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July 2017

Vincent Parascandola Contribution to the Growth of AXA Group

Vincent Parascandola acts as the senior vice president of AXA Group, operating at the New York office. He has held the position since 2014 whereby he is responsible for the growth and development. In this capacity, Vincent heads over 225 financial advisors in the Central New Jersey Region. His primary responsibilities include recruiting and training new financial advisors to the firm. Besides, he oversees the improvement in productivity of the existing advisors with the aim of improving sales growth and maintaining profit margins.

Vincent’s Experience and Past Responsibilities

Between Jan 2013 and Oct 2014, Vinny was the acting Chief Sales Officer and the President of another AXA Group subsidiary, AXA Equitable. In this position, he foresaw recruitment, productivity, and profitability of 46 other AXA Advisors branches throughout the United States. Prior transferring to the Greater New York region, Vincent was overseeing recruitment, sales, compliance, management development, human resources, expense management, and training and operations at the company’s branches in California and Hawaii.

Vincent joined AXA Group in 2005 and through the years, he has held several positions and has been promoted severally and given more responsibilities. Before AXA, Vincent Parascandola was the Field Vice President at The MONY Group where he served at several positions as well. He started off as a Financial Professional and served in the position for 3 years before being promoted to be the company’s sales manager.

Vincent Parascandola Influence in AXA Group

Since he joined AXA Group, a financial company offering financial protection and wealth management throughout the USA, Vincent Parascandola has seen the company achieve massive success. Through his commitment and excellent performance, the company has managed to become the leading provider of retirement strategies and advisory services. Vincent has held several positions in the company, most times being handed the responsibility of recruitment and training of new staff.

Vincent Parascandola is an alumnus of Pace University where he graduated with bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. After his graduation, he worked for Irving Trust Company between 1986 and 1988 and held the position of System Analyst. He later joined Prudential Insurance in 1988 as a financial agent and left in 190.


The Incident that started the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

On October 18, 2007, Joe Arpaio’s “Selective Enforcement Unit” illegally arrested Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin from the Phoenix area homes. On that evening Armed deputies from Arpaio’s Maricopa County sheriff’s department arrested the two Phoenix Times writers were forced into dark unmarked SUV’S with Mexican license plates. The Larkin and Lacey were separated and booked into to different jails both under the supervision of Joe Arpaio.

Joe Arpaio has a reputation for running his sheriff’s offices’ operations in an unethical way as he personally deemed himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff”. His corrupt practices had been covered in multiple Phoenix Times articles. In those articles, Arpaio’s unfavorable behaviors were exposed such as excessive abuse of power, mismanagement, poor health conditions within Arpaio’s jail, deaths of jail inmates, and Arpaio’s racial profiling and illegal arrest and detainment of Latinos. The articles on the disorder of his sheriff’s office enraged Arpaio and would lead to him ordering the arrest of Lacey and Larkin.

A cover story in the Phoenix Times which revealed how Arpaio illegally issued grand jury subpoenas in order to receive details about the newspaper’s writers, editors, and readers(including readers personal browsing history and IP addresses). Lacey and Larkin refused to submit to Arpaio’s illegal orders and wrote about the situation instead.

After a disfavorable response to the arrest across the nation, Lacey and Larkin were released from jail within 24 hours along with all their charges being dropped.

As a result of the incident, a lengthy court battle based on Lacey and Larkin’s violated First Amendment rights and Joe Arpaio’s abuse of power. The Ninth Circuit’s conclusion was that the subpoenas ordered by Arpaio were illegal and unconstitutional and bypassed all the steps needed for the subpoenas to be put in to place. The court’s judgment determined that Lacey and Larkin’s arrest unlawful and was done so by Arpaio as an Abuse of power given to the position he’s in as the arrest had no probable cause.

The court’s awarded the two writers a settlement of $3.7 million. After the court battle, Lacey and Larkin wanted to help others who deal with the same discrimination and violation of rights that they did involving their illegal arrest. As a result of that, the two started the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund. The group’s wanted help the Hispanic community in Arizona that have to deal with civil rights violations in their day to day lives. Ever since the program has started the group has funded many nonprofit groups that fight for Hispanic civil rights.

Kabbalah Centre: What Motivates Non-Jewish Hollywood Stars to Kabbalah Mysticism

Most people are seeking to find spiritual meaning in their lives. One such a place which offers spiritual teachings is the Kabbalah Centre. A lot of Hollywood superstars have also developed a keen interest in the mystery of Kabbalah teachings. Starting with Madonna, other stars who have found their way into Kabbalah mysticism include the late Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and others.

The major reason for most of them following the teachings is that it helps them eliminate the chaos in their lives. According to Sand Bernhard, Kabbalah helped her eliminate up to 80% of the chaos in her life, an assertion which is supported by Paris Hilton. It is an ancient system of wisdom which provides the practical means for living joyful and fulfilling lives and more information click here.

However, other celebrities join the Kabbalah teachings due to different reasons. According to the late Sammy Davis, he joined Kabbalah due to his need to become part of the 5,000-year-old tradition and have something spiritual to cling on to find an inner strength to deal with life challenges and learn more about Kabbalah.

Some of the celebrities such as Madonna are so invested in the concept of Kabbalah, and she has opened more than one Kabbalah center. According to her, one of the main principles of Kabbalah is that they have been put on earth to help people and their job is to find out how they can help.

In some instances, some of the Hollywood stars who joined the Kabbalah teachings had no clear purpose and intentions for joining. This has led to criticism of the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre which offers Kabbalah teachings to non-Jewish superstars from Orthodox Jews who believe that Kabbalah is supposed to be taught only to Jews of over 40 years.

About Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre was established in Jerusalem in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. After his death, he was succeeded by his student Rav Yehuda Brandwein in 1969, who later passed the torch of kabbalah teachings to the current leader Rav Philip Berg. The current Kabbalah Centre situated in Los Angeles was founded in 1984 by Rav Philip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg and Kabbalah’s lacrosse camp.

With a worldwide presence of 50 locations, the Centre offers both physical and online Kabbalistic courses. More than 5,000 people learn kabbalah teachings every week. The Centre is also engaged in other charity works such as helping people affected by disasters as well as the provision of humanitarian and financial assistance.

Rocketship Education – Providing Special Approach To Public Education

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit public elementary charter institutions that serve mainly low-income learners in regions where reach to good schools is limited. Transforming schools does more than just educating students. They empower teachers, inspire communities and engage parents.

Rocketship Education is an institution founded by Preston Smith and John Danner and based in Redwood City, California. The non-profit institution applies a combination of learning model together with adaptive software to improve students’ accomplishment. Presently, there exist sixteen institutions based in Redwood City, San Jose, and Concord California in addition to schools in Washington D.C., Milwaukee, and Nashville.

Engaged parents are vital to eliminate the accomplishment gap. Rocketship Education operates with parents to assist them to become strong advocates for their kids and their communities. By direct involvement of parents, Rocketship Education team helps parents to become leaders at school, at home, and within their communities. Leadership at home incorporates assisting their kids with doing their assignments, managing households and providing services to positive role model for their kids.

While leadership in the school entails spearheading community meetings, advocating for the needs of children, organizing school-wide events, and helping leaders and their teachers to in interviewing processes. The Rocketship Education community leadership incorporates being active participants in the community, participating in school boards & advocacy groups, and standing for their schools and students. Rocketship Education community encourages parents to speak for their kids.

Rocketship Education comprehends many items that the traditional school system does not address. Everyone learns things in special ways. From the time we were children, every individual leaned things in their manner of advancing and learning. Unfortunately, the conventional school structure does not permit that. In Rocketship Education, students are referred as Rocketeers who get customized instructions that are targeted to tailor their special learning styles and that meet their needs. Rocketship Education blended studying model brings together technology, traditional system, and tutoring, thus permitting every Rocketeer to study and learn at their pace. The ideal thing about the model is that it operates for every student within the Rocketship program, whether they are racing ahead or catching up.


What Separates Kate Hudson’s Fabletics from Amazon?

Amazon is the clear front-runner when it comes to the fashion e-commerce market, leaving just about all others in their wake. To get a clear picture how dominant Amazon really is in this space, of all the thousands of other fashion e-commerce retailers fighting for sales, Amazon gets 20 percent of everything. That being said, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics doesn’t appear to be content mulling around and picking up scraps, having already sold $250 million in women’s clothing online in only three years. This doesn’t appear to be just a fad or passing trend, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics appears to be getting stronger each year.


When you try to get to the bottom of the success of this athleisure brand, all you need do is talk to Hudson about what separates this company from the likes of Amazon. Hudson says that the ultimate success of her brand comes down to reverse showrooming and the amazing perks of the Fabletics membership plan. We start our search for the success of this company by looking inside one of the Fabletics stores at the mall. This is not your average clothing store. Women are here to apply for the membership plan, try on all the workout apparel in the store, and even take the lifestyle quiz.


Once you have tried all the leggings, tank tops, and yoga pants on in the store, then you have to go online to see how everything comes together. As a member of Fabletics, those items you were trying on are moved to your online profile, so you can basically continue shopping the vast online inventory at your convenience. Now that you know how the active-wear fits you inside the store, shopping online just got that much easier. There will be no guessing about the way things fit, so shoppers tend to grab more and more pieces as they surf the Fablectics e-commerce site.


The benefits of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics membership don’t stop there. Membership also includes free shipping for any online orders, your own shopping assistant, and discounted prices on clothing throughout the store. The combination of these perks and the ease of shopping has really resonated with women looking to be treated like valued customers and not just another statistic. Amazon may be in the top spot today in the fashion e-commerce market, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics seems to be blazing a trail to the top in record time.

A Model Millennial

     In an era where experience and ambition reign king, it is not surprising when youths such as Sawyer Howitt cast a large shadow over the rest of his generation. Currently a senior in high school, Sawyer took a deep interest in business and finance at a young age, but it was his quick and early understanding of how those two subjects operate in conjunction with each other that made him stand out. This is where his ambition reveals itself, his “can-do” attitude and no mountain too high approach to any job presented him makes him quite a force to be reckoned with in business. His early start into his career has given him experience when most others his age are struggling to find that experience under their belt. Wielding a resume more impressive than my own, Sawyer is on a fast track to success in any path he chooses.

On his resume he’ll have evidence of his work ethic from his father’s company, Meriwether Group. The company specializes in providing counseling, tools, and know-how to all kinds of businesses. The apple does not seem to fall far from the tree as David Howitt, Sawyer’s father and CEO of Meriwether Group, is a well accomplished entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience. As well as being a published author, David Howitt has worked with over twelve different companies regarding business and finance counsel, including work with Adidas. A legacy that Sawyer is more than capable of upholding, but more likely, one that he may very well surpass as a model millennial.

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Bruno Fagali: An Advocacy To Stop Corruption

Bruno Fagali, a Brazilian lawyer, is best known as the founder of the FAGALI advocacy. He is also regarded as one of the best in his field, because of his exceptional characteristics like professionalism and integrity.

Bruno has a good reputation in providing legal services, and he specializes in Public Laws and Anti-Corruption Laws that encompasses all aspects of Brazilian society.

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Corruption is a big problem in Brazil, and it is the root cause of poverty which results into bigger problems like dealing with crime and human trafficking. Brazil is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and they are having a hard time solving it. The funds that are supposed to be used for the public often ends up in the pockets of the authorities, and the basic necessities that the people needs are sometimes neglected. There are people and groups who are standing up against the corruption problem in Brazil, and Bruno Fagali is one of them. He is fixing the corrupt system by proposing a series of solution that would possibly lessen the instance of corruption in the country. Among these is a departmental integrity drive, where transparency would be provided when contracts from the government are awarded to public departments and private firms. Because of this, Bruno Fagali gained more attention, and his proposed solution is now being seen as the answer to the country’s problem. He established a firm called the FAGALI Advocacy, and it helped deliver transparency on deals and contracts where the government is involved. Aside from anti-corruption drive, his firm is also focusing on issues related to public laws, compliance, and elections.

Bruno Fagali is optimistic that through his efforts, the problem with corruption in his home country would slowly disappear. Though it will be a long way before it becomes a reality, there is a possibility of Brazil being a transparent country, with its name being removed from the dreaded most corrupted list.

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Dealing With Low Trading Volumes Over the Summer With Netpicks

One of the common things that people deal with is seasonal market conditions. For one thing, there are a lot of factors that could influence the trading activities. Fortunately, Netpicks can help people deal with the trading volume throughout the summer. Among the factors that contribute to the slow down of trading is the lack of announcement and news over the summer for different companies. Therefore, there is not going to be that much trading activity in any market. Therefore, if one wants to make many gains, he is just going to have to be patient or find a market that does not require much to make trades in.

Netpicks goes into all of the many different things that happens in a market slowdown. For one thing, when there is a move in a certain direction during low volume activity, it is going to continue in that direction until there is a lot of action. The only thing is that these moves are often going to take a long time. Also, one has to be ready to lose money because he does not know when the market is going to become volatile. This is one of the reasons that it is important for people to weigh the risks before deciding whether or not to make the trades.  Check this for a related article.

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Whether trading or not, it is important for people to factor in what Netpicks has to say on the matter. After all, Netpicks has in depth information that can help people learn how to consider all of the possibilities when it comes to trading.  Connect with NetPicks, follow them at While moves are usually slow in the summer, there are times when something happens that bring about a sharp spike in the price action. For people that are not ready for slow markets with sporadic spikes, they would be better off avoiding making trades during these times. For more info and details, click on

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