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Madison Street Capital-the top financial advisory service provider

Showing its commitment to integrity, high-quality leadership, and excellence, Madison Street Capital is one of the best international investment banking firms that is committed to providing amazing services regarding the delivery of corporate financial advisory services mostly to many public and privately held businesses. Understanding the all-important time sensitivity of corporate finance Madison Street Capital is able to proficiently respond quickly to all the market available opportunities. Their unique and extrinsic approach creates finance transactions mutually beneficial for both the business owners and investors as well. Their approach and attitude enable them to work successfully and achieve new heights. They are very skilled and have the profound knowledge, high-class experience, and good relationship which lets to create a good platform to make a connection between buyers and sellers, as well as striving hard to find the suitable financing and capitalization structure with respect to each client’s unique circumstances and situation. Madison Street Capital apply the methodology which greatly reflects high-class substantial experience and expertise in all sectors and areas of corporate finance that includes mergers and acquisitions, market pricing, due diligence, deal structuring, valuation of different needs and the design and working methodology of implementing an alternative exit strategies. Over the past many years, Madison Street Capital has been able to successfully help clients in many industry verticals allowing them to reach their goal in a good timely manner. This is one of the reasons Madison Street Capital’s reputation has substantially increased over the past few years. Their perfect experience and good understanding in many sectors of corporate finance and governance are the sole reason they have established themselves as a leading provider of M&A, valuations, and financial advisory services.

They provide high expertise in the field of Corporate Advisory, Bankruptcy services, ESOP advisory, corporate governance, perfect private placements, share-based compensation, helping businesses and companies with valuation, also providing purchase price allocation and goodwill & intangible asset impairment, they also provide unique perspectives on finances and independent 3rd part fairness opinions. Furthermore, they also provide guidance and expertise in portfolio valuation, restructuring services. They are experts in wealth preservation and tax planning, financial sponsor coverage, mergers and acquisitions advisory, solvency and capital adequacy. They also provide expertise to their clients regarding business exit planning and/or building wealth. This is a huge list of services the company provides, which makes them one of the top financial advisory services company and one of the best companies to work for.

Due to their success, they have been able to increase their market opportunities and have established offices globally in North America, Asia and Africa having adopted a global view that provides equal emphasis and works on to provide a platform for the local business relationships and networks.

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Insurance Issues that every Homeowner Must Consider before Renting on Airbnb

The most recent post by Wealth Solutions discusses the risks involved when homeowners act as amateur hoteliers. Online rental platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO have enabled millions of homeowners to make extra cash by renting some rooms in their apartments to travelers. Some homeowners rent their entire apartment to short-term tenants and travelers. The hosts earn extra cash but many of them of are unaware of the insurance issues associated with this business.

The first insurance issue that every home owner should know is that homeowner’s policies do not cover this type of business. Most insurance companies do not include short-term rentals in their policies and may cancel a policy when the homeowner files a claim. Hence, homeowners are not protected against any liabilities incurred in case short-term tenants damage their property. The solution is to upgrade a homeowner’s policy to include short-term rentals or take a business liability policy. Alternatively, homeowners can rent their homes to quests with a homeowner’s or rental insurance cover.

Another issue that hosts should consider is the potential liabilities associated with short-term rentals. The risks that homeowners face include theft, injuries, property damage including a neighbor’s property, legal issues, and illegal activities. A host may lose income in case a tenant fails to pay as agreed. In addition, homeowners may be required to obtain commercial licenses, agree to municipal inspections, and pay taxes for their rental business. The requirements apply if the municipal in the host’s location considers the host as a bed-and-breakfast operator.

The protection offered by online platforms including Airbnb encourages many homeowners to start the rental business. For instance, Airbnb gives a $1billion guarantee to all hosts in its network. Many hosts do not realize that this guarantee is not an insurance cover. A host should use all other possible means to recover any loss before seeking compensation from Airbnb. The guarantee does not cover some losses. Hence, homeowners cannot rely on online platform to cover their liabilities. Homeowners must seek legal advice and inform their insurance companies of their intended business before renting their houses or apartments.

Richard Blair owns Wealth Solutions, Inc. The company’s total assets are valued at $55m. Richard started Wealth Solutions in 1996 and has been an executive in the company since then. Richard is also an executive in other finance companies including Worldwide Ventures LLC, Crownbridge Wealth LLC, Blair Insurance Group LLC, and Worldwide Ventures LP. Richard is a member of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and has had an industry certificate registration for 22 years. He is registered under SEC and RICP. Richard graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s degree in finance and financial management services.

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Wealth Solutions Says, “Be Weary of Using Your Property as Short Term Rental Investment”

Wealth Solutions warns investors to be very weary of the new income venue of renting out their expensive properties as short term investments. Under the guidance of expert registered investment adviser Richard Blair and his associates at Wealth Solutions many investors have discovered that in today’s market turning their expensive area home into an investment income property to offset costs may be very popular but extremely riskier than companies handling this type of property management would have you believe. It can definitely make the homeowners some welcome extra income short term but is it really that great a deal to rent out to a stranger at high risk involvement?

Wealth Solutions makes you aware of all investment aspects, such as licensing fees involved on your part. What are the insurance risks? What are your rights during a possible lawsuit when it seems like today the person renting has more rights than the renter. Doesn’t sound all that great a deal does it?

Bottom line, a renter would need to look at all the insurance issues involved simply to “supposedly” supplement their income. Property damage, theft, fire, refusal of tenant to pay, on site injuries from tenant or someone visiting the property, your goodwill with neighbors may suffer, there’s no end to what could go wrong that could end in a lawsuit or needs insurance coverage. Does this sound like a good income source?

The problem with sites such as Airbnb or VRBO that handle these type of short term home rentals is that they’re in the business to strictly make accommodations online between owner and customer, not to advise. The whole point of Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions is to advise and assist the investor to reach their goals for retirement and during retirement. They’re available to help clients achieve realistic financial goals with little or no risk. Wealth Solution is an advisory company that will give all the pros and cons before any decisions are made.

What makes Richard Blair’s company different is that they work with a diverse group of investors who may have a lot or very little to invest and need to make sure that they have a detailed account every step of the way to be positive Wealth Solutions is working in their best interests. If you’re still not convinced about short term rental of your property visit Wealth Solutions blog on the matter

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Philip Diehl Contributions in the Coin Industry

The U.S Money Reserve is an institution that provides government issued coins to the American citizens. Veterans started the company, and it has some of the best and knowledgeable staff who has been in the industry for some time. This makes the company the ideal place for people to get information about precious metals before buying them. Since the institution has the best staff, they have done so well in the market, and at the moment, the company is led by Philip Diehl.

For any individual looking to acquire precious coins, this is the right place to go. The company will ensure that the client gets the best profitable metals, and if this doesn’t happen, they are guaranteed of their money back.

For an institution to perform well, the top management should be experienced and experts in their job. This is one of the reasons why this company is doing so well. Mr. Philip has been in the government for some years, getting some of the top positions in the big institutions. Before getting the current position, he used to be the president of US Mint, another company that deals with coins too.

While working as the director of the U.S Mint, Philip managed to do a lot. First of all, he was in charge of an initiative that created the multi-year customer service, and thanks to this initiative, the company rose to become the second in the Federal agencies. His legacy and contributions to the institution are still remembered up to date, and some of these achievements have made him become one of the most influential people in the coin market in the American state. He spearheaded the formation of the 50 States Quarter in this same company, and through a lot of dedication, the program becomes one of the most successful in the history of the country. Philip is also responsible for launching the Sacagawea dollar, popularly known for selling more during its first months than Susan B. During his tenure at this company, Philip has also won several awards, and he is respected because of these contributions to the coin industry.

After working in Washington DC for several years, Philip moved back to his home state, and he was appointed to work as the president of U.S Money Reserve in Texas. He has also brought a lot of changes in his new position, taking the company into better levels.

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2000 more investment Banking Jobs to be axed by Credit Suisse

The Credit Suisse was pushed to accelerate the cost cutting plan by the slump in investment banking. However, Tidjane Thiam, the Chief Executive admitted that he was been aware of the trading positions which had triggered bigger writedowns in the first quarter.
On Wednesday, the Switzerland’s second biggest bank revealed that it was going to shave an extra 800 million Swiss francs off costs and cut more than 2000 jobs from the Global Markets division. A drop of 40 to 45 percent is expected to be recorded by the unit in the first quarter revenues and the bank is currently selling off the illiquid assets holdings that the senior management at the bank did not have on its radar.
Thiam revealed that things had clearly gone wrong though the bank was currently confident problems had been noted when he was questioned in an analyst call on who was responsible for the $1 billion illiquid credit portfolio losses realizes over the past two quarters.
Thiam also claimed they could not have a CFO and a CEO in bank during a media call. Thiam also said that he had lots of confidence in David Mathers the finance chief and Tim O’Hara the global markets head.
The most lucrative period for the industry is the first quarter when the investors place their capital to work at the start of every year. However, this year, the revenues have been affected by the record low interest rates, slower growth and low commodity prices in the emerging markets.
About Martin Lustgarten
Martin Lustgarten is considered to be one of the most renowned investment bankers America has ever produced. Martin own and runs the Lustgarten Company based in Florida. The company is said to have mad lots of notable business deals for most of the famous firms all over America. The company is also considered to be one of the most sort companies in the investment banking.
Martin Lustgarten has been working in the investment banking for a couple of years and he possesses lots of experience in equity traded and security exchange.

The Basics of Investment Banking with Martin Lustgarten

Investment Banking can be a tough, tricky field to get into. Luckily there are experienced professionals who understand what it is like to work in this industry and know how to get a “foot in the door”, so to speak. Individuals such as Martin Lustgarten know what its like to pay their dues, and they know how hard you have to work in order to get started in investment banking.

Individuals such as Martin Lustgarten can offer prospective investment bankers a number of different tips about how to get into this business and remain strong within the business as well. One of the things that he recommends is to follow a number of different companies. On his LinkedIn page, Mr. Lustgarten has a number of them, including Royal Oaks Venture Capital, the DB Agency, DMAi, CEO Connection and several others. Do you want to be as successful in investment banking as Mr. Lustgarten has been? Here are some more tips that you should strongly consider:

1. Follow market cycles.

A good investment banker such as Martin Lustgarten has a full understanding and appreciation of how world and local events can shape the markets. Do you understand how a dictator being overthrown in a foreign country might affect gold prices? If you are more an equities guy then you need to understand all of the movements of the S&P 500 and the FTSE 100. You must also read the Financial Times and other financial periodicals. Follow Martin Lustgarten on Twitter to stay up-to-date.

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2. Be careful with risks.

Investment bankers are very cautious individuals, and with good reason. The excessive risk taking that contributed to the financial crisis of 2008 is something that many investment bankers are now very leery of, so when you are discussing the risks you have taken with a prospective employer or client you had better be prepared to explain how “calculated” a risk it was.

3. Preparation is key.

Finally, in order to survive in this business and properly serve your clients and employers, you need to be as prepared as possible in all regards. Study the markets, understand events, and know how to help investments grow.