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Imran Haque Great Career in Medicine

Imran Haque is a very powerful medical personality who is changing the lives of so many people who are living with several medical conditions. There are very few individuals who love their profession in the modern times. People select the most profitable careers without understanding their passions, and this means that they do not like whatever they do to earn a living. For Imran Haque, the matter is very different. The medical professional is dedicated and very passionate when it comes to serving humanity. The caring and prominent medical internist is very keen when offering his patients outstanding medical care, and he has done his best so that he can impact many lives.

When he was growing up, Imran Haque felt that he wanted to serve humanity in the best way and leave a great legacy. Fortunately, his parents were supportive, and they offered to give him the best education so that he could achieve whatever he wanted. The internist went to get his medical training at some of the best medial schools in the world, and this is actually one of the reasons he has excelled in his career in the medical profession. Although he is still very young, the medical professional has managed to impact the lives of millions of people who are based in various parts of the country. At the moment, Imran is practicing his great career as an internist at a Northern Carolina hospital, and he has a wide base of clients who trust in his expertise.

Due to his nature of work, Imran Haque is forced to interact with individuals who are suffering from various forms of medical conditions. When a patient visits him at the hospital, they are always sure that they are going to get the assistance they need so that they can live a good life. Imran has changed the lives of many patients who go to his clinic everyday seeking for medical care. Whenever he is not in a position to offer specialized care to the patient, the medical internist makes sure that the patient is referred to be the best doctor in the region so that they can get cured and live normal lives like everyone.


Imran Haque Said These Things in a Recent Interview with Idea Mensch

Although the many patients that Dr. Imran Haque serves throughout central North Carolina know lots about the internist – a medical doctor that practices internal medicine, a preventative field – not everybody in the region does know a lot about him. Dr. Haque isn’t a celebrity, per se, although the manner in which his 1,000-plus regular patients discuss his offerings, kind bedside mannerisms, and skill as a medical doctor would make most people think he is a celebrity, in fact.

Fortunately for those curious eyes and ears throughout North Carolina and surrounding states, Dr. Imran Haque shared several personal sentiments, feelings, and opinions about medicine, how he managed to start a medical practice largely by himself – with no assistance more than financial from a local bank – and even more. Here are some of the most remarkable things gathered from the interview, hosted by Idea Mensch.

When Dr. Imran Haque was asked, “What’s one trend [in the field of health care] that really excites you,” he replied, “The integration of technology in health care has made extraordinary and invaluable improvements to medicine,” including several other thoughts about the far-reaching arm of technology throughout the entirety of his practice at Horizon Internal Medicine.

Patients can set up appointments without any fuss or hassle, as receptionists can quickly log them for open spots that best fit their needs. Conversely, if this function was still carried out through pens, paper, or other analog forms, patients would invariably incur difficulties in reserving spots to see Dr. Imran Haque, or any other medical doctor, for that matter.

Although many people in the United States of America start their own businesses, roughly to the tune of one per 10 or 11 people, Dr. Imran Haque said that one habit that made him so successful was the strong ability to multitask. Although it does not apply to physicians, in particular, being able to juggle many patients at the same time, including business functions, responsibilities, and obligations unrelated to serving patients and their often-demanding, individual needs has been instrumental in his success as a medical doctor.