Adam Milstein Advocates for Jews through Charity

Adam Milstein is not a strange name to peace brand ambassadors. Prominent for his input in the real estate industry, he can also be described as a brand ambassador for peace. The Israeli investor has definitely contributed to the reshaping of real estate. Working at Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner, Adam Milstein’s experience cannot be questioned. With an impeccable portfolio of about $2 billion in asset accounts, the company manages high-end property. His input in this industry is highly applauded thanks to his efforts to make the commercial industry an admired investment docket coupled with affordable rates. While Adam Milstein may have made a huge name for his career path in real estate, he has also shaped the philanthropic world with his works in the community of Jews.


Perhaps Adam Milstein is highly regarded for his association with the family foundation of Adam and Gila Milstein. This foundation supports students in acquiring education on Jewish roots as well as strengthening their foundation and connection in Israel. As an active member of the foundation, Adam Milstein is in charge of facilitation as well as decision making. With a diverse cultural knowledge, he understands his roots as well as the importance of imparting the same knowledge to students. Since he has extensive resources as well as investment, he is in a better position to assist students in gaining invaluable skills. To honor him for his tremendous works, Milstein was awarded by the philanthropist and social entrepreneurs. He was among the first 200.


Adam Milstein boasts of extending his community service beyond the Jewish community. He founded the council of Israeli and America. This is an organization that is dedicated to promoting the bond between Americans and Israelis. Aside from this organization, Adam has promoted the development of American foreign policies that promote the well being of Israelis as well as Jews. He has certainly built incredible relationships based on strong values. Consistently open to general discussions in regards to relationships, Milstein is an admired and influential figure. His passion for charity moves the world to a space that allows people with cultural differences to co-exist. Adam Milstein is a mentor, philanthropist and entrepreneur whose works surpass common input for one person.

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