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The Manse on Marsh Accepts Second “Caring Star” Award

The Manse on Marsh has recently accepted the “Caring Star” award from’s annual consideration. This award has very selective criteria for consideration beginning with a 4-star all-time average rating by customer review and ending with the requirement of at least one 5-star review between Dec. 1, 2014 – Sep. 30, 2015. The Manse on Marsh received an all-time average of 5-stars with 5 5-star reviews during the award timeframe. This is the second consecutive year that the San Luis Obispo County location for the company was awarded this honor.

The Manse on Marsh assisted living campus in San Luis Obispo County used a top of the line Care Planning System which enables the caretakers to fine tune all of the support for their residents. It includes such features as the point system that breaks down care into numerous categories such as medication management, meal reminders, grooming assistance, and more. This individual point system allows for very personalized care plans and also ensures that the resident and their family are only paying for the support they need instead of paying more for one-size fits all option like other assisted living communities.

The CEO and co-founder of, Andy Cohen, stated that the “Caring Star” award was intended not only to recognize the quality of businesses like the Manse on Marsh but also help steer prospective residents and their families towards trustworthy communities that had strong reputations and consistently positive reviews. It is well documented in recent studies that most soon-to-be residents use internet-based consumer reviews as the main determination in choosing which community to trust. They value it even more highly than medical professional or in-person recommendations according to studies. In response, the Manse on Marsh Executive Director and CEO Logan Sexton noted that the winning the award a second time simply showed that residents and their families appreciated all the innovative and hard work that their assisted living community staff put into their day to day happiness and care.  Be sure to follow Manse on Facebook for continued updates on the facility.

A Businessman, A Father And A Philanthropist

Sanjay Shah is the owner of Solo Capital Markets. Solo Capital Markets is a financial service company that has its headquarters in London, but it deals with many groups all around the world. Solo Capital has specialties in professional sports investments, consulting, and property trading. The net worth of Solo Capital Management is over €15 million and the owner of Solo Capital Marketing is a retired young man.

Sanjay Shah originally wanted to go to school to be a doctor, but when he found out that medicine wasn’t what he wanted he decided to become an accountant. He started off working in investment banks such as Credit Suisse, and Merrill Lynch. Soon SS stated that he was going to start his own company when the financial crisis hit in 2009. That is how solo capital started and now it is a multi-million-dollar company.

Recently Pharmiweb did an article about Sanjay Shah and his companies. Sanjay Shah is the owner of both Autism Rocks and Solo capital.

Sanjay Shah is also a philanthropist and he is known as highly respected businessman. Sanjay Shah gives business advice to individuals that are hoping to be entrepreneurs. Shah believes that it is important for individuals to never underestimate the amount of money that is need to start a business, and also not to assume that everything that they need to do for the business has to be done by them.

Sanjay Shah realizes that it is important to take being a business owner very seriously, but he also realizes that help and delegation are also important when it comes to owning a business. This year in April 2016 Autism Rocks will host festivities for the entire family. This fund will host well-known artist, and those individuals that attend the festival will be able to make contributions to Autism Rocks. All the funding for Autism Rocks goes into the research for Autism and also to help individuals to understand the disorder better.

Kyle Bass Talks In Circles About Economic Policy

Kyle Bass is one of the rare people who has made a fortune while knowing very little about the economy. He made a ton of money when the loan market collapsed in America because he was betting against it, but that sheer dumb luck where Mr. Bass is concerned. He is not someone who should be talking about policy, but he tried to talk about policy where the presidential candidates of 2016 are concerned.

He mostly talked in circles because he is not sure what he is saying. He says that Donald Trump could be good if China collapses, but most economists believe that China will be just fine. He then says that Hilary Clinton would be a good president because he wants to see drug prices go down. His talking in circles had him turning back on every point, and he even said that he is not someone to talk to policy about.

The problem with believing in what Kyle Bass says is that he just puts people in a position where they will be losing money. He tells people the things that are exciting to hear, but what he says usually does not have any merit. There was a time when he thought that America would collapse by the end of 2016, but now he is talking about a credit bubble in Asia which is not exactly correct.

Every country in Asia is trying to manage their currency better, but that is not the same as having a credit bubble. Kyle Bass proves that he is not very deft with vocabulary in finances, and he is still gaining audiences who think that he knows what he is doing. Someone who wants to make money probably needs to go with someone else so that they can get better results from their investments. It is also important to remember that Kyle Bass does not even manage his own hedge fund very well. The fund has been slowly dying for years, and that should tell people that they need to be concerned about what Kyle Bass says.

Mr. Bass is just a talking head who gets too excited hearing his own voice. He is telling people wrong information, and he is off on policy. He needs to make up his mind, and he needs to try this interview again. He also needs to be smarter with his own money before he advises others.

Coriant Success in Optical Data Transmission Technologies

Coriant is a leading technology company in the supply of SDN-enabled end-to-end packet optical solutions. It works using technology that it derives from Sycamore Networks and Siemens Optical Networks. The company has been in operation since 2013 while in collaboration with Nokia Siemens Systems. Later on, it became independent from Nokia Siemens Networks under Marlin Equity Partners. Marlin Equity Partners went ahead to acquire Sycamore Networks to help them gain access to Coriant America along with Tellabs.


The main product line includes both the software and the hardware for the use in optical transmission when installing the backbone network of data, voice, and mobile networks.

The main products include integrated optical planning solutions, MSPP Solutions, Edge Routing solutions, TDM-Cross Connect solutions, Intelligent Network Management, Optical LAN, and Broadband Access.

Most of the solutions are hiT7300 products for the optical multiplexing over the standard optical cables, network management solutions, and hiT 7100 that enable electrical cross connection in the optical paths. The firm also provides several software tools for network planning and interconnection.

With the rise of the cloud connectivity, the firm also provides Data Center Interconnect solutions that enable high speed, and secure bandwidth for the use in cloud applications. It also has DCI WAN solutions for futuristic wide area cloud connectivity for the companies.

Key competencies
Coriant boasts of advanced solutions for the use in several kinds of enterprises including the defense forces, government agencies, banking and finance organizations, network service providers as well as research firms. Here are some of the basic qualities of their solutions.

• High speed data connectivity for data center connections and cloud connectivity
• Best in class connectivity solutions
• Maximum optical transmission in the metro area, long hauls interconnectivity and regional connectivity solutions.


The success of Coriant as an organization has been mostly due to advanced solutions, innovation, and good leadership. Recently the outgoing team handed over the mantle to the new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir to run the company. The CEO has wide experience in both the technology and running blue chip companies. He holds a doctorates degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University, where he too both the undergraduate and the masters in the same field.

Before taking up the job at Coriant, Kheradpir held executive solutions in a number of industries that include Juniper Networks, GTE, Verizon, and the Barclays. With the experience and the competency in electrical and information technology fields, it is expected that he will lead Coriant to higher levels of revenue growth, expansion, and innovation.

Follow Shaygan Kheradpir on Twitter

Do The Numbers Really Tell The Tale For Medical Jobs?

The numbers never lie when medical jobs are concerned. There are a lot of people out there looking for jobs, and someone like Brian Torchin is putting people in those jobs every day. He does not do a normal kind of job service that people are used to, and he makes sure that he understands the number behind how people are getting hired. He is doing a lot of research, and he keeps a blog that is attached to his service’s page at HCRC. Brian Torchin can get anyone a medical job, and he thinks this is a much better way of going about it.

His blog is a great place for people to go when they are in need of information. The information that people are looking for could range from what they need to know about an interview to where to look for jobs. Brian knows a lot of people who are going to need to get jobs right now, and he just places them right away. He also makes sure that the people that talk to him about how they should do their interviews. That also makes a difference for people who need to get help getting an interview. He can send people to the right places, and those people likely will get hired on the spot. Brian Torchin also makes sure that people are going to be able to get their jobs started right away.

Anyone who is trying to make sure that they can get the best kinds of people are going to the right jobs. People are going to get placed in jobs where they need it the most, and that is going to make it even easier for people to get the jobs they need right away Brian Torchin moves fast for all the people that work with him, and he can call in favors to get people placed in jobs or in interviews overnight. Someone who is looking for a way to make sure that they are going to get the right job needs to make sure that they are going to ask Brian Torchin for help through his blog or agency.  Check out DocCafe for further information.

Talk Fusion Offers Unique and Top Quality Products

Talk Fusion was started by former policeman Bob Reina in 2007. By then, it had only one product that it offered that is the video email. In fact, this product was the platform used by the company to launch its successful business and video communication enterprise. Today, the company is one of the biggest video communication and content providers globally.

Products Offered by the Company

1. Video Chat

This product allows clients to chat with other people using Mac, PC, cell phones or tablets. Devices supported must have a camera and internet connection. There are no downloads or plug-ins available. It allows real time chats of up to 4 people. The face to face chat has gained a lot of popularity in mainstream markets like Japan, Indonesia and Switzerland.

2. Video Email

This feature allows people and marketers to add custom-made videos to their email messages and send them to intended recipients. The feature has a library fitted with over 1000 templates to choose from. It also comes in multiple languages.

3. Video Newsletter

It is used to engage viewers while capturing their interest to certain topics using video newsletters. It is a unique and convenient feature that is appreciated by many. This is due to its ability to disseminate news and information.

4. Live Meetings

Allows users to broadcast and host video conferences from anyplace, provided it receives internet connection. It allows users to design presentations and share them on their desktops. One can also share material from their web browser.

5. Community Blog

This feature allows all users to have their own platform for voicing and sharing their opinions about any issues they like. They can share their life, videos, politics and personal messages.

About Bob Reina

Bob Reina is a former police officer who hold a University of South Florida degree in criminology. Reina graduated top of his class. During his free time, he held a part time job as a marketer for various companies and products.

In 2004, after a botched attempt to include a 10 seconds long video in his email message, he decided to create his own product with help from a friend with knowledge in IT. After his success, he launched Talk Fusion and grew it into a large company.

2000 more investment Banking Jobs to be axed by Credit Suisse

The Credit Suisse was pushed to accelerate the cost cutting plan by the slump in investment banking. However, Tidjane Thiam, the Chief Executive admitted that he was been aware of the trading positions which had triggered bigger writedowns in the first quarter.
On Wednesday, the Switzerland’s second biggest bank revealed that it was going to shave an extra 800 million Swiss francs off costs and cut more than 2000 jobs from the Global Markets division. A drop of 40 to 45 percent is expected to be recorded by the unit in the first quarter revenues and the bank is currently selling off the illiquid assets holdings that the senior management at the bank did not have on its radar.
Thiam revealed that things had clearly gone wrong though the bank was currently confident problems had been noted when he was questioned in an analyst call on who was responsible for the $1 billion illiquid credit portfolio losses realizes over the past two quarters.
Thiam also claimed they could not have a CFO and a CEO in bank during a media call. Thiam also said that he had lots of confidence in David Mathers the finance chief and Tim O’Hara the global markets head.
The most lucrative period for the industry is the first quarter when the investors place their capital to work at the start of every year. However, this year, the revenues have been affected by the record low interest rates, slower growth and low commodity prices in the emerging markets.
About Martin Lustgarten
Martin Lustgarten is considered to be one of the most renowned investment bankers America has ever produced. Martin own and runs the Lustgarten Company based in Florida. The company is said to have mad lots of notable business deals for most of the famous firms all over America. The company is also considered to be one of the most sort companies in the investment banking.
Martin Lustgarten has been working in the investment banking for a couple of years and he possesses lots of experience in equity traded and security exchange.

Coriant is a Formidable Networking Partner for Network Operators Around the World

Coriant, a telecommunications firm founded in 2013, is a dynamic new player in the world of networking. Coriant develops cutting-edge and flexible network solutions for an increasingly cloud-based business environment. Coriant’s transport technologies allow network providers to simplify operations, maximize network utilization and robustness, and develop new services to cater to increased demand for video, mobile, cloud functionality. Coriant’s state-of-the-art technology is derived from Siemens Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks.

With video, mobile, and cloud-computing accelerating at blistering rates across the globe, Coriant aims to assist network operators to capitalize on this sea change. As on-demand and data-heavy applications become more commonplace with rapid worldwide broadband adoption, network operators are challenged in ways that will determine their growth potential and viability as a provider. These challenges include managing increased and unexpected traffic fluctuations, providing services that are competitive and reliable, limiting costs and enhancing scalability to accommodate change, while meeting the demand for uninterrupted and high quality service.

Stepping up to this challenge means network operators will need a networking partner who has experience, expertise, and solutions to thrive in this space. No company is better positioned to help an organization make this next step than Coriant. Coriant boasts over 35 years of experience in optical networking, and has an impressive roster of network service providers, cloud-computing firms, and enterprises who they’ve helped maximize the value out of their transport networks, particularly as the data demands of users change.

Coriant’s end-to-end transport solutions provide the backbone for some of the largest Tier 1 networks. Coriant also offers an in-depth solutions catalogue pertaining to diverse networking applications including long-haul transport, Fixed Mobile Convergence, Data Center Interconnect (DCI), and more. Coriant’s network technologies enable synchronization for LTE and 5G, hybrid switching, enhanced power efficiency for DCI applications, dynamic optical layer efficiency and scalability.

Coriant’s CEO is Shaygan Keradpir. Shaygan earned his doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and held executive positions at major technology companies before joining Coriant. He is a proven leader with extensive experience in the field of telecommunications.

Shaygan is crucial to Coriant’s growth as a solutions provider for high-demand operators. His vision is for Coriant to be at the forefront in assisting the transition of global networks to data-intensive, face-paced content delivery. With 28 years of accrued insight and experience across disciplines there is no individual more primed to take on this challenge.

Who is James Dondero?

James Dondero has brought a lot of success to Highland’s Capital. He has been the CEO and the CFO of the company and, during this time, has made it much more successful than it ever was without him. James has taken Highland’s Capital from a semi-successful company to one of the forerunners of the Capital business. He has used the experience that he has with the credit market and the expertise that he always exhibits with the companies he works for and has made it his priority to improve the financial situation of Highland’s Capital.

Without Jim, the company would have failed long ago. With the expertise that James provides to the advisors of the company, he makes excellent decisions that affect the entire company and the credit market. More recently, he made the decision to sell off some of the assets of the company. This reduced the overall amount of the assets and actually made the company seem like it was less successful than what it was. He knew what he was doing though and this actually brought more success and more opportunities for success to the company. The company is going to see a huge rise in success in the coming years.

While the company sold off some of the assets that they had, their percentages are rising. They are making a big splash in the credit market and this is giving them the viability to continue on with a successful business. James Dondero knew what he was doing by selling the assets and this actually increased the profits of the company.

For over 30 years, James Dondero has been successful with the credit market. He has taken his time to learn the ins and outs of the market and has made sure that he knows everything that there is to know about it. He has also made sure that he provides successful and insightful decisions to the companies that he works with. Not only has James helped Highland Captial with their financial situation, but he has also helped the companies that they work with by giving them the advice that they need to be more successful with the businesses that they serve to their clients.


The Basics of Investment Banking with Martin Lustgarten

Investment Banking can be a tough, tricky field to get into. Luckily there are experienced professionals who understand what it is like to work in this industry and know how to get a “foot in the door”, so to speak. Individuals such as Martin Lustgarten know what its like to pay their dues, and they know how hard you have to work in order to get started in investment banking.

Individuals such as Martin Lustgarten can offer prospective investment bankers a number of different tips about how to get into this business and remain strong within the business as well. One of the things that he recommends is to follow a number of different companies. On his LinkedIn page, Mr. Lustgarten has a number of them, including Royal Oaks Venture Capital, the DB Agency, DMAi, CEO Connection and several others. Do you want to be as successful in investment banking as Mr. Lustgarten has been? Here are some more tips that you should strongly consider:

1. Follow market cycles.

A good investment banker such as Martin Lustgarten has a full understanding and appreciation of how world and local events can shape the markets. Do you understand how a dictator being overthrown in a foreign country might affect gold prices? If you are more an equities guy then you need to understand all of the movements of the S&P 500 and the FTSE 100. You must also read the Financial Times and other financial periodicals. Follow Martin Lustgarten on Twitter to stay up-to-date.

Martin Lustgarten’s Favorite Diner from Martin Lustgarten on Vimeo.

2. Be careful with risks.

Investment bankers are very cautious individuals, and with good reason. The excessive risk taking that contributed to the financial crisis of 2008 is something that many investment bankers are now very leery of, so when you are discussing the risks you have taken with a prospective employer or client you had better be prepared to explain how “calculated” a risk it was.

3. Preparation is key.

Finally, in order to survive in this business and properly serve your clients and employers, you need to be as prepared as possible in all regards. Study the markets, understand events, and know how to help investments grow.