Innovative entrepreneur and CEO Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a prominent entrepreneur of today. He has innovative ideas especially in the field of hospitality he has been providing solutions in the industry through the establishment of resorts and hotels. He has also been a key player in offering alternative building technology. He is the owner of a company known as Cocoon9, a company that deals with assembling and development of miniature houses. Chris Burch is an accomplished entrepreneur who has been in the business for over forty years. He has been into various business sectors where he has tried his hand in coming up with innovative business enterprises.

Chris Burch is the CEO of a company that he founded known as Burch Creative Capital. This is a company that he developed with the intention of investment as well as developing other brands. Chris Burch can be described in various ways. He is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He has helped over 50 businesses to grow. Check this on  This is an achievement that he has made by applying his experience and entrepreneurial skills. He understands the customers’ behavior so well that he has never had challenges selling his products. He creates products that align with the needs of the people.  Learn from his insights and views on business, hit this link on

Most of the enterprises that he has operated are in the financial industry, apparel, hospitality, and technology. He has made huge investments in a company known as ED. This is an apparel company that deals with fashion products. ED has appeared in various magazines which include Elle and Vogue. Chris Burch has also invested in the famous brand Tory Burch.

Chris Burch has an intuitive approach to the needs of the consumers. He comes up with brands that the consumers gladly welcome. His recent investment in the hospitality industry is a resort known as Nihi Sumba. It is located in Indonesia, South East Asia.  Be mesmerized with this recent investment in Indonesia, click this link on

Chris Burch did not begin his journey in the business sector recently. His journey started while he was in college. He established his first apparel company. Eagle Eye Apparel was started in conjunction with his brother who had pumped just $2000 into the business. The apparel firm majored in creating sweaters for women. They would sell it a few years later at $60 million.  Check   This was a huge return on investment. The apparel firm had helped him to learn what is required in the business field. He had learned to study the needs of the customers and how to respond to their concerns.

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