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Trusting Oneself Is Key For Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

Doe Deere has quickly become a major force in the global cosmetics industry as she has become one of the most important members of a business sector that has often been accused by Deere herself of playing it safe when it comes to exploring the colors on offer to customers across the planet. A strong believer in self expression, Doe Deere initially set out to make her own cosmetics as she did not feel the offerings available in stores were meeting her needs, or the needs of the fledgling clothing line she had developed using Online marketplaces; the Lime Crime brand as a cosmetics supplier of vegan and cruelty free products was born when the cosmetics used in Doe Deere’s marketing campaigns began to draw more attention than the clothes they were designed to sell.

In terms of her own look the founder and creative director of Lime Crime believes trusting your own instincts is key to looking and feeling good. Instead of sticking to the rules that have been developed over the years to create a sense of personal style that allows the individual the chance to express themselves in a way that reflects their own personality and brings with it a large amount of confidence. Doe Deere believes feeling comfortable is far more important than following a set of fashion rules that do little to allow the people living in the 21st century to feel happy and settled in their own lives. This attitude reflects the fact Doe Deere believes cosmetics and fashion go hand in hand to create an overall look that should compliment the personal choices made by each individual.

The need to become a powerful, confident individual is something Doe Deere feels very strongly about and has made the Russian born former musician contemplate the best options available to her in developing her social media and Online presence. Deere keeps her Online profile positive under the guide of “The Queen of the Unicorns“, and believes she and her brand have played a key role in creating a group of followers who are looking to keep themselves happy instead of dressing to meet the needs and ideas of society. Self expression is largely completed by deciding what should be placed on the body in terms of clothing and cosmetics that can make all the difference in being happy in our own skin.