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June 2016

Benefits of Shea Butter on Your Sensitive Skin

Shea butter is an incredibly popular beauty treatment. Shea butter is the off-white fat extracted from nuts found in the African Shea tree. The butter is an incredibly popular beauty treatment because melts when at your body temperature, which makes it easy for your skin to absorb. The butter adds fat to your skin and can help repair damaged skin. Stretch marks, scars, and signs of aging can all be fought with Shea butter.

Shea butter is an incredibly effective ingredient, so almost every beauty product company has incorporated it into their products. A simple trip down the beauty aisle will reveal numerous products that incorporate Shea butter. Many of these products claim to help, but they only use enough Shea butter to sell you their product. If you want to see the true effects of Shea butter, then you must purchase your Shea butter from the best possible source.

Eugenia Shea specializes in offering the best possible Shea butter products. They harvest their Shea butter with the help of sustainably paid farmers throughout Africa. These farmers work hard to ensure that the best possible products are in Eugenia Shea products. Each nut is carefully checked for quality. Twenty-five percent of Shea nuts do not make the cut. This process ensures that Eugenia Shea products are consistent.

Eugenia Shea offers several great products, and each of these products are aimed at specific needs. The Everyday Shea butter is aimed at people that just need a basic moisturizer. This product will keep your skin in great shape. Women that are struggling with stretch marks should strongly consider Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter, this butter will help fight stretch marks. Dermatological Strength Shea Butter is ideal for those that are fighting scars and want their skin in the best condition. Eugenia Shea is extremely proud of their line up of products, and each product is already receiving rave reviews from beauty experts throughout the industry.

Shea butter can have a tremendous impact on your skin, but you need the best possible Shea butter to treat your skin. If you want the best Shea butter, then you need Eugenia Shea.

Champ Gets All The DHA A Puppy Needs By Eating Beneful

My husband and I have recently bought a puppy. The puppy we adopted is an English Setter and we have decided to name him Champ. Champ is currently on Purinastore‘s Beneful healthy puppy dog food to ensure that he gets all the DHA he needs to have a not only a healthy brain but good vision. Beneful healthy puppy is made with real chicken that was farm raised. I love knowing the Champ is eating dog food with natural and healthy ingredients in it. Champ is a very playful puppy but he is also gentle and very friendly. After doing quite a lot of research I have decided that once Champ gets older I am going to feed him Beneful wet dog food because it is so flavorful and looks like a home cooked meal which I am sure Champ will enjoy. I will probably feed Champ three different kinds of Beneful wet dog food so that he doesn’t have to eat the same type of dog food all of the time. When he is old enough I think that the three different types of Beneful dog food I will buy him on Amazon are going to be Beneful chopped blends in the beef flavor, Chopped blends in the turkey flavor, and Chopped blends in the lamb flavor. This way Champ will be eating the same type of Beneful wet dog food [] but he will have three different flavors to choose from each day to ensure he does not get bored of eating the same flavor each and every day. I know that for as long as I feed Champ Beneful he will be extremely happy and healthy. I not only buy Beneful dog food for Champ but I also buy him Beneful dog treats. The type of dog treats that I buy for Champ are called Beneful baked delights stars and they are shaped like stars because Champ is not only a champ but he is also a star in my eyes. From now on whenever we get a new dog it will be put on Beneful dog food because they have so many different options for all different kinds of dogs.

Helane L. Morrison and the Growing Compliance Officer World

Many people are unaware of the duties compliance officers have, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The compliance officer position, after all, is pretty new. Despite that, it’s becoming a more prominent job every day.

Roy Snell works as the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO). It’s a well-known not-for-profit organization that’s located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has been around since 2001, too. The primary focuses at the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics are risk management, compliance, continuing education, learning, investigations, audits and institutes, for example. Snell revealed that the job of someone who has a compliance officer position is to take charge of regulatory and ethical issues. It’s also to locate them and stop them from emerging in the first place. Compliance officers are supposed to rely on risk evaluations, audits, education and investigation to accomplish their goals.

Snell reported that strides in the compliance officer world have been significant over the past couple of decades. The position almost didn’t exist just 20 or so years ago. There are now thousands of people who have it, however. These compliance officers all take care of many diverse responsibilities as well. Snell stated that it isn’t uncommon for people to feel confusion about what exactly compliance officers do. Some people are under the false impression that compliance officers create guidelines that don’t have any basis in reality. Snell corrected that belief by indicating that compliance officers help stop errors in workers. They work hard to keep employee errors at bay and as a result to keep potential punishment away as well.

Helane L. Morrison is a businesswoman who is native to the United States. She used to work at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as its regional director. Helane Morrison is also an attorney. She hails from New York, New York’s Brooklyn. Morrison attended the private research institution Northwestern University. She earned a journalism bachelor’s degree from the highly reputable school. She also went to the School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. While she was there, she was the California Law Review’s editor-in-chief. In 1984, Morrison got her Doctor of Law degree.

She currently lives in San Francisco in Northern California. Helane works at Hall Capital Partners LLC as a chief compliance officer. She’s been with the company since 2007. Some examples of Morrison’s skills include leadership, legal tips, litigation, employment law, strategy and securities regulation.

Talk Fusion Introduces Video Marketing Tool based on WebRTC Technology

Talk Fusion recently introduced one of the most advanced video marketing tools, WebRTC Recorder, which helps users record real time video into emails and newsletters. What makes WebRTC stand out from similar applications is its ability to allow users record videos directly from Firefox and Google Chrome extensions. The rich high-quality communication also helps users contact with their customers in real-time.

The Talk Fusion product dashboard also incorporates the “webcam” recording option, which is easily accessible on any mobile device and supported browser. As stated earlier, existing Talk Fusion customers can use the WebRTC recorder using Chrome and Firefox browsers. In fact, this is not the first application based on the WebRTC technology. Earlier this year, the innovative Talk Fusion Video Chat won the prestigious “WebRTC product of the Year award”.

Web Fusion markets itself as the world’s first video-marketing solution offering users the ability to interact with customers in real-time. Established in 2007, the company fosters a strong commitment to give back to the community.

According to Talk Fusion CEO and Founder, Bob Reina, proudly stated that his company is the first technology firm to incorporate WebRTC technology in all of its products. By the end of the year, the company aims to integrate all of its product-line with the technology. For its customers, Talk Fusion has introduced a 30-day free trial that does not require any credit card or other information to test.

How A Reputation Management Handled Its Own Reputation Crisis

Austin, Texas based online reputation management firm Status Labs, recently experienced a reputation crisis due to some careless and inappropriate conduct by one its now former employees. The news made local and even national headlines. French who was a CEO at the time, quickly became vilified.


Even though Jordan French did his inappropriate and crude behavior outside of his role at Status Labs, the company also became a target of vilification and suffered a severe blow to its reputation. The company lead by new CEO and its second co-founder Darius Fisher quickly took action to rectify the worsening reputation problem.


All of the employees at Status Labs voted to terminate Jordan French as CEO of the company immediately and sever him from the company permanently. He would be replaced by one of its co founders and current CEO Darius Fisher. The entire Status Labs team then sent out a letter condemning Jordan French’s actions regarding the eviction of the Jumpolin pinata shop. The letter included a photo of the entire team, and reiterated that the company does not stand behind the selfish actions of French and are committed to servicing and living within the community of Austin, Texas.


After the letter, many Status Labs employees began to volunteer in local charities and non profit groups such as Urban Roots and Dress for Success. This would help regain the trust of the citizens of Austin, who now thought that the entire company was scandalous.


Changes were made within the company as well to boost morale after all the negative publicity. On Fridays free lunches were catered at the office, pets were allowed to be brought in if they could behave, and a company newsletter was published that had news and developments within the company.


In the end, Status Labs managed to survive and got stronger after undergoing its own reputation crisis. The employees can now sympathize with the clients of the firm who themselves have undergone or are undergoing a reputation crisis or vilification in the press or in public.


A leading digital management firm, Status Labs has helped over a thousand companies and people restore their reputation in a period of only four years. This is done through good publicity, search engine optimization, creation of new content and a good old fashioned PR campaign as well. Status Labs serves clients from all over the world. It has expanded outside its Austin, Texas home, and is now found in New York City and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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