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October 2016

Billy McFarland: The Young Entrepreneur behind Magnises Black Card

Billy McFarland is an American Tech Entrepreneur born in 1991 in New York City and lived in Short Hills, New Jersey. At just 3 years, he had founded Spling, an online outsourcing enterprise that matched designers and clients. At 23, he founded the Magnises Black Card, an exclusive social club that enables members to access exclusive deals and special events.

Billy McFarland briefly attended Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, and studied computer engineering. He dropped out of college before the end of his first year and founded Spling.

The Emergence of Magnises

According to  Bloomberg, Billy McFarland officially launched the Magnises Black card on March 1, 2014. The card was aimed at creating a technology based and community-oriented platform offering perks, cachet, and guidance so as to improve the daily lives of the members.

The Magnises has already attracted partnership with various restaurants like Catch and La Esquina, clubs Goldbar and Finale, and spin studio Cyc.

The social club already has more than 6,000 members who pay a yearly membership fee of $250 for the black card. The card is tied to a mobile app that helps you select an activity and access instant deals.

Features of Magnises Black Card

Magnises black card is not actually a credit card but works by activating your existing debit or credit card to the heavy metal Magnises black card.

It basically targets the millennial generation with over 85% cardholders aged between 21 and 29 years old. However, there is no segregation on the occupation or income.

The perks are about social life with over 50 partnerships with the common goal of enhancing the daily lives of members.

The Magnises has a club house on Greenwich Avenue, West Village, which acts as a home base for members. The space is open for members to hold meetings, hang out, watch games etc. in addition to hosting numerous events during the night.

Magnises is backed by smart people with investors and advisors like Lance Weaver, ex-chairman of Mastercard; Bill Gray, ex- president and CEO of Oglivy & Mather; and Kevin Liles, former president and CEO of Def Jam.

The company now plans to launch in ten additional cities within the next one year, including Washington, DC.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a Dentist and an expert in sleep disorders. He attained a BA degree in psychology and biology from Rutgers University. He also joined New York University College of Dentistry and earned a DDS. Dr. Avi Weisfogel initiated his first dental practice in 1999 called Old Bridge Dental Care company. The community acknowledged him severally for his hard work in dental practice. He also received awards as The Best Dentist. Dr. Weisfogel had an interest in treating patients with a sleep disorder apart from being a dentist. He started exploring and learning how as a dentist and physician he can assist patients with the disease. He went to other business of dental related sleep illnesses to gain more knowledge on the sleep disorder. He established business that will join physicians worldwide and advised them how to manage the disease. Healthy Heart Sleep was created in 2010.

He began a firm which was known as Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012 which was a platform for teaching the physicians on ways of increasing and attending to patients with a sleep disorder. Dental Sleep Masters was then established in 2014. Mr. Weisfogel cofounded the company with an objective of helping dentist and physicians to treat patients with the illness through the oral appliances practice. He uses the sleep apnea knowledge to assist dentists and doctors identify potential patients and help them get the required treatment.

Doctors have discovered the critical effects of sleep apnea and the need for urgently finding the treatment for this disorder. Most patients who suffer from this condition remain undiagnosed. Dr. Weisfogel has generated a system of qualified physicians to help in produce result in better care for patients and create an opportunity for both the community and physician. The cure for this illness is increasing with time as new devices are being developed. ImThera Medical developed a new tool called THN Sleep Therapy which was approved by Food and Drug Administration for more research in clinical trials. The FDA approved upper airway stimulation which arouses the airway muscles to stay open for a patient who wakes up 30 times in a night. Different cures are becoming user-friendly and result in patients seeking treatment for their sleep apnea.

DEVCO in Trouble, but Remains Optimistic

Founded in the 1970’s, New Brunswick Development Corporation, popularly known as Devco will pay a whopping principal of $1million along with interest on a loan of $20 million. Casino Reinvestment Development Authority funded the loan, and as per record, they have been in arrear for about five years now. The loan was initially applied for and borrowed in the year 2005 to fund the construction of The Heldrich conference center and hotel. The loan was part of $107 million required to finish building The Heldrich.




DEVCO is a non-profit organization that serves as a pioneer for the revitalization of the city. Known as the ‘powerful engine’ of the city, DEVCO has come a long way in redeveloping the city’s revitalization. Over the years, DEVCO has contributed more than $1.6 billion investment in the city and continue to extend their help in diversifying inventory of projects. DEVCO is a company envisioning future projects, financing others, and helping start-ups to launch new projects.


Optimistic About the Future


The DEVCO’s lawsuit is headed by attorney Christopher Paladino who initiated the issuance of the $20 million loan. As per an article in the Press of Atlantic City, the attorney will take a couple of years to negotiate for repayment of the loan, but the CRDA will be paid. The Heldrich is not attracting as much crowd as they had expected; thus, leading to payment delay. In fact, the corporation had to inject in some of their money to fund some essential expenses of the hotel. When asked regarding the current scenario, Maria Prato, Improvement Authority spokeswoman said that they are optimistic about the economics of the project and promised that they would meet outstanding obligations soon. Read the full report by for more info.