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September 2016

The Prestigious Wessex Institute of Technology

Serving the International Science Community Wessex Institute of Technology, or WIT, is located in Forest National Park, England. WIT acheivements are recognized throughout the industry globally and WIT is a recognized center of excellence internationally.

WIT is an educational and research institute offering higher education degrees. The programs are held in collaboration with other academic institutes all over the world and the ranking and success of WIT can be measured in the success of the members of the institute. Because of WIT’s notability a prestigious network of contacts have been established all over the world allowing students the oppurtunity to transfer and exchange knowledge and information between academics and professionals.

Don Ressler Knows How to Grow Companies

CEO and Founder Don Ressler is no stranger to getting deals done. Ressler has successfully grown a number of companies from the ground up, and now runs Intelligent Beauty. Other companies of his include JustFab, Fabletics, and more.

Ressler started out by founding, which was eventually bought by Intermix media. He stayed on with the company, turning his portion into its primary profit center. Then, He founded Alena Media with Adam Goldenberg. When News Corp acquired the company in 2005, they decided to pursue new ventures.

Ressler saw an upcoming need for performance marketing. Thus, he decided to brainstorm an idea. He got their team together at Alena Media and did a brainstorming session that lasted two weeks. Then they came up with the idea for Brand Ideas, which later turned into Intelligent Beauty.

DERMSTORE launched and it was a direct to consumer marketplace offering cosmetics and skincare products. It was a hit success. Not far behind its launch was SENSA which was a weight loss site and had an endorsement from Doctor Alan Hirsch. Brett Brewer was hired to be the CEO. While the company has not released its finances, they are said to be highly profitable right now.

Don Ressler also managed to secure $43 million in venture funding for the company, after completely bootstrapping for two years. They then released a number of other companies. First was JustFab, which does fashion retail subscriptions online and boasts Kimora Lee Simmons as the creative director and the president. They also landed $33 million in funding from Matrix Partners.

Using Ressler’s expertise, the team was able to get 4 million users later that year. And they got $76 million more in funding because of it in order to grow. Then they realized they had a lot of parents as customers and they could help them with a new line called FabKids, a children’s clothing line.

And very recently, they showed their ability to get more celebrity endorsements by signing Kate Hudson on board. One thing is for certain, her appearances have helped them grow their sales by a significant amount. Don Ressler is now sitting high in the industry after buying out a competitor named Shoe Dazzle as well. Don Ressler is CEO who is keen on finding market opportunities and bringing them to life. Their market cap reached $250 million in recent reports. That’s a massive opportunity for them to continue to brand.


For Intelligent Beauty’s Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler, Early Departure From MySpace Paid Off


Adam Goldenberg Puts The Excellence in Online Fashion With JustFab

Adam Goldenberg might be a young man, but when it comes to establishing a true online presence, some people say he is a veteran branding genius along with his business partner Don Ressler. The pair are the founders of JustFab, an e-commerce fashion retailer that sells subscription memberships. The two are very successful at launching new companies in today’s marketplace and boast an impressive resume.

JustFab sells trendy shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories at affordable prices with excellent quality on Whatever a woman’s style is, JustFab has it and will personalize a boutique filled with individual favorites. When a shopper joins as a VIP member, then the fun begins, with savings up to 30% off regular pricing and the earning of points towards free loyalty items. The variety is quite huge, with more than 1,000 shoe styles to go crazy over. Maybe that is why there are 4 million members worldwide under the JustFab shopping umbrella.

Adam Goldenberg has always possessed a smart entrepreneurial spirit; at age 16, he was already establishing cool companies like Gamer’s Alliance Inc., an advertising network of gaming sites.

JustFab is an L.A. start-up that seems to have found continued success where other competitors have failed. One of the reasons could be the in-house concept. JustFab’s pros design and manufacture the product themselves, which helps them keep an amazing quality at an amazing value to their members.

Buying apparel and accessories online has become a big deal, and Adam Goldenberg sees the wave of the future in e-commerce. He has stated often that in 20 years, half of all shopping will be done online, estimating that another $150 billion is up for grabs in storefront retail. So, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are also planning to set up more brick and mortar stores to cover all their fabulous JustFab bases.

The JustFab umbrella also features more online off-shoots like Fabletics. The company was co-founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and actress Kate Hudson. The subscription retailer sells trendy active wear like leggings, tees, tanks, cropped bra tops, yoga pants, swimsuits and comfy dresses.

Fabletics is also in the building process, stating that within five years, they will construct up to 100 Fabletics brick and mortar stores across the United States.

Meantime, watch for JustFab to go public soon. The rumors are circulating, and IPO expert Todd Tappin has been hired as the brand’s chief financial officer.

Livio Bisterzo Launches Organic Hippeas Snacks

One thing that is really taking off these days s the organic movement. This is the movement where companies are working really hard to provide more organic foods for people. This way, people can rest assured that the foods that they are eating are not modified in any way. The Hippeas brand of snack foods launched on June 13. It has partnered with Starbucks and a couple of other companies. This brand was inspired by the hippie era. However, steps and measures were taken to update this brand for today’s audience. People get to enjoy some of the fun of the original hippie era. One good thing about this brand is that it does maintain an air of social conscious. At the same time, it maintains its humor.

Hippeas is a branch of Green Park Holdings, which is started by Livio Bisterzo, an Italian entrepreneur. Green Park Holdings was launched in April of 2016. With Hippeas, there has come a large variety of organic chickpea puffs. With Hippeas, Livio is hoping to build some snacks that are better for people. He states that his mission is to change snacking “one chickpea at a time.”

The brand has had a lot of the aspects of it developed by Jkr. One of the goals is to reach out to the modern generation of hippies. Hippeas partnered with Farm Africa in order to keep with this objective. They have formed an initiative known as ‘Food for Good.’

A lot of different types of food have organic versions developed for them. It only makes sense that there would be organic versions of snacks. After all, people love to snack. It is only right that people are given a healthier alternative to the usual fattening options. Hippesa allows people this particular option.

Livio Bisterzo has put together something very innovative and profitable for people to take advantage of. As a result, people can enjoy some of the great tastes that they get from snack items. They could also experience a lot of the health benefits that they get from snacking. Hippeas is available at Starbucks among other establishments.

Brazilian Businessman Flavio Maluf Wants To Break The Economic Gridlock By Exporting More Resources

For 13 years, The PT party in Brazil guided the country to several firsts. When Lula da Silva was elected in 2002, he brought a fresh outlook and hope to the people of Brazil, and he delivered. The export business started to grow thanks to trade agreements with China and the European Union. When he was re-elected in 2006, poverty was reduced by more than 55 percent, and income growth tripled by the time Dilma Rousseff was elected in 2010. Unemployment was at an all-time low, and the minimum wage doubled. Rousseff government hit a wall in 2014 when China’s economy started to stall. Exports suddenly felt the pain of their largest customer, and companies like Eucatex had to change course and develop new relationships in order to maintain their profit margins. Flavio Maluf, the CEO of Eucatex, knew how to handle the sudden lull in his export business. When China pulled back, Eucatex had other customers around the globe that could pick up the slack even though the economy of Brazil went into gridlock mode.

Flavio Maluf learned how to navigate in the ever-changing world of exports. Eucatex started selling ceiling tiles to countries like Argentina and Venezuela back in the 1960s. Back then, Eucatex was just getting started. The idea to make ceiling tiles out of eucalyptus wood came from a sawmill owned by the Maluf family in the state of Sao Paulo. The domestic building market liked the wooden tiles. They were cheap, but looked expensive. Flavio Maluf spent time in the United States after completing his education in Brazil. He studied at New York University before returning to the family business in 1987. Flavio went through a rigorous training period before he was named the president of the company in 1997. It didn’t take long for Flavio Maluf to make a name for himself in the domestic building market as well as in the international market.

Eucatex, under the leadership of Flavio Maluf, became a building material supply company that sold floorboards, MDF panels, paint, varnishes and their signature eucalyptus ceiling tiles to the world. Maluf said Brazilians want to break the economic gridlock now, and he wants to help the country find a way to do that.

U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl Adds Another Chairmanship To His Resume

Philip Diehl is not looking for another job, but he continues to add credits to his already impressive resume. Diehl was just named the new chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. He was given that responsibility at the US Money Reserve Board of Directors meeting recently. Phil was the vice chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets Board of Directors, and he is the former director of the U.S. Mint.

The Industry Council for Tangible Assets is the group that acts as a “watchdog” for paper money, rare coins, and precious metals. It is the Council’s responsibility to maintain a satisfactory regulatory climate in all 50 states. Members of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets consult, confer, and educate governmental agencies, so they can find solutions to issues that impact their businesses.

When Phil Diehl was director of the U.S. Mint, he initiated the 50-state quarter program, and that program had a major impact on the coin market when it was first introduced. Old collectors, as well as new collectors, wanted to own all the quarters in the 50-state and that drove the price of those quarters up the first year they were introduced.

Diehl is a former chief of staff of the Senate Finance Committee, and he also held a position in the U.S. Treasury. Mr. Diehl is one of the top professionals in the rare coin business. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors or gold, silver, and platinum coins in the United States.

According to Manta, Mr. Diehl has been the catalyst for U.S. Money Reserve’s new customer comes first program and a new rare coin IRA program. More investors are putting gold and silver coins into their retirement accounts because the price of gold continues to increase faster than expected. Diehl thinks the price of gold could hit $1,500 an ounce by the end of 2016.

As the new chairman, Diehl will focus on increasing the membership in the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, and he will also try to improve communications with other major industry organizations.

Diehl told the Industry Council for Tangible Assets Board of Directors that he was honored to serve as chairman, and he was excited about implementing the new initiatives that the board has agreed on.

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Philip Diehl Is Appointed to New Role At The ICTA

Recently, Philip Diehl improved his standing at the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) when he was promoted to the position of chairman. Diehl was formerly the vice chairman of the organization. He was honored with his new role at the latest meeting for the US Reserve ‘s Board of Director’s meeting.

Diehl is one of the most prominent men in the financial world as he is concurrently the president of the U.S. Money Reserve. Furthermore, there was a time when Diehl was the Director of the U.S. Mint. His extensive experience is why so many important financial organizations are eager to have him on their team.

The ICTA’s primary function is to be a watchdog organization for paper currency, rare coins, and other forms of precious currency such as metal bullions. The ICTA makes sure that the business climate across all of the U.S. remains favorable for conducting business. Through the ICTA various governmental agencies cooperate, and consult with each other to find solutions to the problems they regularly face. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

Diehl is known as an ambitious leader who is not afraid to take charge on important issues. Back in 2013, he led the ICTA in an effort to make corrective measures to Minnesota statutes regarding bullions. Minnesota had introduced rules that put unnecessary burdens on its bullion dealers and customers and this was bad for business within the state.

Diehl recognized the problem and then drew upon his extensive experience as a state regulator to design new proposals for the Minnesota state legislature. Due to Diehl’s finesse in the matter, the Minnesota legislature approved a new bill regarding regulatory burdens placed on bullions and the bill was signed into law by Governor Mark Dayton.

According to Goodsearch, in his new role of US Money Reserve chairman, Diehl plans to continue the good work already accomplished. He will have the ICTA focus on aiding its members as much as possible while making efforts to bring more members into the fold.

He believes that by increasing cooperation and communication the ICTA can improve its financial resources and make a valuable contribution to its members. In a speech, Diehl said he was excited to be in his new position and to move the ICTA forward in new legislative efforts.

Many think Diehl to be on of the most prestigious men to be in charge of the U.S. Money Reserve. His experience is respected by all in the industry. You can read more about Philip Diehl here in a recent press releave