Wengie is a YouTube video creator who currently resides in Australia. She was born in China and migrated to Australia when she was just a young girl. She now lives in Australia with her fiance and is currently one of the biggest YouTubers in Australia and all over the world.


One of her most popular videos is her draw my life video. The draw my life series is made to let viewers see a more personal side of you and have a peek into the way you grew up. Throughout the video Wengie takes us on her journey of how she became one of the top video content creators on YouTube.


The Draw My Life video starts with Wengie being born in China and eventually moving to Australia to live with her parents when she was just four years old. Her family struggled a lot financially especially in the beginning and Wengie spent a great deal of time making things at home which is where she found her love of DIY videos. Her family would make clothes as well as toys to help save money.


Wengie goes on to talk about how shy she was and how socially awkward she felt. Her father would attempt to bring her out to socialize with other kids but she just never felt like she connected with other kids. When she moved on to high school Wengie began branching out and trying to make tons of new friends. She soon found her place online it would not only talk among her peers but also play games and create funny videos.


While she was in highschool Wengies mom became pregnant with her brother Jim who is still one of her best friends today. Although Wengie always hoped she would be a fashion designer or something else in a creative field her family pushed and encouraged her to go into the accounting field. She did spend some time in the field before realizing it wasn’t really what she wanted to do. Wengie made the tough decision to leave her well-paying job and focus on something she had more of a passion for. She then went on to become a social media consultant where she found her love of YouTube and other social media sites. At the urging of others she began uploading videos on her beauty and makeup routine. Little did she know years later she would be one of the top video creators on YouTube. Wengies draw My Life video is a great way to learn more about the fashion and Beauty blogger.


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