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Sam Tabar: Rising in the Ranks

Sam Tabar is the perfect example of how hard work and a fierce determination to succeed will get you to where you want to be. Although Mr. Tabar started his career in the fund management industry, he had his eyes set on a much bigger position. That determination, hard work, and skill, pushed Sam Tabar to his position of chief operating officer. He is considered by those who know him in the financial industry as a role model for those just starting out of college.

To better understand how Mr. Tabar became a success, you’ll need to take a closer look his accomplishments along his journey. Sam Tabar began by working as head capital strategist for the Merrill Lynch company. Sam Tabar would help fund managers by offering them introductions to use to develop foundations, fund of funds, pensions, endowments, and family offices. Mr. Tabar was instrumental on consulting legal operations and building back office teams.

Before Sam Tabar got the position at Merrill Lynch, he was co-head of marketing for the Sparx Group. That company is considered one of the largest funds in Asia-Pacific. During the time at that job, Sparx Group worked in every aspect of their global marketing efforts.

Mr. Tabar has a vast experience in the law field as well, having worked as a lawyer for Schulte, Roth & Zabel and Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom.

Sam Tabar made the rise to the top with a commitment to success, never-ending determination, and a background of impressive higher education. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Oxford, he holds a Masters of Law from Columbia, and Sam Tabar worked as editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal.

Mr. Tabar is currently a member of the state bar in New York.

There is no coincidence that Sam Tabar is always in the right palace at the right time. His past successes has lead him on this course. During his private investor career, he was one of the first to identify the potential in SheThinx. That company went on to re-invent feminine hygiene products on a global scale.

Just Fab hits $1 billion

Just Fab, Inc. named a new CFO and COO, Tod Tappin, as of June 30,2016, who is known for his IPO transition strategies. His previous position at Rubicon Project, as their CFO and COO, guided them onto the public marketplace in 2014.

JustFab, Inc. is the parent company of Fabletics and Shoedazzle, and is worth $1 billion as of July 2016.
Shoedazzle, founded by start-up guru and former attorney, Brian Lee, attorney Robert Shapiro, Kim Kardashian, and represented by Kimora Lee Simmons, joined with Just Fab in 2013.

The Wall Street Journals quotes Mr. Lee as attributing the success of his many start-ups to pairing with celebrities with substantial social media stardom.  Learn more about JustFab:

Fabletics, a fashion athletic brand created by actress Kate Hudson, had $150 million in revenue, attributed to their e-commerce business, and plans to open 75-100 retail stores in the future. Six have opened at present and they attribute 40% of sales to current sybscribers.

Both companies, along with most under the Just Fab brand are subscription based shopping services, and have been largely successful in social media due to the famous faces behind the labels. Read more: Fashion Unicorn Startup JustFab Inc. Taps CFO With IPO Experience

Despite Mr. Tappin’s success at going public, he has chosen not to put Just Fab on the public market just yet. A wise choice perhaps, given the common practice of start-ups often being snubbed in their initial market openings. Currently, JustFab, Inc. has 3 million customers as of 2015 and growth has slowed considerably as of late.

The magical early morning hair conditioner

Are you a person with beautiful hair and one who loves to maintain the shine and bounce of your hair for the whole day without fear of you looking disheveled and flat? Then check out Wen by Chaz Dean’s YouTube channel, which produces a range of hair care line [see,] in the name of Wen cleansing conditioners that acts like shampoos, conditioners and styling treatment. Wen by Chaz offers a range of products with different formulations that work on virtually any hair type. used-cleansing- cleansing-conditioner- on-my- fine-hair-here’s-what- happened.

As reported in an article on, the application amount of Wen cleansing conditioners depends on the type of hair in question. Different hair sizes require different application amounts for excellent effect. For short hair one requires an average of about 13 pumps while long hair will require about 28 pumps. One needs to spread the necessary amount evenly across her hair when showering.

Unlike other conditioners and shampoos, Wen cleansing conditioners will protect the hair from falling off by giving strength to the roots of the hair. When applied during the morning shower, the
conditioner will guarantee healthy, beautiful and shiny hair for the whole day. Its amazing effect will show in a span of one week of using it. This period is enough to enable a person to know how well to use the products depending on their daily routine.

This is the ultimate product for people with fine hair and who wish to maintain the softness,bounce and shine of their hair for the whole day. It works wonders when applied in the early morning shower because it maintains the hair’s shine, health and bounce for the entire day. Purchase a bottle on Amazon today.


Bernardo Chua Uses Marketing Expertise to Grow Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua’s rise from being an ordinary employee of a business in his native Philippines to a global entrepreneur of his own company is the quintessential rags-to-riches story.

Chua used his marketing expertise to grow the company he founded in 2008 in British Colmbia, Organo Gold, from a three-person start-up into a multimillion dollar enterprise that has a presence in more than 35 countries and is backed up by thousands of employees and independent distributors.

Prior to establishing Organo Gold, Chua worked for the Philippine-based Gano Excel company for a number of years before relocating to California to manage Gano Excel USA. One of the products offered by Gano Excel is the ganoderma lucidium herb, but in a Facebook post, Chua said he devised a new way to use the herb in popular drinks like coffee and tea, which led him to form Organo Gold.

Today, Organo Gold is an international gourmet coffee company that offers certified organic ganaderma lucidium in a variety of coffees, teas, nutraceuticals and even personal care products, The company sells its products through an independent distribution network and to the public through its Coffee Connoisseur Club in both the United States and Canada.

For his marketing efforts, Chua has been selected the direct sales company executive of the year almost six times and in 2014 and 2015 he received a business and industry Dangal ng Bayan award. In addition, the National Consumer Affairs Foundation in Manila honored Chua as its outstanding global entrepreneur in 2015.

Chua is alos a well-known philanthropist whose company sponsors the OG Care Foundation which helps young men and women from around the world tap into their leadership potential.

Don Ressler: Leveraging The Power Of The Internet

Before the internet, women that wanted to find clothing that is signature, rare, or perhaps even one-of-a-kind would have to troll avenues in major cities to boutique- shop. These shops are often a bit stuffy, and one might have to go to several of these shops just to find one item of interest. Sites like “” have changed so much about the way we shop, and really it has changed for the better that founded by Don Ressler and his partner. One can find signature items, all just a mouse-click or swipe away, and have them delivered to their door the next day, in most cases. It is so nice to receive a box of clothing and accoutrements you have purchased, and those that you can try on in the comfort of your own home. Should you not like something, it is as easy as putting it back in the box, and sending it right back to the company in question. = realizes it is in a very competitive space, so as to encourage customers to shop their site almost exclusively, they offer a VIP membership according to Don Ressler. The next time you want shoes, apparel or handbags, going to, creating a boutique for yourself of all your favorite items, and then becoming a VIP to earn member credits. These credits carry a monthly fee, but when you think about all the money in gas and parking you might have one-day wasted going to the mall, it seems slight in comparison. In addition, the option to “skip a month” is available to VIPs. There are also great sales that are run just for VIPs, so it is a nice program for those that are fashion-addicted!

Don Ressler is the mind behind, and he created this subscription-based, ecommerce fashion retail company in 2010, after having a lot of success with several other sites he has built over the previous decade. His first startup,, was purchased in 2001, and he went on to be a part of several ventures after that. Adam Goldenberg has been Mr. Don Ressler’s partner on several deals in the past decade, and is no exception. Together they have built a special online retail shopping experience that carries a very unique personal touch.

The general idea of this site is that items are hand-picked for you, based on stylistic findings as revealed by your shopping habits, and what you peruse when you browse the site according to Don Ressler. They also have every customer get started by answering a personality quiz. This helps them to get to know more about their shoppers and can help in targeted, marketing efforts going forward.


Happier Classrooms App By ClassDojos

The growth mind set appears to be the new buzz in learning circles especially at the elementary level. It is becoming more and more important to know the particular motivation which places learners on a fast lane in developing their mental capacity. ClassDojo is breaking this jinx with its innovative videos aiming to help teachers, parents and students learn about the growth mind set.


In a news article that appeared on Edsurge, ClassDojos is reported to have produced a show that uses critters as a learning strategy about “growth mindset.” The Fransisco-based startup has a series of five animated clips all on growth mindset. Each of the clips is accompanied with a discussion guide for parents and teachers and will be available on ClassDojos’ Big Ideas website.


The concept by Class Dojos’ is well researched and proven right by Stanford University’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) with whom they have teamed up. PERTS is an important partner for the project given the group’s role in studying student’s motivation and resilience.


PERTS has with it, a sizeable number of teachers who they work with. They boast users in 1 in 2 U.S. classrooms. According to Liam Don, the co-founder and Chief Product Officer, this gives a perfect fit for ClassDojos who are looking to scale.


On the part of PERTS, this project gives them a chance to offer student-centred intervention, having had previously concentrated on just parents and teachers. They might have previously partnered with City Year and Khan Academy to disseminate the idea but it is with ClassDojos that they are doing animated clips befitting school children.


ClassDojos prides itself as a solution provider keen on developing the easiest way through which teachers can encourage students and extend their best moments to their parents. The mission of the company is to reinvent classrooms by bringing all the stakeholders pertinent to the leaning process in one platform.


The process over outcome approach used by ClassDojos in their solutions is part of their winning game. The potential of the app is apparent as evidenced by the amount of venture funding they were able to mobilise -a whopping $21 million.


Cruch base rates the company as among the fastest growing education-based technology companies of all time. Thus far, the company has made footprints in over 2/3 of US schools and 180 countries around the globe. With its solution in use, schools and classrooms are converted into closely-knit communities, connected by the belief that together, they will improve education.


Find out more about Class Dojo:

Bringing Shaygan Kheradpir to Coriant


Strong leadership is always needed for a company, no matter how big or small that company is. The recent changes at Coriant, for example, are more proof that this sentiment rings true.

Coriant, an optical transport vendor that operates in the telecom industry has just recently appointed none other than Shaygan Kheradpir to the position of company CEO. Kheradpir earned the position simply by being a hard worker, notably by working very closely with the company’s senior management team dating as far back as early 2015, and cooperating with those vendors. Even when he was serving as an operating executive while working at Marlin Equity Partners his hard work did not go unnoticed, which is part of what got him selected for this new executive position. Kheradpir now replaces former CEO Pat DiPietro, who will serve as the vice chairman and also operating partner for Marlin Equity Partners.

Before Shaygan Kheradpir came to Coriant, he was simply a regular citizen, born in London, England but raised mainly in Iran after he moved there. When he came of age he enrolled in at Cornell University in the United States and moved there while he studied in the school of electrical engineering. Eventually his work there earned him a promotion that was to be him as the chief information officer (CIO) of the company.

In the year 2000 GTE and Bell Atlantic formed a merger and Verizon Communications was the end result of this. Kheradpir remained in the position of CIO at Verizon and his main goal was to manage small groups that would be responsible for developing any new technology that could be put on the market. One of the team’s big contributions eventually led to a better use for Verizon FiOs’ fiber optic initiative and digital video recording, effectively changing the way that customers could view and use live television. Kheradpir’s time at Verizon saw a significant reduction in the number of IT staff and budget needed to run the company. He was also responsible for cutting down on the number of purchases the company would make from vendors, particularly ones that had used failed business models to do work.
Read from the source at

Lime Crime Makes All The Most Exciting Colors

Lime Crime is known around the world for making all the most exciting colors that anyone could want, and their company is an amazing place to come when women realize that there is no better place to get the resources that they need. Women who are trying to find a brighter and more exciting color should make sure that they are working with Lime Crime today to get the best results on their own makeup.

The woman who comes to Lime Crime for help is going to find out that she can easily get what she needs, just by making sure that she is working on colors that are more her speed. She will find out that she has a lot of options when she is working on trying to find new makeup, and she will be very pleased to see how these colors work when she purchases them from Lime Crime through Amazon.  You can also check out Lime Crime’s offerings on their Instagram feed, which can be found @limecrimemakeup.

The other thing about Lime Crime that is so great is that they are a vegan company. They will be able to use the Lime Crime colors to get the look they want without having to worry about animal products. That is because the company made a commitment to making sure that they are offering the best products. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to get the results that they want just because this company is so cutting edge with their products, and every woman who really wants to stay vegan is going to be able to get the products they like from Lime Crime at any time.

Lime Crime is always coming out with new colors that are going to help women look their best. The colors that women want are no longer carried by traditional companies, and that is why Lime Crime has to be at the forefront of the industry. There are a lot of reasons why these colors pop when they are used by a strong woman, and that also means that a woman is going to be able to dress her best without a second thought about the colors.  Follow Lime Crime on Tumblr for more information, or Facebook for up to date news.

Benefits of Shea Butter on Your Sensitive Skin

Shea butter is an incredibly popular beauty treatment. Shea butter is the off-white fat extracted from nuts found in the African Shea tree. The butter is an incredibly popular beauty treatment because melts when at your body temperature, which makes it easy for your skin to absorb. The butter adds fat to your skin and can help repair damaged skin. Stretch marks, scars, and signs of aging can all be fought with Shea butter.

Shea butter is an incredibly effective ingredient, so almost every beauty product company has incorporated it into their products. A simple trip down the beauty aisle will reveal numerous products that incorporate Shea butter. Many of these products claim to help, but they only use enough Shea butter to sell you their product. If you want to see the true effects of Shea butter, then you must purchase your Shea butter from the best possible source.

Eugenia Shea specializes in offering the best possible Shea butter products. They harvest their Shea butter with the help of sustainably paid farmers throughout Africa. These farmers work hard to ensure that the best possible products are in Eugenia Shea products. Each nut is carefully checked for quality. Twenty-five percent of Shea nuts do not make the cut. This process ensures that Eugenia Shea products are consistent.

Eugenia Shea offers several great products, and each of these products are aimed at specific needs. The Everyday Shea butter is aimed at people that just need a basic moisturizer. This product will keep your skin in great shape. Women that are struggling with stretch marks should strongly consider Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter, this butter will help fight stretch marks. Dermatological Strength Shea Butter is ideal for those that are fighting scars and want their skin in the best condition. Eugenia Shea is extremely proud of their line up of products, and each product is already receiving rave reviews from beauty experts throughout the industry.

Shea butter can have a tremendous impact on your skin, but you need the best possible Shea butter to treat your skin. If you want the best Shea butter, then you need Eugenia Shea.

Champ Gets All The DHA A Puppy Needs By Eating Beneful

My husband and I have recently bought a puppy. The puppy we adopted is an English Setter and we have decided to name him Champ. Champ is currently on Purinastore‘s Beneful healthy puppy dog food to ensure that he gets all the DHA he needs to have a not only a healthy brain but good vision. Beneful healthy puppy is made with real chicken that was farm raised. I love knowing the Champ is eating dog food with natural and healthy ingredients in it. Champ is a very playful puppy but he is also gentle and very friendly. After doing quite a lot of research I have decided that once Champ gets older I am going to feed him Beneful wet dog food because it is so flavorful and looks like a home cooked meal which I am sure Champ will enjoy. I will probably feed Champ three different kinds of Beneful wet dog food so that he doesn’t have to eat the same type of dog food all of the time. When he is old enough I think that the three different types of Beneful dog food I will buy him on Amazon are going to be Beneful chopped blends in the beef flavor, Chopped blends in the turkey flavor, and Chopped blends in the lamb flavor. This way Champ will be eating the same type of Beneful wet dog food [] but he will have three different flavors to choose from each day to ensure he does not get bored of eating the same flavor each and every day. I know that for as long as I feed Champ Beneful he will be extremely happy and healthy. I not only buy Beneful dog food for Champ but I also buy him Beneful dog treats. The type of dog treats that I buy for Champ are called Beneful baked delights stars and they are shaped like stars because Champ is not only a champ but he is also a star in my eyes. From now on whenever we get a new dog it will be put on Beneful dog food because they have so many different options for all different kinds of dogs.