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Helane L. Morrison and the Growing Compliance Officer World

Many people are unaware of the duties compliance officers have, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The compliance officer position, after all, is pretty new. Despite that, it’s becoming a more prominent job every day.

Roy Snell works as the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO). It’s a well-known not-for-profit organization that’s located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has been around since 2001, too. The primary focuses at the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics are risk management, compliance, continuing education, learning, investigations, audits and institutes, for example. Snell revealed that the job of someone who has a compliance officer position is to take charge of regulatory and ethical issues. It’s also to locate them and stop them from emerging in the first place. Compliance officers are supposed to rely on risk evaluations, audits, education and investigation to accomplish their goals.

Snell reported that strides in the compliance officer world have been significant over the past couple of decades. The position almost didn’t exist just 20 or so years ago. There are now thousands of people who have it, however. These compliance officers all take care of many diverse responsibilities as well. Snell stated that it isn’t uncommon for people to feel confusion about what exactly compliance officers do. Some people are under the false impression that compliance officers create guidelines that don’t have any basis in reality. Snell corrected that belief by indicating that compliance officers help stop errors in workers. They work hard to keep employee errors at bay and as a result to keep potential punishment away as well.

Helane L. Morrison is a businesswoman who is native to the United States. She used to work at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as its regional director. Helane Morrison is also an attorney. She hails from New York, New York’s Brooklyn. Morrison attended the private research institution Northwestern University. She earned a journalism bachelor’s degree from the highly reputable school. She also went to the School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. While she was there, she was the California Law Review’s editor-in-chief. In 1984, Morrison got her Doctor of Law degree.

She currently lives in San Francisco in Northern California. Helane works at Hall Capital Partners LLC as a chief compliance officer. She’s been with the company since 2007. Some examples of Morrison’s skills include leadership, legal tips, litigation, employment law, strategy and securities regulation.

Talk Fusion Introduces Video Marketing Tool based on WebRTC Technology

Talk Fusion recently introduced one of the most advanced video marketing tools, WebRTC Recorder, which helps users record real time video into emails and newsletters. What makes WebRTC stand out from similar applications is its ability to allow users record videos directly from Firefox and Google Chrome extensions. The rich high-quality communication also helps users contact with their customers in real-time.

The Talk Fusion product dashboard also incorporates the “webcam” recording option, which is easily accessible on any mobile device and supported browser. As stated earlier, existing Talk Fusion customers can use the WebRTC recorder using Chrome and Firefox browsers. In fact, this is not the first application based on the WebRTC technology. Earlier this year, the innovative Talk Fusion Video Chat won the prestigious “WebRTC product of the Year award”.

Web Fusion markets itself as the world’s first video-marketing solution offering users the ability to interact with customers in real-time. Established in 2007, the company fosters a strong commitment to give back to the community.

According to Talk Fusion CEO and Founder, Bob Reina, proudly stated that his company is the first technology firm to incorporate WebRTC technology in all of its products. By the end of the year, the company aims to integrate all of its product-line with the technology. For its customers, Talk Fusion has introduced a 30-day free trial that does not require any credit card or other information to test.

How A Reputation Management Handled Its Own Reputation Crisis

Austin, Texas based online reputation management firm Status Labs, recently experienced a reputation crisis due to some careless and inappropriate conduct by one its now former employees. The news made local and even national headlines. French who was a CEO at the time, quickly became vilified.


Even though Jordan French did his inappropriate and crude behavior outside of his role at Status Labs, the company also became a target of vilification and suffered a severe blow to its reputation. The company lead by new CEO and its second co-founder Darius Fisher quickly took action to rectify the worsening reputation problem.


All of the employees at Status Labs voted to terminate Jordan French as CEO of the company immediately and sever him from the company permanently. He would be replaced by one of its co founders and current CEO Darius Fisher. The entire Status Labs team then sent out a letter condemning Jordan French’s actions regarding the eviction of the Jumpolin pinata shop. The letter included a photo of the entire team, and reiterated that the company does not stand behind the selfish actions of French and are committed to servicing and living within the community of Austin, Texas.


After the letter, many Status Labs employees began to volunteer in local charities and non profit groups such as Urban Roots and Dress for Success. This would help regain the trust of the citizens of Austin, who now thought that the entire company was scandalous.


Changes were made within the company as well to boost morale after all the negative publicity. On Fridays free lunches were catered at the office, pets were allowed to be brought in if they could behave, and a company newsletter was published that had news and developments within the company.


In the end, Status Labs managed to survive and got stronger after undergoing its own reputation crisis. The employees can now sympathize with the clients of the firm who themselves have undergone or are undergoing a reputation crisis or vilification in the press or in public.


A leading digital management firm, Status Labs has helped over a thousand companies and people restore their reputation in a period of only four years. This is done through good publicity, search engine optimization, creation of new content and a good old fashioned PR campaign as well. Status Labs serves clients from all over the world. It has expanded outside its Austin, Texas home, and is now found in New York City and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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JustFab: Growing Your Wardrobe

For many women, fashion is one of the most important priorities in their lives. Keeping on trend for each season is exciting and fun to say the least. If you are someone who is fashion forward and enthusiastic about the way you dress, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with a retail website called JustFab. JustFab offers monthly subscriptions that will send you monthly fashions, delivered to your door at an affordable, fixed cost. With items like shoes, which they are most known for, clothes and accessories, JustFab offer everything you need to complete your wardrobe.

You might have seen the commercials that feature JustFab’s delivery service by subscribing with their website. They have a huge variety of shoes to choose from, and all at a fixed cost every month. You can find boots, heels, booties, wedges, flats and more in all different styles and color. No matter what occasions you have ahead, JustFab will offer the appropriate shoe. Also, you can find only the trendiest clothing in their new line offered on the site. Dresses, jackets, shirts and more available to you in a variety of sizes. Accessorize it with a new handbag, jewelry or a scarf. JustFab simply offers everything you need to complete an outfit. Source:

With great subscription promotions of JustFab, a new customer can receive a high percentage discount or a two for one deal on their first purchase. Even if you don’t subscribe, you can indulge in this incentive. Once you’ve tried them out, you will surely be hooked. With exclusive styles that can only be found on JustFab, you won’t want to miss out on the fashion available. Styles that are popular sell out quickly so don’t waste any time- and don’t forget, JustFab also ships free when you subscribe for a monthly package. Check out JustFab and keep your wardrobe continuously growing on! 

Facts About Shaygan Kheradpir You Should Know

Shaygan Kheradpir is not a strange name in the optical transport vendor business. He is the current CEO and Board Chairman of Coriant Holdings. Coriant is a respected global supplier of innovative networking solutions to different leading network operators in different countries.

In his career, Shaygan has managed to get a name for himself as a recognized technology and business leader with not less than 28 years experience in the technology, telecom, and financial services industry. He started his career at GTE Corporation and after a short while got appointed as Verizon’s Chief Information Officer. During that time, he also used to be a member of the Executive Leadership team that was responsible for modernizing, innovating and creating better efficiency in the company.

According to, he would later join Barclay’s as Chief Operations and Technology Officer and also made history by being the first technology officer in the bank to serve on the bank’s Executive Committee. At Barclay’s, he was very instrumental in creating the company’s TRANSFORM program that was historical in the sense that it transformed the bank to become modernized technologically. At the time, the bank was operating across 50 countries with more than 150 thousand employees.

After a successful stint at Barclay’s, he later became the Chief Executive Officer at Juniper Networks where he was also very instrumental in developing the Integrated Operating Plan for the company. He also focused a lot on the strategic growth markets of High IQ Networking and Cloud Builder.

Before getting appointed to his current role, Shaygan was the Operating Manager at Marlin Equity Partners which had the main focus on technology investments and telecom. Shaygan has a wide knowledge in matters related to telecommunications and engineering. He is a Cornell University Ph.D., Master’s and Bachelor’s holder in electrical engineering.

He has also managed to register patents in electrical payments, telecom, and media. In the past, he has made appearances on the board of the U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology. He has also been a member of the Cornell University Engineering Council. Shaygan is a perfect example of an individual who has worked to get where he is and still works hard to improve the society through his work.

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A Chance To Be A Real Life Superhero Through Skout App

Superheroes are normally fictional characters who are characterized to save the day. SKOUT is a new app that allows one to be a real superhero. Through the app one meets new people and in the end one is able to grow their social circle. Through the app when a Skouter or user of Skout gives their newly found friend a virtual gift that will enable SKOUT to make a donation to the Make-A-Wish foundation. The app will be a vital role in the celebration of National Superhero Day. SKOUT conducted a superhero survey and the research concluded that it’s quite easy for one to be a superhero. According to the survey, people said that the whole concept of assisting someone is what makes one a superhero. When they tried to find out how many people would wish to be superheroes, 80 % of those asked said they would want to be real life superheroes someday.

The app’s Chief Executive Officer, Christian Wiklund said that by sending someone a virtual superhero gift is an expression that one is thinking of other people as well. The quick survey conducted by Skout revealed Batman as America’s favorite superhero and that with Robin the two make the best superhero BFFs. The most desired superpower with the highest percentage was immortality with ability to fly and have superhuman strength coming in second and third place respectively. The best superhero ride was Batmobile with Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane coming in second. People also said that possessing a mask is a must have for any superhero.

Through the SKOUT app, its creators have managed to give enormous donations to SF-Marin Food Bank, Cat Town and Muttville. Their efforts and contributions have been instrumental in achieving noble causes such as serving and feeding hunger-stricken people in San Francisco- Marin Area.

SKOUT is a global platform that offers people the opportunity to meet new people and create new social circles. SKOUT was co-founded in the year 2007 with its headquarters in San Francisco by Christian Wiklund who is also the Chief Executive Officer. Through SKOUT people can connect and share. SKOUT is on over 180 countries and can be accessed in 16 different languages.

One can download SKOUT irregardless of one’s operating system. To join the community, one can sign up through its website . The platform also has a Facebook and Twitter page where it regular updates its users of new developments and products.

Charles Koch And The Former New York City Mayor Thoughts On Universities

Charles Koch is a man of diverse talents and expertise. Koch is a holder of Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, from the Massachusetts Technology Institute. In his early life, Charles Koch worked at Arthur Little Limited, where he displayed lots of expertise and skills. He later joined the Koch Industries, which was owned and headed by his father, Fred Koch. In Fred Koch’s era, Koch industries mostly dealt with chemical products and fertilizer production on a larger scale.

Charles Koch is also a successful author, who has published two books. He has successfully been offering advice and consultation services to business owners concerning the success of their enterprises. Charles Koch serves as the principal of Koch Industries, the second-best selling private company in the United States. As a libertarian, he also involves himself in politics for a just and democratic society.

In collaboration with the former NYC mayor, Koch made a release urging universities and colleges to give their students freedom to venture in diverse courses. His books, The Good Profit and The Science of Success, have primarily contributed to shaping the global economy. In his entire career, Koch has been dreaming of diverse market educational organizations, a scenario that has led him to support some of the educational institutions in the states.

Michael Bloomberg has also been one of the public figures that have largely contributed to a just society. In his era as the mayor of NYC, he supported the establishments of educational institutes to accommodate students willing to understand the concept of business proceedings. This year, Charles Koch depicted the need for students being equipped with quality education system and advice for their total well-being.

Recent graduations hosted by universities has not been inviting liberal minded speakers to offer their talks to the graduates, a scenario that Koch terms as the significant barrier to the future success and growth of the graduating students. Active learning systems and open inquiries have also not been rendered to students in an efficient manner. Charles has lots of expertise in some fields such as engineering sector, investment industry, and political onset.

Charles Koch concluded by stating that students will achieve their best when instilled with open minds and re-affirmed of their beliefs.

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Insurance Issues that every Homeowner Must Consider before Renting on Airbnb

The most recent post by Wealth Solutions discusses the risks involved when homeowners act as amateur hoteliers. Online rental platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO have enabled millions of homeowners to make extra cash by renting some rooms in their apartments to travelers. Some homeowners rent their entire apartment to short-term tenants and travelers. The hosts earn extra cash but many of them of are unaware of the insurance issues associated with this business.

The first insurance issue that every home owner should know is that homeowner’s policies do not cover this type of business. Most insurance companies do not include short-term rentals in their policies and may cancel a policy when the homeowner files a claim. Hence, homeowners are not protected against any liabilities incurred in case short-term tenants damage their property. The solution is to upgrade a homeowner’s policy to include short-term rentals or take a business liability policy. Alternatively, homeowners can rent their homes to quests with a homeowner’s or rental insurance cover.

Another issue that hosts should consider is the potential liabilities associated with short-term rentals. The risks that homeowners face include theft, injuries, property damage including a neighbor’s property, legal issues, and illegal activities. A host may lose income in case a tenant fails to pay as agreed. In addition, homeowners may be required to obtain commercial licenses, agree to municipal inspections, and pay taxes for their rental business. The requirements apply if the municipal in the host’s location considers the host as a bed-and-breakfast operator.

The protection offered by online platforms including Airbnb encourages many homeowners to start the rental business. For instance, Airbnb gives a $1billion guarantee to all hosts in its network. Many hosts do not realize that this guarantee is not an insurance cover. A host should use all other possible means to recover any loss before seeking compensation from Airbnb. The guarantee does not cover some losses. Hence, homeowners cannot rely on online platform to cover their liabilities. Homeowners must seek legal advice and inform their insurance companies of their intended business before renting their houses or apartments.

Richard Blair owns Wealth Solutions, Inc. The company’s total assets are valued at $55m. Richard started Wealth Solutions in 1996 and has been an executive in the company since then. Richard is also an executive in other finance companies including Worldwide Ventures LLC, Crownbridge Wealth LLC, Blair Insurance Group LLC, and Worldwide Ventures LP. Richard is a member of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and has had an industry certificate registration for 22 years. He is registered under SEC and RICP. Richard graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s degree in finance and financial management services.

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Dr. Brian Bonar: A Hardworking, Incredibly Talented Individual

According to Bloomberg and Bitsylink, Dr. Brian Bonar is a man with a varied skill set and lots of experience. He currently holds so many positions at once it would make the average person’s head swim. But Dr. Bonar is not average by any stretch of the imagination. He has a long history of excellent work and remarkable achievements that would make many high achievers jealous.

Not only is Brian Bonar well educated, he attended the University of Strathclyde where he earned an undergraduate degree and he has an MBA and a PHD from Staffordshire University, he is also very driven and talented.

Dr. Bonar is exceptional. While the average person would have to stretch themselves thing to hold down two full time jobs, he currently holds several high-powered positions simultaneously. He’s not only the president of Trucept, Inc., he’s also the company’s CEO, CFO, and secretary as well. Dr. Bonar also holds similar positions with Smart-tek Automated Services. He is that company’s president and

CEO. Bornar is also chief Executive Officer at Smart-tek Automated Services, Inc., Allegiant Professional Business Services, Incorporated’s co-president, Chairman and CEO of The Amanda Co., Inc., and Dalrada Financial Corporation’s Chairman and CEO.

But these are just the current positions held by Brian Bonar. His resume contains many other important and powerful positions. He founded American Management Services LLC, was Warning Management Services, Incorporated’s chairman and CEO, and he was also chairman and CEO of Solvis Group, Inc.

But that’s not all. Dr. Brian Bonar was also Bezier Systems, Incorporated’s vice president of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, a manager in charge of worldwide sales at Adaptec, Inc., and Rastek Corporation’s vice president of sales and marketing. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor and Brian Bonar – Entrepreneurship is my Passion |

Add to that his former position as executive director of Engineering at QMS, Inc. and his work with the boards of Alliance National Insurance Agency, Inc. and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego, and you get the picture of how much work Dr. Bonar has done.

Handling all of those positions demand a wide variety of skills and Dr. Bonar has those in spades. Organizations prize his ability to handle Turn Around Management, finance, and sourcing. He also seems to have an innate ability to handle marketing strategy, sales, lead generation, and employee relations ––inc./salary/470203#.Vye_cEURW4E.

When it comes to new businesses, Dr. Bonar is adept at new business development, creating start-ups, recruiting talented employees, and attracting venture capital and private equity. He also has a great deal of experience with process improvement, Mergers & Acquisitions, and the restructuring of companies to help them to succeed.

Incredibly, Dr. Bonar does not spend all of his time working. When he is not spending time with his family, he also finds time to play golf.

Wealth Solutions Says, “Be Weary of Using Your Property as Short Term Rental Investment”

Wealth Solutions warns investors to be very weary of the new income venue of renting out their expensive properties as short term investments. Under the guidance of expert registered investment adviser Richard Blair and his associates at Wealth Solutions many investors have discovered that in today’s market turning their expensive area home into an investment income property to offset costs may be very popular but extremely riskier than companies handling this type of property management would have you believe. It can definitely make the homeowners some welcome extra income short term but is it really that great a deal to rent out to a stranger at high risk involvement?

Wealth Solutions makes you aware of all investment aspects, such as licensing fees involved on your part. What are the insurance risks? What are your rights during a possible lawsuit when it seems like today the person renting has more rights than the renter. Doesn’t sound all that great a deal does it?

Bottom line, a renter would need to look at all the insurance issues involved simply to “supposedly” supplement their income. Property damage, theft, fire, refusal of tenant to pay, on site injuries from tenant or someone visiting the property, your goodwill with neighbors may suffer, there’s no end to what could go wrong that could end in a lawsuit or needs insurance coverage. Does this sound like a good income source?

The problem with sites such as Airbnb or VRBO that handle these type of short term home rentals is that they’re in the business to strictly make accommodations online between owner and customer, not to advise. The whole point of Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions is to advise and assist the investor to reach their goals for retirement and during retirement. They’re available to help clients achieve realistic financial goals with little or no risk. Wealth Solution is an advisory company that will give all the pros and cons before any decisions are made.

What makes Richard Blair’s company different is that they work with a diverse group of investors who may have a lot or very little to invest and need to make sure that they have a detailed account every step of the way to be positive Wealth Solutions is working in their best interests. If you’re still not convinced about short term rental of your property visit Wealth Solutions blog on the matter

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