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Liveries of London Entertained At UK Vintners’ Hall

Eminent people who have been to events at Vintner’s Hall in London are quick to say how wonderful their experiences were while they attended. They often comment how much they would like to attend future events at the renowned Vintner’s Hall. So, it should not surprise anyone that the City of London’s Livery Companies of London, more than 120 of them in attendance, enjoyed their gathering there. The Hall wowed everyone with the level of service and exquisite cuisine that was catered at this beautiful and traditional venue in the UK.

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The Wardens and Clerks of the Livery companies are the hosts for these regular entertainment and dining events. Attendees were treated to high cuisine: foie gras, eel croquettes, Broad Bean salad, rosemary curds, Tietar and goat cheese, pepperonata, and prosciutto. This wonderful array of delicacies were followed with white chocolate and truffle buttons for desert. Everything at the Hall, including the food, was managed expertly by Searcys. Kim Lyons, the Assistant Clerk of The Worshipful Company of Distillers, has said that choosing Vintner’s Hall was a quick and easy choice for a venue with both the space and the tradition of high-quality service needed for this event.

Lyons talked about how well the drink offerings worked in pairing with the cuisine. One of the events held at UK Vintners recently featured more than 200 choices of wine and tastings to help people in attendance choose their favorites. She thinks the combination of Vintners‘ Hall and Searcys is a good balance between creativity and flexible service. The Hall brings a bit of posh feeling, no matter the event, according to Julie Fox, the official Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants. Posh or not, this same Hall and other associated Halls often give back to their community by hosting various charity events.

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