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Sanjay Shah Funding For Autism Research

Sanjay Shah is a Dubai based British business person and owner of Solo Capital. He also is the founder of Autism Rocks, a charity organisation for increasing autism awareness and research charity. Like many philanthropists, he admits he did not funnel his charitable contributions to any specific cause until a personal crisis hit their family in 2011, when his youngest son was diagnosed with autism.

Prior to this, Sanjay Shah had worked for some of the top investment banks such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, ING and the Dutch bank Rabobank. Eventually, he decided to open his own brokerage business, hired a few traders and new college graduates and in September 2011, Solo Capital was founded. He also owns more than 30 other companies around the world, including in London, The British Virgin Islands, The Cayman Islands, Dubai, Malta and Luxembourg.

Sanjay Shah is determined to raise more funds for autism. Waiting for government funded resources and being told the child has to be on a waiting list for five years due to the demand was not an option for Sanjay. He was fortunate to pay for his son’s therapy from morning to night.

Sanjay was confident that the could persuade colleagues, clients and friends to donate money and coming from a medical background, wants to pursue the causes of Autism and fund more money into research. With some experience in music as a DJ during college days, he seriously considered how he could get into a business as a way of raising awareness and donations for autism.

Finally, the idea for a music charity concert to raise money for autism research came into fruition with Autism Rocks. Sanjay successfully managed charity concert events and invited groups who could pay big sums of money to attend the events. Prince was the first to give a performance in London for Autism Rocks. He also had Elvis Costello and Joss Stone staging their performance. All funds raised from Autism Rocks goes to autism research. By next year, Shah’s goal is to create an Autism Rocks compilation album with various pop artists donating a track.