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New Tool Provided by Davos Real Estate Group

David Osio is a real estate investor who is well-regarded in the real estate industry for being a leader in both residential and commercial real estate. Through his group of companies, the Davos Real Estate Group, he has provided a number of different services to his investors, including financial investment advice, market knowledge, capital for investments, and even financing options.

One way that David Osio has benefited his clients is by providing customers with the tools necessary to make informed decisions. One great investment that an individual can make is the decision to purchase a piece of investment real estate. While it can be a great financial investment, many investors do not go into the investment fully informed about what all of the costs could potentially be.

The Davos Real Estate Group has recently launched a new application that will give all potential investors all of the tools they need to ensure that they are making a good long-term investment decision. The application will act as a checklist and financial model to ensure that all of the potential expenses are recorded and accounted for. The application will ask you for information regarding basic revenue, such as rental income, what local vacancy rates are, property taxes, mortgage information, and insurance. While investors often recognize those expenses, the application will also ask for other expenses such as maintenance, association dues, and utilities that can dilute the investment return.

Once all of the information has been received, the calculator will be able to give you a breakdown of what the realistic income potential of the property will be. This information will include what net income is, what your free cash flow will be, and what the long-term return on investment can be. This information can also be used to compare potential investments side-by-side to make a more informed decision.

The tools provided by the Davos Real Estate Group can also be used to find ways to save on expenses to make a financial investment more accretive. This will include providing tips on how to save on utilities and maintenance costs, tips on how to negotiate real estate taxes with the local county, and tips on how to ensure that the property stays full to reduce vacancy expenses.

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Richard Blair Talks About Making Extra Cash From AirBNB


For some people, renting out a small space in their house or apartment has now become easier and better than ever. With the rise of places such as AirBNB, it is now possible for someone to offer a room in their homes when they wish. A person in a popular destination such as New York City, can easily find it possible to rent out a small space every single day of the week of the year if that’s what they want. Even someone who is living in an out of the way space that does not get much traffic may still wish to consider taking advantage of this right and renting out a space to people who are just passing through for a short time.

Cautions And Precautions

Yet, as¬†Richard Blair¬†reminds people, what looks like easy money may be nothing of the sort. Blair, a highly skilled professional wealth manager, knows that this sort of rental arrangement is one that needs to be considered carefully in today’s market. Being a hotel manager of a sort is not always easy and may cause all kinds of problems if the person renting out the room is not prepared for all eventualities. He cautions people to be aware of the need to be able to confront any potential problems. His own personal experience is one that suggests to him that renting out space today requires careful caution. He reminds people that people that they need to aware that problems may arise unexpectedly, causing potential risks of all kinds. The savvy renter will take this in account and remember such needs before they begin to rent any space out at all.

Working With Richard Blair

At his own firm, Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair is all about being able to avoid risks. He knows that anyone who is going to accumulate wealth needs to be aware of all details at all times. His own philosophy of wealth management and accumulation is about balancing the need for rewards with the potential for risks that may cause problems and may cause the loss of capital. He aims to help people manage such risks just as they manage any potential risks from renting out a room in their homes. He knows that it is imperative to help move past such risks and enjoy the potential rewards that can come from specific marketing insights and risk taking.

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