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October 2017

Life Line Screening Preparation: What to Expect

     Most life-saving tests are usually invasive and relatively uncomfortable on a good day. Life Line Screening tests, however, are as easy to receive as they are to schedule. The bonus is that these easy-to-receive tests could very well save your life the same as the more inconvenient or uncomfortable tests and they require little preparation, if any preparation at all.

A Life Line Screening for elevated C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) or elevated liver enzymes (ALT/AST) requires that you prepare by merely scheduling the test and show up to receive it.

Some Life Line Screening tests require a tad more preparation though. For example, when receiving Life Line Screening tests for high cholesterol (complete lipid panel), type 2 diabetes (glucose), and the 6 For Life tests; please fast for 12 hours prior as this will provide you with the utmost correct test outcomes. The abdominal aortic aneurysm test requires fasting as well, but only for 4 hours prior with a light meal before then.

Choosing your outfit carefully is the only required preparation for tests such as peripheral arterial disease (ankle-brachial index), stroke (c-artery disease and atrial fibrillation), osteoporosis risk (bone mineral density), 6 For Life, and abdominal aortic aneurysm. Your comfort is the main priority for test providers, so Life Line Screening requests that you wear a comfortable, loose-fitting, short-sleeved, and two-piece outfit for these tests. They also suggest forgoing panty-hose and a wrist-watch, in addition to refraining from lotion or oil and keeping your cell phone turned off until the tests have been completed.

While Life Line Screening test preparation seems too good to be true, the results will be as life-saving as the tests you must prepare greatly for. If you are needing to schedule a test but are not sure where to start, the convenience and comfort of Life Line Screening tests make the decision much easier.

Please see Lifeline Screening Can Help You Live a longer Life.

Equities First Holdings and Their Offices in the UK

Equities First Holdings has a lovely office in the UK, and they offer the same great loan products that everyone needs through this amazing office. They have a fantastic list of people working behind the scenes to help their clients, and anyone can fill out an application at this office for financing.

The financing for the companies and private clients that come to this office will be put through very fast, and these people will feel much more confident because they do not have to spend too much time on the process. The application goes through quickly, and the cash is provided to the client. To know more about the company click here.

There are many clients who will find that they can get all that they need from Equities First Holdings, and they can get a loan that will make it easier for them to start their next project or get their business off the ground as soon as possible.

The Success of Adam Milstein in the Real Estate Industry

Adam Milstein is a renowned real estate developer, leader, and active philanthropist. He served in the Israel Defence Force during the Yom Kippur War. A native of Israel, Mr. Milstein graduated from the Technion in 1978. He received USC and MBA shortly after arriving in the U.S. in 1981. Adam Milstein began his career in real estate working with Commercial Real Estate in Southern California in 1983. He is the co-founder of Hager Pacific Properties, a firm that specializes in commercial real estate investment.

Adam chairs the national expansion of the Israeli-American Council. He also sits on the boards of StandWithUs, Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowships, and Israel on Campus Coalition. He teamed up with his wife, Gila, to start Sifriyat Pijama, a humanitarian organization that provides free Jewish teachings to over 15,000 Israelites living in the United States. The idea for Hagar Pacific Properties came after moving to the U.S. to pursue an MBA in Entrepreneurship. Before graduating, Milstein would work for various companies that came to recruit campus students. Nonetheless, he realized that most of these companies didn’t appreciate his knowledge and life experience. They were offering less than what he would earn from entrepreneurship. As a result, Milstein decided to start working as a commercial real estate broker. Following three years of success as a real estate broker, Adam quickly emerged as an influential real estate investor.

Mr. Milstein understands that as a businessman you don’t have a fixed working schedule. Your business structure will broaden as you acquire more assets than before. Over time, Milstein has realized that participating in philanthropic causes makes his routine job satisfying. Mr. Milstein also conducts daily follow-ups and don’t let anything to fall between the cracks. Adam acknowledges that there are a lot of ups and downs in the real estate industry. For example, the fact that property demand always overshadows the supply, resulting in price fluctuation. The fact that it takes a while to get results in real estate excites Milstein. Some of the practices that make Milstein productive as an entrepreneur is persistence, follow-up, and consistency. Mr. Milstein understands the real estate market and strives to develop tailored properties to fit the needs of his clients.


Why Aloha Construction is the Best in Illinois and Wisconsin

Aloha Construction is a remodeling and home services agency located in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It is owned by Dave Farbaky, who has been in the line of ownership of Aloha for many years since his grandparents founded it many years ago and


The construction business has put more than 7,000 projects in the books throughout Illinois and parts of Wisconsin, even. It has always been operated by the same family, with loads of positive reviews about the group passed around the Internet and more information click here.


The current President is only forty-something years of age, making him one of the youngest leaders of such a company in the Midwest United States.


Mr. Dave Farbaky is not a flamboyant person and is very conservative in his manners. This is a great quality for business owners to have and


He loves giving revenues earned back into the societies they were generated from all across Illinois and some southern portions of Wisconsin.


Aloha is great at repairing siding, roofing, and other exterior parts of homes that often fall off during storms and high winds. Roofing is one of the most popular services that Farbaky provides to the hundreds of customers they please every year and learn more about Aloha Constructions.


Shingles can be patched or replaced entirely to keep water from seeping into roofs. No homeowner has to worry about the weather getting to their home by hurting it and causing expensive repairs that most homeowners don’t even know how to do it themselves and their Facebook.


Gutters often come down from rough winds and lots of water poured down into the ground from earth’s atmosphere. Siding is the third-most popular services provided for the many hardworking people of Illinois and Wisconsin and Aloha’s lacrosse camp.


Farbaky operates Aloha not because it makes him money, but because needy people get the help they deserve with the Dave Farbaky Foundation, a great charity for the people and communities of Illinois.


National Steel Car Attains Excellence Under The Leadership Of Gregory Aziz


Gregory J Aziz is the CEO, presidet and chairman of National Steel car, a top railroad freight car manufacturing, and engineering firm. National Steel car is located in Hamilton Ontario and has over 100 years of experience in the manufacturing and engineering industry. Aziz believes that the cornerstone of the company’s success is in the workforce. Everybody who has had a hand in the success of National Steel Car is proud of the achievement.



The company sets new goals after achieving their previous target. The culture has availed a challenging environment for National Steel Car’s staff. Therefore, they know that they must work extra hard every other day. They focus on their strengths with a level of efficacy that is yet to be seen in the rail industry. Gregory J Aziz has taken the company to greater heights by staying true to his core values. It is their broad sense of purpose that has made clients to entrust the task of building high-quality railcars with consistently high on-time delivery performance.



National steel car does not rest on its past achievements. It continues to pursue excellence relentlessly. The firm believes that by listening to their customers’ reviews, it will attain the title of North America’s leader in railcar manufacturing. It is no doubt that National Steel Car will achieve its desires, especially considering that it is managed by a determined mastermind- Gregory James Aziz. Get More Information Here.




About Greg James Aziz


Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in London. He studied Economics at the University of Western Ontario. Upon leaving college, James joined his family in running Affiliated Foods, a wholesale food business. The company grew in 16 years to become a global importer of fresh foods from South America and Europe. The experience Greg gained by working at his family’s business prepared him for his own company that he was to establish later on.



Greg managed to organize the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994, with the aim of transforming the once Canadian company into North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturer. The company was able to expand his manufacturing capacity from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars per year by 1999. The employment capability also grew from 600 to 3,000 workers. Today, James Aziz’s dream has seen the light of the day, with National Steel Car being a reputable railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company in North America. The firm has held its ISO 9001:2008 certification for the last 18 years after several rounds of recertification.

National Steel Car Changed How We Ship Our Cargo

National Steel Car has enjoyed remarkable growth under the stewardship of Gregory James Aziz. Greg Aziz is the man at the helm of the leadership of the manufacturing giant, National Steel Car. The firm is undeniably one of the leading developers of railroad freight cars and is based in Hamilton, Ontario. With over a century’s experience in the field of manufacturing, the company has shaped the global manufacturing space with excellent solutions to the transportation industry.


The history of National Steel Car dates back to the early 1900s. A company called Brand Imperial Steel Car was established with the task of manufacturing freight haulage vehicles. The firm became one of the leading manufacturers in its niche and attracted a global clientele. The enterprise laid down stringent manufacturing standards that always kept it ahead of the competition.


When Gregory Aziz took up the management of National Steel Car, he began his job by ensuring that the firm recovered its top position in the manufacturing sector. Before Greg J Aziz joined took the role of CEO at National Steel Car, the business only focused on the Canadian market, but by the late 1990s, the businessman was able to expand the company’s business territory to other regions of North America. National Steel Car has been the face of Baltimore and is involved with initiatives that seek to help communities within the Ontario region of Baltimore. One of the reasons why National Steel Car has managed to sustain its growth is the commitment to the top leadership at the enterprise. Go to This Page for more information


Gregory James Aziz was born in 1949 in Ontario. Before he bought National Steel Car, Greg Aziz worked with other companies in the manufacturing and banking sectors. Greg majored in economics and had a degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario. Under Gregory Aziz’s stewardship, National Steel Car has managed to up its production from 3000 to 12,000 freight vehicles annually.


The impact of National Steel car to the communities of Baltimore can never be overemphasized. The company has created thousands of jobs to the local communities and continues to engage with the population of the region with sustainable projects. Through Gregory J Aziz’ commitment, National Steel Car has received worldwide recognition as one of the most impactful manufacturers in the North America region. Greg Aziz has ensured that National Steel Car builds a good rapport with the communities in which it operates.

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Discover the Netpicks Guarantee of Profit Even in Turbulent Markets

The push from the technology sector wore off leaving nervousness and uncertainty on Wall Street. This negative sentiment coupled with the expected slowdown in activity during the summer period sets the stage for increased volatility and turbulence in the markets.

Do you park your assets and lay low? No. On the contrary, it’s time to change strategy and adopt a proactive approach. It is also prudent to find a professional and experienced trader to help you handle complex day trading. There are multiple strategies you can use to leverage choppy markets for a profit. The “Lock and Walk” is one strategy that has been proven to give good yields.

The first step is identifying the stock market index you wish to use for the trade, for example, the Nasdaq 100. Additionally, pinpoint the exchange-traded fund to target under the index. Under the Nasdaq 100, you can bet with two sister ProShares indices. These are the ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID in conjunction with the ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD exchange-traded funds. Ascertain the support and resistance levels and set your position. Tutorial videos available on

The buy side is just as important as the sell side here so take your time to establish a good position. The goal is to watch out for the slightest movement.

When the QLD support parameter is tested, watch the resistance and sell when the support breaks. Similarly, when the QID tests your set resistance level, watch the support and sell on the QID when the resistance breaks. Remember it is a day trade so take extra caution with the support parameter levels as well as the gains in basis points.

Netpicks provides advisory on online and day trading. It is the guarantee you need to succeed in online and day trading. The company was founded in 1996 by Mark Soberman and is based in Lakeway, Texas. Netpicks provides various trading platforms and a highly experienced coaching team consisting of real traders.  Learn more from the demo videos, check

A relevant article to read here.

Netpicks is dedicated to helping you achieve success with your trades. It provides practical education and a fast-track program to get you trading like a pro in no time. The company has strong customer support and stands with you on every step of the trade. With Netpicks, you are guaranteed to turn a profit even in turbulent markets.  Additional article here.

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Chris Burch Establishes A World-Renowned Island Resort

Christopher Burch bought a surf resort on the Indonesian island of Sumba in 2012. He then proceeded to completely overhaul it, spending about $30 million in the process. The five-star Nihi Resort started accepting guests in 2015 and has proven to be a sensational place to stay. It is managed by James McBride who is a notable hotelier with decades of experience in the industry. In 2016 it was placed on the 100 best hotels in the world list that Travel & Leisure produces each year. Even more impressively, the readers of this magazine voted the resort as the #1 hotel in the world for two years running, 2016 and 2017. Other publications such as the Telegraph and Condé Nast Traveler have also given awards to the Nihi Resort.  Check for more reading about the resort.

Chris Burch is a billionaire who has founded many successful brands over the years. Many of these have been in the fashion industry. Along with his former wife, Tory, he had launched Tory Burch which is a global brand of women’s clothing and accessories. Another brand he established is C. Wonder which is a home decor and apparel company that sells its products directly to consumers on the tv shopping channel QVC. He also owns and serves as the CEO of Burch Creative Capital which invests in a range of other companies such as Jawbone, Powermat, and Little Duck Organics to name a few.  Read a relevant interview of him on

This wasn’t the first time that Chris Burch was involved in the hospitality industry. He also was one of the main investors in the Faena Hotel and Universe that was built in Buenos Aires. The structure was originally a turn-of-the-century grain factory. Burch joined the fashion designer Alan Faena and also Philippe Starck, and industrial designer, in transforming this building into a five-star hotel. Additional article to read here.

Chris Burch launched his first company in 1976. He was still a student at Ithaca College at the time but he and his brother, Bob, established an apparel company with just $2000. This company, Eagle’s Eye Apparel, went on to have phenomenal success. Chris and Bob eventually sold it another company, the Swire Group, for $165 million.  Refer to for a related article.

As a philanthropist, Chris Burch has donated both his time and expertise to a number of causes. Among these is the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation for which he was a board member. He has also provided large grants of money to other causes such as Mt. Sinai Hospital, the Sumba Foundation, and The Child Welfare League of China.  Read the investor details here on

Learn more about his impressive business portfolio here, visit

Entrepreneur and Manager-David McDonald

He was born and raised in Iowa State and he has grown to be a food processing expert. David McDonald went through school just like any other child in his State and after his High School graduation; he joined Iowa State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. After his graduation, he began his career serving in one of the leading food processing organization OSI Group which mainly process protein foods. While in the organization David McDonald has held various leadership positions and he has been climbing the career ladder. David McDonald is the President of OSI Group and he oversees all the operations of the company. The experience he has gained in the food processing firm has helped him lead other organization including; being the Director of OSI International as well as the Chairman of North American Institute.

During his tenure in the food processing firm David has experienced the expansion of the group to other countries including China. David has this big hope that the market in China will even grow wider due to its population and it will be among the largest poultry producers in the region. Ever since he took over the operations of the meat firm, David understands well that it is important for the management to have a clear understanding of the market especially the culture of their targeted clients.

David McDonald has an experience of over 30 years serving in the food processing industry. Before becoming the President of OSI Group, David served as the Project Manager of the organization and he combines his position as the President and the Chief Operating Officer of the food company. Mr. McDonald is not only a prominent leader and an investor in the food industry, but he is also involved in the society activities in the United States of America. With the passion he has in the food industry and is the only area he has served since he began his career; McDonald has been supporting the young people who want to pursue a career in the agriculture entrepreneur. To set a good example of what he would wish for the future of the students, David has been making arrangements for the young students to visit some of their factories including the one in China. David understands what OSI Group wants in the future and he is committed to working towards accomplishing the best service as well as product for the firm.

To know more click here

Gregory Aziz Takes National Steel Car to Higher Levels of Growth

Gregory James Aziz is the head of National Steel Car and he serves as their Chairman, CEO, and President of the company. They manufacture freight cars in the rail industry and utilize an extensive range of engineering capabilities in Hamilton, Ontario. After gaining experience with investment banking Greg Aziz orchestrated the purchase of National Steel Car and has been instrumental in their turnaround.

The fact that the once great company was in decline presented a unique challenge that Greg James Aziz couldn’t pass up as a loyal Canadian. With this clarion call ringing in his head he set out to transform the company and he used the strong foundation of their excellent engineering abilities and a decisive teamwork mentality to change their fate and trajectory. Infusions of capital and human resource investments have led to significant improvements in output and a much stronger, healthier company.


The extraordinary history of National Steel Car dates back over one hundred years and they are well known for their excellence in engineering and manufacturing. They specialize in railroad freight and tanker cars which are industry leading and their output grows every year under the leadership of Gregory J. Aziz. The number of employees have substantially increased during his time leading the company and is illustrative of their rising fortunes.

The international business community has taken note of National Steel Car as they are North America’s only production railroad car company that is certified ISO 9001:2008. They held this distinction for the last 18 years and are well positioned to flourish in the future as well.


Greg James Aziz was born in London, Ontario on April 30, 1949, and received a sterling education at Ridley College. He also majored in Economics at the University of Western Ontario, which laid the framework for his later endeavors in investment banking and eventually National Steel Car.

He joined his family’s business called Affiliated Foods after college and helped them achieve high levels of growth in food importing and distribution. They imported foodstuffs from Europe and Central and South America, which was destined for markets across the U.S. and Eastern Canada.


National Steel Car has wonderful ties to their hometown community of Hamilton and this reflects very well on the leadership of Greg Aziz. They have sponsored several charities that strengthen the community and they include the Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, and the Salvation Army. Go To This Page for more.


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