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The magical early morning hair conditioner

Are you a person with beautiful hair and one who loves to maintain the shine and bounce of your hair for the whole day without fear of you looking disheveled and flat? Then check out Wen by Chaz Dean’s YouTube channel, which produces a range of hair care line [see,] in the name of Wen cleansing conditioners that acts like shampoos, conditioners and styling treatment. Wen by Chaz offers a range of products with different formulations that work on virtually any hair type. used-cleansing- cleansing-conditioner- on-my- fine-hair-here’s-what- happened.

As reported in an article on, the application amount of Wen cleansing conditioners depends on the type of hair in question. Different hair sizes require different application amounts for excellent effect. For short hair one requires an average of about 13 pumps while long hair will require about 28 pumps. One needs to spread the necessary amount evenly across her hair when showering.

Unlike other conditioners and shampoos, Wen cleansing conditioners will protect the hair from falling off by giving strength to the roots of the hair. When applied during the morning shower, the
conditioner will guarantee healthy, beautiful and shiny hair for the whole day. Its amazing effect will show in a span of one week of using it. This period is enough to enable a person to know how well to use the products depending on their daily routine.

This is the ultimate product for people with fine hair and who wish to maintain the softness,bounce and shine of their hair for the whole day. It works wonders when applied in the early morning shower because it maintains the hair’s shine, health and bounce for the entire day. Purchase a bottle on Amazon today.


Lime Crime Makes All The Most Exciting Colors

Lime Crime is known around the world for making all the most exciting colors that anyone could want, and their company is an amazing place to come when women realize that there is no better place to get the resources that they need. Women who are trying to find a brighter and more exciting color should make sure that they are working with Lime Crime today to get the best results on their own makeup.

The woman who comes to Lime Crime for help is going to find out that she can easily get what she needs, just by making sure that she is working on colors that are more her speed. She will find out that she has a lot of options when she is working on trying to find new makeup, and she will be very pleased to see how these colors work when she purchases them from Lime Crime through Amazon.  You can also check out Lime Crime’s offerings on their Instagram feed, which can be found @limecrimemakeup.

The other thing about Lime Crime that is so great is that they are a vegan company. They will be able to use the Lime Crime colors to get the look they want without having to worry about animal products. That is because the company made a commitment to making sure that they are offering the best products. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to get the results that they want just because this company is so cutting edge with their products, and every woman who really wants to stay vegan is going to be able to get the products they like from Lime Crime at any time.

Lime Crime is always coming out with new colors that are going to help women look their best. The colors that women want are no longer carried by traditional companies, and that is why Lime Crime has to be at the forefront of the industry. There are a lot of reasons why these colors pop when they are used by a strong woman, and that also means that a woman is going to be able to dress her best without a second thought about the colors.  Follow Lime Crime on Tumblr for more information, or Facebook for up to date news.

WEN Line of Hair Products Positively Surprises its Users


Emily McClure who is a fashion and beauty blogger recently shared her insight into the WEN hair products that was recently launched by celebrity stylist, Chaz Dean. A full article can be seen on BUSTLE and provides an in depth insight into the 7 day experience. Emily is very fond of trying new beauty products and even though there was negativity out there she went ahead and tried the Wen hair products line. She had suffered from her hair breaking and falling out in the past due to other brand products that she had tried. The experience with WEN was a very positive one that even had her friends compliment her and ask her why her hair was so beautiful and shiny. He own experience was that her hair even after a single use was feeling a lot stronger, fuller in volume and very manageable after the cleansing conditioner was used. She had less hair falling out during her shower and her hair felt very resilient after the treatment. Overall she recommends it and will always reach to the WEN hair bottle when she wants that extra shine and bounce.

Chaz Dean was fed up with other brands using harsh chemicals and sulphates which left hair brittle and dry. The WEN hair products on actually stands up to expectations and does not contain any sulphates. Rather it only contains natural wholesome ingredients leaving hair full of life and natural shine. His products are available on ebay and also do away with different conditioners and cleansers that we are used to and provides for a single solution in a single treatment.