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Bruno Fagali: An Advocacy To Stop Corruption

Bruno Fagali, a Brazilian lawyer, is best known as the founder of the FAGALI advocacy. He is also regarded as one of the best in his field, because of his exceptional characteristics like professionalism and integrity.

Bruno has a good reputation in providing legal services, and he specializes in Public Laws and Anti-Corruption Laws that encompasses all aspects of Brazilian society.

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Corruption is a big problem in Brazil, and it is the root cause of poverty which results into bigger problems like dealing with crime and human trafficking. Brazil is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and they are having a hard time solving it. The funds that are supposed to be used for the public often ends up in the pockets of the authorities, and the basic necessities that the people needs are sometimes neglected. There are people and groups who are standing up against the corruption problem in Brazil, and Bruno Fagali is one of them. He is fixing the corrupt system by proposing a series of solution that would possibly lessen the instance of corruption in the country. Among these is a departmental integrity drive, where transparency would be provided when contracts from the government are awarded to public departments and private firms. Because of this, Bruno Fagali gained more attention, and his proposed solution is now being seen as the answer to the country’s problem. He established a firm called the FAGALI Advocacy, and it helped deliver transparency on deals and contracts where the government is involved. Aside from anti-corruption drive, his firm is also focusing on issues related to public laws, compliance, and elections.

Bruno Fagali is optimistic that through his efforts, the problem with corruption in his home country would slowly disappear. Though it will be a long way before it becomes a reality, there is a possibility of Brazil being a transparent country, with its name being removed from the dreaded most corrupted list.

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