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Investment Banker Igor Cornelsen Strikes A Chord With Financial Education Drive

The Brazilian investment banker, Igor Cornelsen has developed a name for himself within the financial markets as a leader in educating individuals who are looking for a higher standard of living gained through their financial investments. After retiring from the world of banking in 2010 after more than two decades of success as an executive at some of the largest financial institutions in Brazil where he was often praised for the success he created during some of the most difficult times in the history of the Brazilian economy. Read the article at to know more.

Despite enjoying the opportunity to improve his golf game, Igor Cornelsen decided his decision to retire should not mean he stepped away from the financial markets completely but should instead see him continue to provide his skills for the people of the world. Cornelsen had become concerned the people of the world were not being given a large amount of choice over where their investments were being located or for how long by the majority of investment analysts. The Bainbridge Investments leader has long been a champion of long-term investing for commercial and private needs as he feels the positioning of a portfolio in a range of different industries and sectors provides the best options for success at all times. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter

One of the main issues Igor Cornelsen hopes to address in the future is the lack of education provided to investors by major companies who would instead look to confuse their clients through the use of difficult to understand terminology. One of the main aims of Bainbridge Investments is to create a new generation of investors who have the ability to create their own investment opportunities after being provided with all the information needed to be provided by Igor Cornelsen as he feels people should have the right to provide their own input into the future of their money. By investing for the future a safer and more secure life is developed for investors who take control of their own financial freedom.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Led Bradesco to Modern Times and Indicates that his Successor should be Chosen in the Near Future

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has maintained his influence within the inner group of Brazilian business executives. The evidence for this is because Trabuco has attained professional and personal success as Bradesco’s current CEO. Bradesco has been one of the most renowned Brazilian private banks for many decades. Bradesco is actively present in several locations throughout Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was behind Bradesco’s success in its transition phase to becoming a modern bank. He is also responsible for the success of many large-scale credit negotiations as well as some current significant financial projects in the country.

Trabuco’s direction over Bradesco’s most important business objectives as well as Trabuco’s prestige within the financial market has been the core reasons that Bradesco is such a powerful Brazilian Bank. The vast majority of Brazil’s most significant politicians and most Brazilian executives frequently take heed of Trabuco’s financial projections and guidance. Trabuco addresses the media, and his press statements are usually featured in newspaper headlines, magazine covers in the financial sector.

In the past, Bradesco held the position of the largest private bank in Brazil. This title was lost to the Itaú and Unibanco merger, which is now called Itaú-Unibanco, which is now the biggest Brazilian private bank. Trabuco saw that fighting to regain the title of the biggest private bank in Brazil through acquisitions would not focus on Bradesco’s core business. Trabuco devised a strategy for Bradesco that made all its agencies offer better and more modern services, which helped it grow organically and improved its financial results. This strategy was successful and increased Trabuco’s fame and recognition.

A recent decision that has caused considerable speculation is how the financial market has absorbed the statement that Luiz Carlos Trabuco would replace Lázaro de Mello Brandão, who is Bradesco’s oldest working executive, currently in his nineties and has been with Bradesco for over seven decades. Brandão’s last 25 years have been dedicated to being on the board as one of the chairmen.

Trabuco is still the CEO at Bradesco will replace Brandão as the president of the Administrative Council. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is currently 66 and is the present CEO of Bradesco. Trabuco was given a waiver that is good all through 2018, which blocks the internal rule of 65 being the top age to preside as CEO. Trabuco has announced that he will not continue as CEO past the 2018 waiver.

By March of 2018, Bradesco is expected to announce its next CEO. Trabuco has stated that his succession is a “process”, and his successor is yet to be chosen. Trabuco also states that Bradesco is a complex organization with unique characteristics and different segments that must be fully understood. Fulfilling this requirement will be decisive to whoever will become Trabuco’s successor.

Since Trabuco was backing the technical side of the acquisition of HSBC Brasil of Bradesco’s last acquisition, the succession announcement came as a surprise to many. A large Brazilian newspaper, O Estado de São Paulo, suggests that the vice president of technology of the Bradesco group might be chosen to succeed Trabuco as CEO due to his involvement in the HSBC integration as well as establishing Next as the group’s digital bank.

Other Bradesco directors including Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu, Alexandre da Silva Glüher, Marcelo de Araújo Noronha, André Rodrigues Cano, Josué Augusto Pancini and Octavio de Lazari Junior are said to be in the succession race to replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has 3 children and is married. Trabuco earned a Philosophy degree from USP (Universidade de São Paulo) as well as a Social Psychology degree from the School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo (Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo).

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is said to hold the merit for making Bradesco step up to become a modern bank, which was occurred in the 80s. Trabuco is also to credit for improving Bradesco’s image and relationship with the media. Trabuco is also responsible for establishing Bradesco Prime, one of Bradesco’s segments, which successfully caters to the VIP banking market.



Industry Powerhouse Takes Banking To The Next Level

Since 1922, Nexbank has been happily serving it’s customers as a financial services company. They specialize in Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional Services. Even with 5.3 billion in assets, they still take the time to attend important conferences and are constantly seeking better ways to improve their business.

On November 7, 2016, the President and CEO, John Holt, attended The Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. There, he met with other bank leaders and consultants to discuss how to reinvent community banking. Together, they were able to share new opportunities through M&A activity, as well as speak about growth and branching out.

Although Nexbank primarily handles the banking needs of large corporations, and investors, they also offer personal checking/savings accounts for every day people. With a goal of making day to day banking as simple as possible, it’s clear the people at Nexbank are here to help. Located in Dallas, Texas, they have been voted The Best of The Best for the last two years in a row. Always growing, always searching for ways to improve, and striving to provide the best service possible. Nexbank, as an industry leader, truly takes banking to the next level.