Rags to Riches Switches for Business

Life can be quite unexpected at times. That is to say that what a person decides they want to do with their life can take different twist and turns, and it often yields all kinds of unexpected goodies or surprises. This can be especially true if what you want to do is to conduct solid business ventures in more than one industry to provide people with their basic needs on an extraordinary level. It is true. These things happen. And, anyone who wants to learn from a prime example of how to get it done should take a good hard look at Chris Burch.  To know his latest innovative product offering, check on inc.com.

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He is most commonly known for being a cofounder of more than one retail business brand on the market. The name C. Wonder and Tory Burch are closely associated with his own. But, there is new possibility and a chance for legacy on the horizon for this businessman, in the world of hospitality. This comes by the way of purchasing a hostel. Just three years and a few tens of millions of dollars later, Burch and another partner, James Mcbride, have a 5-star resort to show for their efforts. Not long after that, Nihiwatu is officially known as the best hotel across the globe, according to Travel + Leisure in the year 2016. More about this award-winning hotel on businessinsider.com.

Really, the purchase and renovation of the resort is nothing for Chris, and its true purpose as is something to leave behind for his heirs. You know? It’s just something fun for them to manage out in the middle of nowhere safe from all the drama and dangers of the modern world, but still it is a luxury and therefore a classic beauty. But like many toys and forms of quality entertainment, what gets bought for the kids often is often better used by the giver. That’s why Burch splits his time between the Hamptons, Miami and his cozy little cottage nestled in Indonesia named Nihiwatu.  Related article to read on architecturaldigest.com.

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