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Jason Hope -Advocate for Anti-Aging

A businessman, philanthropist, and advisor, Jason Hope is a leader in healthcare technology and vision. He lives in Arizona where he uses his experience and time to advocate for causes he believes in. One such endeavor is the war on chronic illness caused by aging. Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s are just some of the serious conditions that often occur as we age. Hope is dedicated to finding new ways of preventing the toll age takes on our bodies.


One organization that Jason Hope supports is the SENZ Foundation. This foundation was established in 2009 as a new way to research illness and aging. The main component of SENZ is a technique called Rejuvenation Biotechnology, the use of research and cutting-edge technology to prevent damage in our bodies caused by the inevitable process of aging. Alternately, in place of trying to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s or heart disease, Jason Hope and the SENZ Foundation hope to target on preparing for the beginning of these conditions by energizing the systems in our bodies.

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— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 8, 2016

Jason Hope donated a half million dollars to the SENZ Foundation in 2009 which helped create the Cambridge SENZ Lab, focused on research and discovery of innovative ideas. Hope says he donated the money because he believes in the group’s mission and he feels SENZ is the best approach of healthcare, and his Linkedin.


One essential facet of the SENZ Foundation is called the Age Breaker Program. This program involves a therapy that breaks down advanced glycation end product or AGE’s for short. AGE’s are a by-product of each person’s metabolism that causes the loss of elasticity in our skin and blood vessels. Aubrey de Grey who is the Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer for SENZ, asserts that the key to fighting age based disease is to heal this damage before other conditions set in, and learn more about Jason Hope.


Jason Hope has been a faithful advocate of SENZ and its cutting-edge medical technology in the anti-aging battle. Not only does Hope support the Foundation with his but he also helps with outreach and information blogs on the internet. Jason is quite experienced with being an internet entrepreneur. He has played a role in many different projects that he believes in. Hope was born in Arizona and was raised in the Temple. He attained a degree from Arizona State University that was soon followed by an MBA from ASU’s School of Business. He is known as a humanitarian and gives his expertise to organizations which he cares strongly about. He is a leading advocate for a healthy life for everyone and he believes such foundations as SNS will set the standard.

289: Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne is a United States-based entrepreneur with more than two decades of professional experience in the starting and selling of more than 50 businesses in the country. He is one of the most respected business leaders in the world. Josh is the current Chief Executive Officer of According to Josh Verne, Vision is the art of seeing things that other people cannot see while they are standing. For you to become a better business leader, there are numerous key points you need to take into consideration.


  1. Bea leader, not a boss.

In a business setup, there are two types of positions. Bosses and leaders. For the bosses, they use their position to influence others to work or achieve something. They also demand respect and force others out of the will to accomplish a given task. According to bosses, they only use their title to accomplish given tasks. On the other hand, the leaders earn respect from his subjects. For this reason, they use the earned respect to influence the people to adopt his mission. While they respect him, they will also work towards achieving their mission through the perfect leadership. The leaders never force their followers to work on their mission. As a matter of fact, they will put the people first in the decision-making process.


  1. Everything is a win-win

Never agree to follow a plan of action which only allows one group of people to win from this deal. As a matter of fact, strive to make this situation a win for everyone. This is the only thing that can define people from leaders. Good leaders make ends meet for all included parties. If you win, your party will also win. Your community will win as a result of the winning parties. When you start settling for situations that earn wins for all people involved, you will be forced to include a better situation. For any problem you face, you must try to make it turn into a win for everyone. All people look upon the leaders. They always have high expectations on you. Therefore, never let them down.


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