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Stream Energy is The Way of The Future

In the year 2005, Stream Energy was founded and organized by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji. This main organization purpose is selling energy by word of mouth through arrangement and compromise of independent affiliation and connection. The company introduced and did known energy service first in Texas state before expanding to Georgia in 2008. In 2016, the company chose Larry Mondry as the new President and Executive officer.


November 06, 2017, Stream Energy hired David Faranetta as the Financial Officer and Vice President at the same time. He is the in charge and control for company’s planning, tax, auditing and bank activity. View the Company reviews at


After thorough planning, they start their line of energy service in the northern state of Illinois, which make it the seventh state to join and unite with the company. It will grant and assist the people of Illinois to entry the Energy Stream access line assistance at 2 percent down with the six and 12-month fix rate on the electrical arrangement. It also gives them a chance to show and demonstrate their service and usefulness to a newly open expansion for the growth and progress of their livelihood, support, and trading. Stream Energy knows that there is a significant and ample opportunity for the new development.



After the expansion and extension in Illinois, next state who joined the company in Delaware. The offer and the proposal are that customers will get 6 months fixated rate arrangement plan at 2 percent and 12-month fixated energy rate system plan.


Stream Energy officially made their support and reinforcement for the victim of Hurricane Harvey, giving donations to the Red Cross, the company decided to waive and remove the late fees on energy check dated August 29 to September. It will take effect on the 127,000 loyal customers of the company. They are also combining and joining forces to assist friends and families in crash areas. Stream Energy also promised the affected of catastrophe and calamity to gather 25,000 dollars in aid for the victim. The company will extend and monitor and welcome any donations on behalf of American Red Cross. Visit the company profile on Facebook.


The Magic of MB2 Dental

During a recent interview on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network on Enterprise Radio, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva spoke about the magic of MB2 Dental. He founded MB2 Dental so that doctors can focus on what they do best, which is providing excellent dental care to their patients. There are two sides of the dental industry. There is the private practice side, and then there is the corporate and executive side. MB2 Dental magically combines the two to give dentists the best of the best.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva was asked what inspired him to start MB2 Dental and how MB2 Dental is different than all the other dental corporations that are out there. He answered that he founded it in order to help the little guy compete with the big guys. As mentioned, there are two sides of the dental industry. Each side has its own unique benefits, but each side also has its own unique challenges. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva wanted to combine the benefits of both sides. He wanted to help private practitioners stay private and enjoy the benefits of running a solo practice while enjoying the vast resources and talent aggregation that is present in the large dental group firms. He wanted to create a group of dentists who would remain private practitioners but would still be able to support each other so that they can build up a network that would provide them with the same talent aggregation and economic opportunities that are provided to dentists who join large group firms, and MB2 Dental’s Linkedin.

One of the benefits of such a plan is that dentists will not have to waste their time on the executive and corporate side of the practice. In other words, they will not have to spend time working on things such as accounting and marketing. This will enable them to focus exclusively on providing their patients with excellent care, which is what dentists are really there to do. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva pointed out that many private practitioners will not work a full work week, simply because they have to set aside time to focus on the business and managerial side of their practice. The magic of MB2 Dental is that its dentists can now work full time, even six days a week, doing what dentists are supposed to do and what they went to school for, and

Jeff Yastine is Giving Investors Expert Skills

Mr. Jeff L.Yastine is a very popular individual in the United States at the moment. The financial expert works as the editor for Total Wealth Insider, a magazine that is published by Banyan Hill. As a member of the prestigious Banyan Hill editorial team, Jeff Yastine has established himself in the financial market. His informative publications have won the hearts of many people in the country. His audience has been able to make the best business decisions in the competitive market.

Yastine has a lot of expertise in the financial market. This knowledge has been instrumental in the Banyan Hill editorial team, making him one of the most respected professionals in the group. Before starting his career at the famous firm, Yastine was working as a financial journalist who focused on stock investing.

Just recently, the businessman wrote publishing about cryptocurrencies. The article has helped very many people in the international community. Yastine believes that Bitcoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies is worth paying attention to. According to Jeff Yastine, these platforms are playing a huge role in getting a solution to network hacking and computer data. The financial expert recently introduced a new and useful aspect to assist investors. The Blockchain Technology is still very fresh in the market, and it has brought numerous benefits to the people. Blockchain Technology has been growing significantly since it was introduced because it is being absorbed very fast than what experts thought.

In his line of work, Jeff has spoken to some of the prominent personalities in the financial world. Working with the experts has given the businessman the investment secrets and strategies that people use to become wealthy. Some of the people interviewed by Jeff include Michael Dell, Richard Branson, and Warren Buffet among others. Visit Jeff Yastine at medium .com to know more.

Jeff Yastine rose to fame several years when he played a leading role in the documentation of a national event called Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The financial journalist also documented the financial results that were brought by the popular Hurricane Katrina to the American citizens. The successful investor has even been forced to travel to Cuba on various occasions to cover essential topics such as the impact of foreign investors in the nation’s economy. His successful career has enabled him to win multiple awards in the journalism world. His educational and family background has been instrumental in his career too. Yastine went to some of the best learning institutions in the United States.



Investment Banker Igor Cornelsen Strikes A Chord With Financial Education Drive

The Brazilian investment banker, Igor Cornelsen has developed a name for himself within the financial markets as a leader in educating individuals who are looking for a higher standard of living gained through their financial investments. After retiring from the world of banking in 2010 after more than two decades of success as an executive at some of the largest financial institutions in Brazil where he was often praised for the success he created during some of the most difficult times in the history of the Brazilian economy. Read the article at to know more.

Despite enjoying the opportunity to improve his golf game, Igor Cornelsen decided his decision to retire should not mean he stepped away from the financial markets completely but should instead see him continue to provide his skills for the people of the world. Cornelsen had become concerned the people of the world were not being given a large amount of choice over where their investments were being located or for how long by the majority of investment analysts. The Bainbridge Investments leader has long been a champion of long-term investing for commercial and private needs as he feels the positioning of a portfolio in a range of different industries and sectors provides the best options for success at all times. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter

One of the main issues Igor Cornelsen hopes to address in the future is the lack of education provided to investors by major companies who would instead look to confuse their clients through the use of difficult to understand terminology. One of the main aims of Bainbridge Investments is to create a new generation of investors who have the ability to create their own investment opportunities after being provided with all the information needed to be provided by Igor Cornelsen as he feels people should have the right to provide their own input into the future of their money. By investing for the future a safer and more secure life is developed for investors who take control of their own financial freedom.

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Netpicks — Choppy Summers and Hot Portfolios

Netpicks was founded with a single mission in mind – trade smarter not longer. Following this mantra, the traders at Netpicks have doubled or even tripled their portfolios and have gone on to educate others on how to do the same. They were conceived in 1996 and already have made a huge name for themselves on Wall Street. They are constantly called the gold standard in trading education. Indeed, traders come to Netpicks hoping to learn about Forex, futures, Stocks, Options and ETFs. They come from all walks of life. They are both day-traders and swing traders. Netpicks wants to help every person in every market achieve financial freedom.   Read a relevant article on socially responsible investment, check

The trading platform has pioneered many innovative trading strategies. One of the most notable is the Lock and Walk strategy. They drew inspiration from a classic maneuver that gained traction during slow summer months. Traders were concerned about lagging profits after heated holiday seasons. They were vexed as to how to remedy the situation. Finally, a smart trader at Netpicks drew up the plans for a new strategy that would take advantage of the choppy summer months.

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The secret behind the success of Lock and Swim is the genius of watching the support and resistance levels of the NASDAQ index. A trader will not trade until the support or resistance levels of the NASDAQ 100 are broken. Once that happens, the trader will execute trades in ProShares UltraShort QQQ and ProShares Ultra QQQ. Following this pattern, a trader will sell if support is tested or broken by QLD and will sell if resistance is tested or broken by QID. The trader will earn a profit both ways! For traders who are familiar with technical analysis, these rules will be very familiar. You buy near support, sell near resistance, and if support breaks you stop out.   Here’s an important review of the company on

Netpicks says this strategy is best utilized on positions the trader does not intend to hold for the long-term. The Lock and Walk was designed for short-term holdings to earn profits during choppy summer seasons. When the market heats up again it is best to modify your strategy.  Visit their page to read and learn from their tutorial blogs.

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Great Canadian Craft Beers Of Eli Gershkovitch And Other Breweries

When one thinks of craft beer, Canada isn’t the first place to come to mind, but that is changing while Eli Gershkovitch helps to make that happen. Eli Gershkovitch started his passion for craft beer back in 1987. He got his first taste of Belgian beer which led to the start of satisfying his passion to create craft beers of great taste. Eli Gershkovitch possesses wonderful legal skills that help contribute to his brewery business and as a businessman. He opened up his first Steamworks Brew Pub in 1995 that was very successful while introducing 15 to 17 beers annually.


There are so many different kinds of craft beers. Eli Gershkovitch has many of his craft beers selling in 14 U.S. states. Craft beers are not only used with a food dish but also used as a cooking ingredient ( Some of the wonderfully crafted beers from Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks Brew Pub are beers such as the Salted Chocolate Porter, which offers chocolate and vanilla aromas. The Flagship IPA with its tropical fruit aroma, the Black Angel IPA containing tropical fruit and spicy aromas, and even the Heroica Red Ale offering smooth, velvety, toasted malts with some roasted hazelnut, toffee, and caramel flavors. That is only a few of the crafted beers from the brewery of Eli Gershkovitch. There are much more to go taste and find out which one you like best or to pick your top favorites (Manta).


Other craft beers to name any craft beer out there include beers like American Amber Ale, English-Style Bitter, Scottish-Style Ale, Belgian-Style Flanders, Vienna-Style Lager, Irish-Style Red, and so much more to choose from. There are craft beers that taste bitter, fruity, citrus-like, spicy, chocolate-like, biscuit-like, sweet, toasted, caramel flavors. I’m not sure one could run out of options when there are craft breweries coming up with so many flavors and tastes beer drinkers will enjoy. Some of the top Canadian breweries include Unibroue, Field House Brewing Co., Yellow Dog Brewing Co., Bellwoods Brewery, Barncat Artisan Ales, and much more. So get to a brewery and start taste testing.

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Glen Wakeman’s, Dedication in Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Majority of people around the world have great business ideas but they do not have a solid and practical plan. Glen Wakeman is a successful business executive who through his company, he helps entrepreneurs put ideas into practical plans. Wakeman is the CEO of Launchpad Holdings LLC, a company he co-founded in 2015. The company offers online business services to its customers and also offers connections to capital providers and advisors.


He has vast experience in capital markets, leadership development, strategy and business transformation growth. His expertise in the above areas is as a result of working in GE Capital for over 20 years. He was in charge of operations in 30 regions in six countries and held positions such as director, chief operating officer, and chief executive officer. Glen Wakeman believes in a five-step performance methodology which involves leadership, risk management, governance, human capital, and execution. The mentor shares business insights about international matters and emerging markets through his blog ( Wakeman advises entrepreneurs to get completely engaged in all aspects of their businesses and to have an active role in the business operations.


The University of Chicago alumnus’ advice to those who aspire to be entrepreneurs or business executives is to stay in contact with their friends and acquaintances. This can come in handy in terms of getting customers and, or funding. Having worked as a bathroom cleaner in a factory, Wakeman never takes any job for granted.


Wakeman also believes in extending a helping hand to the community as it allows a business to stay involved and connected. One of his traits that has kept him going is curiosity. He explains that curiosity helps him solve problems innovatively. The application of machine learning to solve problems is a trend that excites him as it improves quality and decision making.


The global business executive is Six Sigma Black Belt certified and holds a BS in Economics and an MBA in Finance. He has been awarded local, international and national awards in the countries he has worked in (TheNewsVersion). Glen Wakeman is indeed a great mentor, prolific writer and role model to many.


Dr. Mark Holterman: The Journey of a Surgical Expert and True Philanthropist

Dr. Mark Holterman is credited with many roles in his life including researcher, educator, surgeon, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and more. It is a truly inspirational story that ended up in the highest level of pediatric surgery from a family of farmers with no college education for his parents. He earned his graduation from Yale University in biology and attended medical education at the renowned University of Virginia. After his medical education, Dr. Holterman joined the Health Sciences Center of the University of Virginia as a resident surgeon.


Later, he also worked at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center of the University of Washington in Seattle. Dr. Holterman also collaborated with the Clinical Research Institute in Montreal, Canada, as a research associate. Apart from two decades of clinical and research experience, he is also serving as the Chief Executive of Mariam Global Health, an investment firm that focuses on opportunities in the innovative medical technologies and businesses. Dr. Holterman also serves as a faculty member at the College of Medicine – the University of Illinois since 2011.


He is also serving as a pediatric surgeon at St. Francis Medical Center, Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital, and Children’s Hospital of Illinois. Dr. Holterman conducts medical research in the areas of regenerative treatment options, stem cells, novel methodologies to fight diabetes and cancer, and more at the famous University of Illinois. American Diabetes Association appreciated his works and honored him with their Innovative Research Award ( It is a fact that regenerative medicine has the capacity to become a milestone in the medical history and considered as a highly promising field.


The interest of Dr. Holterman in the area of regenerative medicine combined with his philanthropic thoughts compelled him to co-found Hannah Sunshine Foundation ( It is a charitable organization working on finding children who are struggling with rare chronic conditions and offer them regenerative treatments at the cellular level. He is also a backbone of IPSAC-VN, an organization working to get expert pediatric specialists assistance for the children of Vietnam to save thousands of young lives. Dr. Holterman is also known for writing many scientific articles, reviewing medical journals, preparing textbook chapters on immunology, and more.



Perry Mandera: The Man Behind The Success of His 30-Yr Old Business

There are so many things we can say about Perry Mandera, but their urgency might be just ethereal. What you need is substantial.


The first article we can recap here is one of the three technologies that Custom Companies was able to use, which is owned by Perry Mandera. These three technologies are used to make sure that the services being rendered by Perry Mandera in the operations of its logistics business are delivered in high quality.


The second article we should recap here is the one blog post about the purpose and importance of what is now known as the Bill of Lading. In that blog post, it was shown that Perry Mandera is one of the successful executives today who have more than a few decades of experience in the transportation industry and who believe in the power of Bill of Lading. It is stated in the article that the Bill of Lading or B/L is an important change in the shipping chain. With this new change, there are now new litigation systems and problems that will be addressed because of such change.


About Perry Mandera

You should also learn that Perry Mandera has been the leader in the Transportation Business for more than 30 years now. His intensive experience in the niche that he belongs in means that he’s able to offer the kind of help that is needed by any customer.


That said, there’s still a lot of challenges facing Perry Mandera (ReleaseFact). Because of the fact that the competition he faces now reaches the global scale, he now has a lot of unforeseen factors and probabilities that he needs to prepare himself for. It won’t be hard to address this, though. Perry Mandera is more than experienced enough to withstand such concerns.

How To Become A Part Of Stream Energy

How important is it for you to have sustainable energy in an area where it is needed the most? Are you under the threat of paying increased energy costs? Stream Energy was able to present their network at a time when utilities were being deregulated in the Dallas area. Their daily operations are handled by former Chief Executive Officer, Larry Mondry. They were one of the first to answer to a stabilized network and have offered their customers renewable energy at a price they can afford. They now proudly operate in New Jersey, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia to name a few (


How Stream Gives To Their Customers


Stream Energy has been able to give back to their customers with real monetary incentives valued at $1 million dollars. Their customers are asked to refer their network as a reliable and trusted renewable energy source. When they refer their family and friends, they receive real benefits for doing so as an effort to give back to the community. They also offer the same program to their associates by referring other clients and customers to their network. Stream prides themselves on being a word-of-mouth provider for sustainable energy instead of pricey advertisements.


How Stream Stepped In During Global Warming


You can get the benefits of enjoying sustainable energy during global warming with the opportunity to reduce their energy cost. They were able to create green energy programs that allowed their customers to combat the threat of increased and decreased temperatures. Texans were the hardest hit by the inclement weather imposed by global warming. They were able to give their customers an outlet to lower their energy cost at a time when they needed it most. You’re invited to visit the Stream Energy network to offer their customers more ways to save with sustainable energy.