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Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Awarded

Talk Fusion is a company in the Video Communication business founded by Bob Reina back in 2007 and he has been the Chief Executive Officer ever since. The firm is known for its broadcasting, video conferencing and social networking products. Talk Fusion is devoted to assisting companies to be competitive, to increase revenues and to ensure consumer loyalty. As such, it provides lively ways of making marketing more engaging, persuasive and memorable via video chat.

The company’s innovative products are advertised to each individual by independent links in over 14o nations. Moreover, a month free trial of the all-in-one Video Marketing solutions is offered to everyone that wants to try before buying and its does not require a credit card. According to a recent press release, he cost of the video chat is affordable. Its basic service goes for an initial price one time price of $175 after which customers pay $20 monthly. At that cost, each client gets one account, storage capacity for a thousand emails and they can record videos that last up to 5 minutes.

The firm’s video chat product was awarded the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the year on the 15th of August by the Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) for the second time. This award honours remarkable goods and services that incorporate voice, data and communications that had been introduced in the industry in the past year.

Talk Fusion incorporate the power of WebRTC expertise to permit its video chat users to communicate one on one with different persons in different locations. It works on any device with a camera such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. Moreover, the Video Chat App can be downloaded on iTunes or Google Play Store.

The CEO and Founder of the firm explains that there are even bigger plans to make the All-in-One Video marketing solution to continue being on top of the curve. On top of the double credit from TMC, the company announced free trials, a new site and its WebRTC Recorder.

Talk Fusion Introduces Video Marketing Tool based on WebRTC Technology

Talk Fusion recently introduced one of the most advanced video marketing tools, WebRTC Recorder, which helps users record real time video into emails and newsletters. What makes WebRTC stand out from similar applications is its ability to allow users record videos directly from Firefox and Google Chrome extensions. The rich high-quality communication also helps users contact with their customers in real-time.

The Talk Fusion product dashboard also incorporates the “webcam” recording option, which is easily accessible on any mobile device and supported browser. As stated earlier, existing Talk Fusion customers can use the WebRTC recorder using Chrome and Firefox browsers. In fact, this is not the first application based on the WebRTC technology. Earlier this year, the innovative Talk Fusion Video Chat won the prestigious “WebRTC product of the Year award”.

Web Fusion markets itself as the world’s first video-marketing solution offering users the ability to interact with customers in real-time. Established in 2007, the company fosters a strong commitment to give back to the community.

According to Talk Fusion CEO and Founder, Bob Reina, proudly stated that his company is the first technology firm to incorporate WebRTC technology in all of its products. By the end of the year, the company aims to integrate all of its product-line with the technology. For its customers, Talk Fusion has introduced a 30-day free trial that does not require any credit card or other information to test.

A Chance To Be A Real Life Superhero Through Skout App

Superheroes are normally fictional characters who are characterized to save the day. SKOUT is a new app that allows one to be a real superhero. Through the app one meets new people and in the end one is able to grow their social circle. Through the app when a Skouter or user of Skout gives their newly found friend a virtual gift that will enable SKOUT to make a donation to the Make-A-Wish foundation. The app will be a vital role in the celebration of National Superhero Day. SKOUT conducted a superhero survey and the research concluded that it’s quite easy for one to be a superhero. According to the survey, people said that the whole concept of assisting someone is what makes one a superhero. When they tried to find out how many people would wish to be superheroes, 80 % of those asked said they would want to be real life superheroes someday.

The app’s Chief Executive Officer, Christian Wiklund said that by sending someone a virtual superhero gift is an expression that one is thinking of other people as well. The quick survey conducted by Skout revealed Batman as America’s favorite superhero and that with Robin the two make the best superhero BFFs. The most desired superpower with the highest percentage was immortality with ability to fly and have superhuman strength coming in second and third place respectively. The best superhero ride was Batmobile with Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane coming in second. People also said that possessing a mask is a must have for any superhero.

Through the SKOUT app, its creators have managed to give enormous donations to SF-Marin Food Bank, Cat Town and Muttville. Their efforts and contributions have been instrumental in achieving noble causes such as serving and feeding hunger-stricken people in San Francisco- Marin Area.

SKOUT is a global platform that offers people the opportunity to meet new people and create new social circles. SKOUT was co-founded in the year 2007 with its headquarters in San Francisco by Christian Wiklund who is also the Chief Executive Officer. Through SKOUT people can connect and share. SKOUT is on over 180 countries and can be accessed in 16 different languages.

One can download SKOUT irregardless of one’s operating system. To join the community, one can sign up through its website . The platform also has a Facebook and Twitter page where it regular updates its users of new developments and products.