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Happier Classrooms App By ClassDojos

The growth mind set appears to be the new buzz in learning circles especially at the elementary level. It is becoming more and more important to know the particular motivation which places learners on a fast lane in developing their mental capacity. ClassDojo is breaking this jinx with its innovative videos aiming to help teachers, parents and students learn about the growth mind set.


In a news article that appeared on Edsurge, ClassDojos is reported to have produced a show that uses critters as a learning strategy about “growth mindset.” The Fransisco-based startup has a series of five animated clips all on growth mindset. Each of the clips is accompanied with a discussion guide for parents and teachers and will be available on ClassDojos’ Big Ideas website.


The concept by Class Dojos’ is well researched and proven right by Stanford University’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) with whom they have teamed up. PERTS is an important partner for the project given the group’s role in studying student’s motivation and resilience.


PERTS has with it, a sizeable number of teachers who they work with. They boast users in 1 in 2 U.S. classrooms. According to Liam Don, the co-founder and Chief Product Officer, this gives a perfect fit for ClassDojos who are looking to scale.


On the part of PERTS, this project gives them a chance to offer student-centred intervention, having had previously concentrated on just parents and teachers. They might have previously partnered with City Year and Khan Academy to disseminate the idea but it is with ClassDojos that they are doing animated clips befitting school children.


ClassDojos prides itself as a solution provider keen on developing the easiest way through which teachers can encourage students and extend their best moments to their parents. The mission of the company is to reinvent classrooms by bringing all the stakeholders pertinent to the leaning process in one platform.


The process over outcome approach used by ClassDojos in their solutions is part of their winning game. The potential of the app is apparent as evidenced by the amount of venture funding they were able to mobilise -a whopping $21 million.


Cruch base rates the company as among the fastest growing education-based technology companies of all time. Thus far, the company has made footprints in over 2/3 of US schools and 180 countries around the globe. With its solution in use, schools and classrooms are converted into closely-knit communities, connected by the belief that together, they will improve education.


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