information proving their employers have violated federal securities. Additionally, whistleblowers are assured to earn a lot of money, and their jobs are protected. The Congress raises money given as award through Investor Protection Fund, which has up to $400 million.

Labaton Sucharow

Labaton Sucharow is one of the popular law firms in the United States whose goal has been to defend whistleblowers since its establishment. The company is composed of financial analysts, investigators, and forensic accountants work in defense of whistleblowers. Jordan Thomas, a seasoned SEC whistleblower attorney, heads Labaton Sucharow. Formerly, he served as the deputy chief litigation lawyer and assistant director at SEC. While working at SEC, Thomas initiated development of the whistleblower initiative and helped in coming up with the rules to govern it. Among the legislations drafted to run SEC was the Dodd-Frank Act, which protects whistleblowers against retaliation by employers.

Consultations prior to reporting perpetrators are usually confidential and free. Whistleblowers are advised to keep their identities anonymous until a proper investigation is conducted. In cases whereby the whistleblower is from another country other than the U.S, similar guidelines are used to employ sanctions to the federal securities violators. It is imperative to work with a licensed SEC whistleblower lawyer when you are reporting misconducts or violations in the financial service industry.