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March 2016

Kevin Seawright’s Passion for Economic and Community Development

Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer and also the Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC). He is known for his participation in community development. He recently received recognition from the University of Notre Dame for completion of an executive leadership program, known as the Nonprofit Fund Development Program.

The CEDC was initially formed in 2007 as Brick City Development Corporation (BCDC) but was later renamed in 2014 to its current name. The organization was established to attract, retain and grow businesses. Its primary client is the Newark City and collaborates with other Newark departments, to start economic development programs. These programs are intended to build the economy, create wealth and generate jobs for the Newark citizens

Seawright has over 13 years experience, in trying to better the East Coast communities using his financial expertise. He has worked in finance positions in various organizations in Baltimore including being the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the education sector for six years. Kevin is now bringing in his great experience to grow the economy of Newark.

Kevin told WorldClassNews that he knows the importance of serving and participating in communities public and government education systems. He aligns himself with the organizations that impact and are also designed to strengthen the communities. His latest contribution to Newark’s development is his participation in the upcoming program of the Summer Youth Employment Plan. The program aims at increasing the opportunities for students’ employment from 3000 jobs to 3500 jobs. Seawright is also partnering with prestigious banks like the Santander so as to provide financial literacy to theses students.

In this year’s program CEDC is partnering with prominent figures and organizations in Newark, so as to help the youth secure jobs for summer 2016. The program will concentrate on the job training, financial literacy lessons, empowerment lectures, and also college readiness programs.

To improve this year’s recruitment process, applicants are required to apply online. Seawright says that this has tremendously enhanced the process with the process being shortened from a six weeks event to a 30-minute one. According to Seawright, the event is a sign that there is great future for the Newark city.

Kevin Seawright, a project management and accounting professional, started his career in Baltimore, MD and Washington and later relocated to Newark, New Jersey. Kevin has always been involved in community development and the causes he dearly protects include social services, human rights, education, civil rights, economic empowerment, and poverty alleviation.  Kevin is also on SoundCloud where he shares his love of music.

Day By Day Hair By WEN As Tested

Super models are not the only people that desire beautiful hair. All people old and young desire the bounce and shine that some products offer. WEN hair by Chas Dean is one of the super products that offers men and women the shine, bounce and managability they deserve. Hair care can be expensive. People that have fine or thinning hair may pay more for products that can add volume to their hair. This may come at a cost. People using products that offer a thickening agent may cause hair to become dry or brittle but not Wen hair products. Chas Dean is a professional hair stylist that has his own hair product line that promises beautiful hair. Emily chose to try it out for herself. Below you will find her account of the product.

In the recent article by Emily McClure, and, Wen was put to the optimal one week test. Each day the product sampler got up to find her hair oily but it was surely thicker and healthier than it had been in a while. After the morning ritual showers, Wen hair gave her hair the bounce and shine that she was looking for in a hair shampoo. This shampoo is a three in one product. The shampoo, styling agent, and conditioner is all in one bottle. Yes it takes a little more of the product each wash, but it is healing the hair when in use. Morning after morning she woke to oilier than usual hair. After each wash, her hair was thick and luscious. Her friends and co-workers took notice of her now thicker hair.

After a week of using the sephora sold  product, she summarizes that she likes the products results but recommends you shower every day to enjoy the full miracle of this product. WEN Hair by Chaz Dean is a product for different hair types. You can chose your favorite product as our tester did. Here is the day by day account. /


How to find the right keywords for your SEO


Many article writers want their articles to appear at the top in the search engine results page but do not know how to use keywords to make this possible. Correct use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords will definitely make people surfing the net find your article easily. This method of getting content easily noticed on the internet has really changed over the years. This has been due to the fact that search engines have nowadays will present the best results to the searcher.
One thing you need to know is that you ought to optimize for the user and not for search engines. You have to know which keywords are likely to be typed into the search engine by the user. One important trick is to mention the keyword in the title of your page. How else will the users know what your article is about? Using it two or three times in the body of the article is another because what you are basically talking about is that which is in the title. Repeating the keyword too many times in the article should be avoided. You can always go back and check that you have not over-used the keyword.
Which keywords will you need to make your article more noticeable? The Software Ubersuggest and WordStream have helpful keyword tools and you can sort the terms based on their frequency of use. This will give you insights into the most efficient keywords to use. After doing this you can review the keywords that you found most appropriate to your title. It is of essence to also include the geographical location to better the results in local searches. In the recent past people have discovered is that they should concentrate more on the search queries than the keywords. Queries are the questions users type and wait for the search engine to provide the results. Search engines have become smarter and can easily find variants, synonyms, word definitions and create links between them to come up with the desired result. You need to know what your target audience wants. More information can be found on White Shark Media complaints.
White Shark Media is a top digital Marketing Agency that provides online marketing solutions tailored specifically for small and medium sized businesses. The agency has been recognized as one of the fastest growing digital Agencies in America. The agency tracks all the details about their clients’ marketing endeavors. The make sure that they are accountable to their clients every month. Their clients’ feedback is usually positive. They claim that White Shark
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Philip Diehl Contributions in the Coin Industry

The U.S Money Reserve is an institution that provides government issued coins to the American citizens. Veterans started the company, and it has some of the best and knowledgeable staff who has been in the industry for some time. This makes the company the ideal place for people to get information about precious metals before buying them. Since the institution has the best staff, they have done so well in the market, and at the moment, the company is led by Philip Diehl.

For any individual looking to acquire precious coins, this is the right place to go. The company will ensure that the client gets the best profitable metals, and if this doesn’t happen, they are guaranteed of their money back.

For an institution to perform well, the top management should be experienced and experts in their job. This is one of the reasons why this company is doing so well. Mr. Philip has been in the government for some years, getting some of the top positions in the big institutions. Before getting the current position, he used to be the president of US Mint, another company that deals with coins too.

While working as the director of the U.S Mint, Philip managed to do a lot. First of all, he was in charge of an initiative that created the multi-year customer service, and thanks to this initiative, the company rose to become the second in the Federal agencies. His legacy and contributions to the institution are still remembered up to date, and some of these achievements have made him become one of the most influential people in the coin market in the American state. He spearheaded the formation of the 50 States Quarter in this same company, and through a lot of dedication, the program becomes one of the most successful in the history of the country. Philip is also responsible for launching the Sacagawea dollar, popularly known for selling more during its first months than Susan B. During his tenure at this company, Philip has also won several awards, and he is respected because of these contributions to the coin industry.

After working in Washington DC for several years, Philip moved back to his home state, and he was appointed to work as the president of U.S Money Reserve in Texas. He has also brought a lot of changes in his new position, taking the company into better levels.

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2000 more investment Banking Jobs to be axed by Credit Suisse

The Credit Suisse was pushed to accelerate the cost cutting plan by the slump in investment banking. However, Tidjane Thiam, the Chief Executive admitted that he was been aware of the trading positions which had triggered bigger writedowns in the first quarter.
On Wednesday, the Switzerland’s second biggest bank revealed that it was going to shave an extra 800 million Swiss francs off costs and cut more than 2000 jobs from the Global Markets division. A drop of 40 to 45 percent is expected to be recorded by the unit in the first quarter revenues and the bank is currently selling off the illiquid assets holdings that the senior management at the bank did not have on its radar.
Thiam revealed that things had clearly gone wrong though the bank was currently confident problems had been noted when he was questioned in an analyst call on who was responsible for the $1 billion illiquid credit portfolio losses realizes over the past two quarters.
Thiam also claimed they could not have a CFO and a CEO in bank during a media call. Thiam also said that he had lots of confidence in David Mathers the finance chief and Tim O’Hara the global markets head.
The most lucrative period for the industry is the first quarter when the investors place their capital to work at the start of every year. However, this year, the revenues have been affected by the record low interest rates, slower growth and low commodity prices in the emerging markets.
About Martin Lustgarten
Martin Lustgarten is considered to be one of the most renowned investment bankers America has ever produced. Martin own and runs the Lustgarten Company based in Florida. The company is said to have mad lots of notable business deals for most of the famous firms all over America. The company is also considered to be one of the most sort companies in the investment banking.
Martin Lustgarten has been working in the investment banking for a couple of years and he possesses lots of experience in equity traded and security exchange.

Coriant is a Formidable Networking Partner for Network Operators Around the World

Coriant, a telecommunications firm founded in 2013, is a dynamic new player in the world of networking. Coriant develops cutting-edge and flexible network solutions for an increasingly cloud-based business environment. Coriant’s transport technologies allow network providers to simplify operations, maximize network utilization and robustness, and develop new services to cater to increased demand for video, mobile, cloud functionality. Coriant’s state-of-the-art technology is derived from Siemens Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks.

With video, mobile, and cloud-computing accelerating at blistering rates across the globe, Coriant aims to assist network operators to capitalize on this sea change. As on-demand and data-heavy applications become more commonplace with rapid worldwide broadband adoption, network operators are challenged in ways that will determine their growth potential and viability as a provider. These challenges include managing increased and unexpected traffic fluctuations, providing services that are competitive and reliable, limiting costs and enhancing scalability to accommodate change, while meeting the demand for uninterrupted and high quality service.

Stepping up to this challenge means network operators will need a networking partner who has experience, expertise, and solutions to thrive in this space. No company is better positioned to help an organization make this next step than Coriant. Coriant boasts over 35 years of experience in optical networking, and has an impressive roster of network service providers, cloud-computing firms, and enterprises who they’ve helped maximize the value out of their transport networks, particularly as the data demands of users change.

Coriant’s end-to-end transport solutions provide the backbone for some of the largest Tier 1 networks. Coriant also offers an in-depth solutions catalogue pertaining to diverse networking applications including long-haul transport, Fixed Mobile Convergence, Data Center Interconnect (DCI), and more. Coriant’s network technologies enable synchronization for LTE and 5G, hybrid switching, enhanced power efficiency for DCI applications, dynamic optical layer efficiency and scalability.

Coriant’s CEO is Shaygan Keradpir. Shaygan earned his doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and held executive positions at major technology companies before joining Coriant. He is a proven leader with extensive experience in the field of telecommunications.

Shaygan is crucial to Coriant’s growth as a solutions provider for high-demand operators. His vision is for Coriant to be at the forefront in assisting the transition of global networks to data-intensive, face-paced content delivery. With 28 years of accrued insight and experience across disciplines there is no individual more primed to take on this challenge.

WEN Line of Hair Products Positively Surprises its Users


Emily McClure who is a fashion and beauty blogger recently shared her insight into the WEN hair products that was recently launched by celebrity stylist, Chaz Dean. A full article can be seen on BUSTLE and provides an in depth insight into the 7 day experience. Emily is very fond of trying new beauty products and even though there was negativity out there she went ahead and tried the Wen hair products line. She had suffered from her hair breaking and falling out in the past due to other brand products that she had tried. The experience with WEN was a very positive one that even had her friends compliment her and ask her why her hair was so beautiful and shiny. He own experience was that her hair even after a single use was feeling a lot stronger, fuller in volume and very manageable after the cleansing conditioner was used. She had less hair falling out during her shower and her hair felt very resilient after the treatment. Overall she recommends it and will always reach to the WEN hair bottle when she wants that extra shine and bounce.

Chaz Dean was fed up with other brands using harsh chemicals and sulphates which left hair brittle and dry. The WEN hair products on actually stands up to expectations and does not contain any sulphates. Rather it only contains natural wholesome ingredients leaving hair full of life and natural shine. His products are available on ebay and also do away with different conditioners and cleansers that we are used to and provides for a single solution in a single treatment.



Meet New Friends and Feed The Hungry With SKOUT

For many SKOUT is one of the best places to make new connections. This amazing app allows people from all over the world to come together and virtually expand their social circle.

But SKOUT is much more than an app for meeting new people. SKOUT is also an app that enables people from all over the world to make a huge difference in their communities.

This is done by using a special feature known as virtual gifting. Through virtual gifting users of the app are able to give via virtual gifts. These virtual gifts will then be turned into real cash donations to be donated to a good cause.

This time around SKOUT is using the virtual gifting feature to help feed 20,000 people in the San Francisco area. They have teamed up with the SF-Marin Food Bank and all donations will go to them once the virtual gifting campaign has come to an end.

On March 14, 2016, to help celebrate National Potato Chip Day, SKOUT asked all of its users to donate virtual gifts via the SKOUT app. The campaign ran for one day and the goal was to generate enough donations to feed 20,000 people.

Paul Ash, the Executive Director of the SF-Marin Food Bank, is very happy to be working with SKOUT. With more and more people in the San Francisco area dealing with hunger, he believes teaming up with such a popular app is a great way to work towards ending hunger not only in San Francisco, but all over the world.

This is actually the second time SKOUT and the SF-Marin Food Bank have teamed up to help fight hunger. They did the same thing in 2015 to help celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day. That time around they were able to feed 10,000 people.


SKOUT was founded in 2007 with the goal of taking online social interaction to a whole new level. With over a million users from 100 different countries, its safe to say they have succeeded at reaching that goal.

The SKOUT app makes it possible for people to connect with one another via their mobile device. You can connect with someone that’s right up the street or someone that’s on the other side of the world.

Making new friends via the app is fun and engaging thanks to features such as chatting and photo exchanging. To learn more about the SKOUT app visit

Sanjay Shah Funding For Autism Research

Sanjay Shah is a Dubai based British business person and owner of Solo Capital. He also is the founder of Autism Rocks, a charity organisation for increasing autism awareness and research charity. Like many philanthropists, he admits he did not funnel his charitable contributions to any specific cause until a personal crisis hit their family in 2011, when his youngest son was diagnosed with autism.

Prior to this, Sanjay Shah had worked for some of the top investment banks such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, ING and the Dutch bank Rabobank. Eventually, he decided to open his own brokerage business, hired a few traders and new college graduates and in September 2011, Solo Capital was founded. He also owns more than 30 other companies around the world, including in London, The British Virgin Islands, The Cayman Islands, Dubai, Malta and Luxembourg.

Sanjay Shah is determined to raise more funds for autism. Waiting for government funded resources and being told the child has to be on a waiting list for five years due to the demand was not an option for Sanjay. He was fortunate to pay for his son’s therapy from morning to night.

Sanjay was confident that the could persuade colleagues, clients and friends to donate money and coming from a medical background, wants to pursue the causes of Autism and fund more money into research. With some experience in music as a DJ during college days, he seriously considered how he could get into a business as a way of raising awareness and donations for autism.

Finally, the idea for a music charity concert to raise money for autism research came into fruition with Autism Rocks. Sanjay successfully managed charity concert events and invited groups who could pay big sums of money to attend the events. Prince was the first to give a performance in London for Autism Rocks. He also had Elvis Costello and Joss Stone staging their performance. All funds raised from Autism Rocks goes to autism research. By next year, Shah’s goal is to create an Autism Rocks compilation album with various pop artists donating a track.

Bill Moyers Article Corrects Myths About the Koch Brothers

An article just published on the Bill Moyers website sets out to correct five popularly believed myths about the Koch Brothers.

The Koch Brothers are Charles and David. Charles is the older of the two, and the spokesperson. Charles Koch is also the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Koch Industries, which was started by their father, Fred Koch. David Koch is Executive Vice President. They each own 42 percent of the company, which is the second largest privately held company in the United States.

As the article on Bill Moyers outlines, until 2010, the Kochs were largely unknown to most Americans, even to the Washington DC elite. However, in that year The New Yorker began publishing a series of exposes by Jane Mayer, which eventually led to her book “Dark Money” about the pair. Now they are fairly visible and well-known. The news media publish interviews with Charles. Recently he got a lot of publicity by writing an op-ed piece in which he said he agreed with socialist Bernie Sanders about the problem of inequality in the United States.

According to the article the first myth is that the political activities of Charles Koch are a reaction to the presidency of Barack Obama.

Not getting much traction with the Libertarian Party, they went on to fund groups such as Citizens for a Sound Economy and the 60 Plus Association to lobby for causes they believe in.

In 2003 they began holding twice-yearly meetings of wealthy donors who support conservative causes. They founded their largest effort, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), in 2004.

All of this political activity took place long before President Obama took office.

The second myth the article debunks is that AFP is a pet project of the Koch Brothers. The article stresses the organization represents the beliefs and interests of many wealthy political donors. 17 people attended the first Koch get-together. As of early 2016, attendance reached 500. The minimum donation level to qualify for entry to this group is $100,000. That means a minimum of $50,000,000. However, many donors give more. One hotel staffer overheard a donor pledge $5 million to support conservative causes. The group raised just $100,000 in 2008. By 2014, it was $300,000. Journalists obtained these figures from tax records and Koch’s organizations. The article claims the group plans to raise from $700-900,000 for the 2016 elections.


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