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The Political Influence of Charles Koch

Recently in news, Charles Koch has sat down to a rare interview for the purpose of discussing his current goals for the presidential election of 2016. Charles Koch is the current co-owner of Koch Industries alongside his brother David. Koch Industries is a family business that specializes in oil refining to create usable and popular products that are safe and durable.

The Koch brothers have both political as economic influence which has been observed through their heavy influence in the 2012 election. In 2012, Charles supported the Mitt Romney campaign with over $400 million in funding. Though Mitt Romney lost, the Koch brothers are ready for the 2016 election with over $900 million collected from investors to use for a Republican candidate for the 2016 election.

Charles Koch sat down to discuss the election and was not hesitant to call out one candidate in particular as being unfit to be president of the United States. This candidate is Donald Trump who is a self-funded businessman who is running on the Republican side of the election. The Koch brothers’ are in open disagreement with the Koch brothers about his policies on taxes, foreign policy, as well as on trade. The Koch brothers believe that Donald Trump lacks diplomacy as many international organizations and nation-states have protested him running for president.

Charles Koch is in disagreement with Donald Trump due to his lack of respect for the United States’ ideology of universal freedom. They believe that this ideology will soon disappear if Mr. Trump creates a law for Muslims to register their religion before coming into the United States. In addition to this, they are not fans of his aggression nor for his lack of diplomacy. The Koch brothers predict that with Mr. Trump as president, they will lose trade with different countries.

The Koch brothers are currently launching a campaign to discredit Donald Trump as a candidate by highlighting his shady business deals as well as his bankruptcy. Charles Koch has the intention of discrediting him as a presidential candidate as he would run the country such as he would run his own business.

Invest Like Kyle Bass But Beware

Kyle Bass has made a good amount of money during his investment career. Scratch that. He has made a lot of money during his investment career. Everything he has done appears to be on the up and up and legal. That is more than you can say about a good number of investors out there. However, there can always be a downside to investing. There are some who make their money off of traditional investments, such as stocks or bonds. Others make their money off of real estate or through currency exchange. Then, there are people like Kyle Bass. Sure, he has made his money off of legal trades and acquisitions, but there is something a bit low blow and under the belt about how he has made his money. If you are not familiar with Kyle Bass, if you watched news segments about the housing collapse and market during the mid to late 2000s, chances are you did see clips and segments about him. None of these segments were very good.

Kyle made his money off of people losing their homes due to foreclosure or owing more money on their homes than the value of the property. Like many other investors in the sector, he identified the housing market collapse ahead of time. Now, before anyone says anything, it is not like he could have stopped it and warned anyone. The market is, more or less, like a freight train. You go where it goes. If there is something on the tracks, there isn’t much of a chance stopping the train before it smashes through it. For people watching on the outside, that’s basically all you can do is watch. Now, Kyle watched, but he also moved his money around in order to make money off of this crash.

UsefulStooges wrote that Kyle made money every single time someone lost their home during the housing collapse. So, whenever you saw someone on the news, shedding a tear about the property they could no longer own or being forced out of their home, yet still being stuck for hundreds of thousands of dollars on a mortgage that had gone by the wayside, Kyle Bass was actually laughing at the situation, because it made him rich. So, while he has done nothing illegal (that we know of), he sure has made his money off of the sadness of other people. Many of these people have still not recovered.