David L French’s Initiative To Steer Obsidian Energy To Global Commercial Success

Obsidian Energy is a company that specializes in the average production of both gas and oil. Obsidian has a diversified and balanced portfolio. The output of Oil by the company can reach a maximum of 30,000 barrels every day. The balancing of assets together with the entrepreneurial spirit in the company’s executives are the driving factors behind the company’s success.


The company makes calculated investment decisions that are aimed at ensuring the shareholders and stakeholders get above maximum returns on their investments. The firm compiles with set industry regulations to ensure that accountability and transparency are provided for their clients. Obsidian’s members of staff are committed to what they do; passion is another factor that has led to the success of the company.


Obsidian changed its name from Penn West Petroleum to Obsidian energy; the company’s shareholders ratified this move. After the change to the company’s name was made, the Canadian and New York’s securities exchange had to also change the company’s trading name on the securities exchange. The current symbol for trading on Obsidians stocks at the Toronto Security Exchange is OBE.


Obsidian energy has a dedicated staff steam working towards the development of the brand globally. Most of these professionals are committed and have the experience necessary in running an enterprise such as Obsidian Energy. Below are some of the individuals who serve in the company’s top management positions.


The staff at Obsidian Energy have focused on developing an excellent brand globally that will be attractive to both foreign and local investors. These individuals have over the years earned the required set of skills and experience to run Obsidian energy. Below is the top executive at Obsidian energy who is driving the company to its success.


Davis L French is the current president of Obsidian Energy. He is also the serving president at Obsidian. Davis joined the firm in 2016. Before assuming his executive position at Obsidian, Davis was an employee of Banker Petroleum Limited. At Bankers Petroleum, he also served as the president and chief executive officer. While serving at Bankers Petroleum limited, Davis was able to steer the company to its commercial success. Refer to This Article for more information about the company.


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