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David McDonald

Entrepreneur and Manager-David McDonald

He was born and raised in Iowa State and he has grown to be a food processing expert. David McDonald went through school just like any other child in his State and after his High School graduation; he joined Iowa State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. After his graduation, he began his career serving in one of the leading food processing organization OSI Group which mainly process protein foods. While in the organization David McDonald has held various leadership positions and he has been climbing the career ladder. David McDonald is the President of OSI Group and he oversees all the operations of the company. The experience he has gained in the food processing firm has helped him lead other organization including; being the Director of OSI International as well as the Chairman of North American Institute.

During his tenure in the food processing firm David has experienced the expansion of the group to other countries including China. David has this big hope that the market in China will even grow wider due to its population and it will be among the largest poultry producers in the region. Ever since he took over the operations of the meat firm, David understands well that it is important for the management to have a clear understanding of the market especially the culture of their targeted clients.

David McDonald has an experience of over 30 years serving in the food processing industry. Before becoming the President of OSI Group, David served as the Project Manager of the organization and he combines his position as the President and the Chief Operating Officer of the food company. Mr. McDonald is not only a prominent leader and an investor in the food industry, but he is also involved in the society activities in the United States of America. With the passion he has in the food industry and is the only area he has served since he began his career; McDonald has been supporting the young people who want to pursue a career in the agriculture entrepreneur. To set a good example of what he would wish for the future of the students, David has been making arrangements for the young students to visit some of their factories including the one in China. David understands what OSI Group wants in the future and he is committed to working towards accomplishing the best service as well as product for the firm.

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