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February 2017

Break Into Multi-billion Dollar Wine Industry With Traveling Vineyard

We have all heard the politicians speaking about a shrinking middle class. While the unemployment rate has dropped significantly, good paying jobs are still few and far between. It is time to take your economic future into your own hands by becoming your own boss in a multi-billion dollar industry.

Wine is one of the most popular drinks on planet earth, and the demand for wine is increasing. New wine regions are popping up all over the world from Western Australia to South Africa to fill this demand. People who know about wine and who can sell wine are in high demand.

You can forge your way into this industry by working for Traveling Vineyard. It is a wonderful company that connects people with award winning wines. But the way they sell their wines is unique, and it presents you with a rare job opportunity.

Working for Traveling Vineyard as a Wine Guide could change your life. All wine guides are educated on the world class wines offered by Traveling Vineyard. Then it’s up to you. You get to set your own hours, and you get to make as much money as you want. Here’s how it works:

Begin with your friends. Get someone you know to host a little party full of people who love wine. At some point during the event, you take the reigns. You put on a little show for everyone to establish your knowledge of wine. Then you start a little tasting tour, allowing your friends to taste some of Traveling Vineyard’s wines.

This is where you knowledge of wine will really help. By educating your friends on how to appreciate the wine — the look, mouthfeel, flavor, aroma and structure — you open up their worlds. You get to introduce your friends to new flavors from around the world. You may even get some of your friends hooked on flavors they didn’t even know about.

Then you hand out ordering information. Any wine that your friends order through you and Traveling Vineyard nets you a hefty commission. Your next event will likely come from word-of-mouth advertising among friends. Go put on another spectacular show and you make more money.

The great thing about working for Traveling Vineyard is that it gets your foot in the door of the massive wine industry. It also allows you to do so while being your own boss and setting your own hours.

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Fabletics New Sales Technique Eat Into Amazon’s Share Of The Fashion Market

The Fabletics brand has been a consistently growing force in the fashion industry for the three short years it has been in existence; in fact, the brand has had such a high level of success that its worth after just three years in existence has been estimated at over $250 million. Much of the success of the brand has been reported to have occurred because of the innovative sales and marketing techniques deployed by the company that has developed from an Internet only sales option to the foundation of a number of physical store locations across the U.S.


Award winning actress and Fabletics investor Kate Hudson has played a key role in the development of the brand as she has played a major part in the marketing campaigns for a brand that has already become one of the fastest growing aspirational brands in the U.S. The growth of Fabletics has seen the brand become well known among customers who wish to emulate the lifestyle depicted in marketing campaigns, largely featuring Kate Hudson going about her daily life in a range of clothing designed by the brand.


Alongside the growth of the brand as an aspirational lifestyle provider the company has also sought to develop a reverse showrooming technique that has been described as innovative and a major reason for their success. Showrooming has always been an issue for operators of physical stores, but Fabletics has proven its brick and mortar stores are allowing the brand to become experts in reverse showrooming techniques; around 20 percent of those visiting Fabletics stores join the membership program based Online with a further 30 to 50 percent already Fabletics members when they walk through the doors. The brand’s executives hope customers will try on clothing at the store before buying Online or in the store, whichever choice a customer makes still provides success for the Fabletics brand and the client choosing to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


Looking through the reviews of Fabletics customers provides a glimpse into a group who are more than happy with the role the grand plays in their lives. Cost is obviously a major reason why many customers choose to join the Fabletics membership program as the cost of a new workout outfit each month is often cheaper than purchasing a similar outfit in a physical store; customers also seem pleased with the fact they can pause their membership at any point when they do not feel they need more outfits. Enjoying the high quality fabrics that are reported in many reviews to be thick enough to avoid the tricky see through nature of many yoga pants marks Fabletics out as a positive brand with a high aspiration quality level.

Christanna Bevin Delivers Excellence as Project Services Manager

Christanna Bevin is a leading Project Services Manager in Sydney Australia. She has continuously achieved successful and measurable project management results for her clients. Her project management skills are sought by many clients who continue to consider her as ground-breaking and innovative.


Christanna strives to excel well beyond what the client needs by taking her role as a Project Services Manager as her personal responsibility. She has extremely impressive skills for completing the role necessary with controlling projects and she has outstanding administrative skills for keeping all aspects of the project on track. Her passion for meeting the project deliverables continue to drive her performance and she has a great understanding of the project management processes.


She is a member of the Project Management Institute as well as the Australian Institute of Project Management; both of which are leading institutes for developing the standards of the industry and for educating Project Managers. Christanna continues to show that she has earned the outstanding reputation she’s received by exemplifying those standards.


Her education background for a Masters of Business Administration is with the Australian Institute of Business.


With extraordinary communication skills, Christanna continually thrives with developing successful stakeholder relationships. Stakeholders are the foundation of a projects’ need for implementing all phases in a fast-pace and sometimes complex environment. Effective communication is an essential and vital requirement for making sure stakeholders remain informed and engaged within the project for it to come to a successful close. Christanna has shown by her superior talents what it takes to be a leading expert in facilitating the type of communication required for the projects she’s been involved with. Her knowledge, dedication and expertise are the reasons she has been exceptionally successful.


As a Project Services Manager, Christanna Bevin will continue to lead the industry with her excellence for executing all aspects of a project. Project Management is by far the most exclusive industry and it takes great effort to achieve the quality results garnered by Christanna. She has shown herself as more than qualified to be at the top of any client’s list for project management.