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Thor Halvorssen and Human Rights Foundation

Human Rights Foundation is one of the most prominent organizations in the world that helps to promote civil liberties. There is a lot of injustice taking place in today’s world, but Human Rights Foundation is working to change that. The organization is being run and was founded by Thor Halvorssen. Thor Halvorssen has done an excellent job of running Human Rights Foundation, and his leadership has changed many lives around the world. He has a very high degree of personal dedication to the cause of Human Rights Foundation, because he has seen social injustice in his own life. Human Rights Foundation has done work in a multitude of different countries, on different continents.

Thor Halvorssen spent his years growing up in Venezuela, a latin american country in South America. There have been some serious problems with societal injustice in Venezuela over the years, and Thor Halvorssen has witnessed this firsthand. When Thor Halvorssen has led the Human Rights Foundation, there has been a significant amount of work done to improve the situation in Venezuela.

However, due to corruption of the legal system, he ended up arrested rather than the drug cartel members! He was illegally put in jail for a period of several months. Thor Halvorssen’s mother fell victim to violence, when she joined a protest of Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president. She did survive her injuries, but the close call left a major impact on her and also on Thor Halvorssen. The combination of these two experiences made Thor Halvorssen into a person that is very committed to social justice and being proactive to stop injustice.

Human Rights Foundation has helped those who live under the most oppressive of regimes. For instance, they have even helped citizens of North Korea to become informed about the outside world. Of course, no one was able to actually enter North Korea to deliver the message. However, they set up a system where balloons carried in copies of a US film called The Interview. This film very clearly shows the differences between North Korea and the democratic world. Also, they have done work in countries with human rights violations that only affect a segment of the population. For instance, they have also done work in the Dominican Republic to prevent human trafficking. They also have recently done work in Morocco, to help improve conditions.