All About The Wessex Institute of Technology

The Wessex Institute of Technology, commonly referred as Wessex is among the widely known institutions of technology in the world. Located in a serene environment, it attracts many that come to check out the Institute before enrolling in any programs. The conducive environment provides ample atmosphere for all students to undertake their courses, this is further enhanced by the lecturers who are vast with knowledge and always willing and enthusiastic to share all they have with their students, not forgetting to help them with their projects or whichever help they need.

Any institution, not only requires students and lectures only; other stakeholders need to be involved in the daily running of the day to day activities of the school. This offers room for many people seeking to be part and parcel of the world-changing Wessex Institute of Technology by providing jobs in the various departments to enhance proper learning. The workplace environment is also conducive, however, the best that any employee would ever wish.

In addition to the standard learning experience offered by the university, the Wessex goes further to extend its vast knowledge through various conferences it holds throughout the year, in different locations. It partners with various organizations and universities, to give back to the society, through sensitization and education. The forum is open to all that need to attend; you only need to register and avail yourself at the designated venue on the D-day. The conferences are also not limited to a particular area of expertise; they vary so as to accommodate different people in different areas of expertise be it, engineering, environment, society, finance and economics, and computing among other sectors.

Looking for an institution that caters to all your needs and understands everything you need, then Wessex is the place to be. According to their Wikipedia page, the Wessex Institute of Technology will help you nurture your talents, grow your ambitions and give you directions to attaining your greatest desires. It offers world class education that incorporates state-of-the-art technology in all the learning experience, be it graduate, masters or even Ph.D. levels. It doesn’t discriminate but accommodates all and gives everyone a level-field learning opportunity.

The Beautiful Squaw Valley Ski Resort

In recent news in the Tahoe Valley region, Andy Wirth of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort has recently been appointed as chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. This new appointment is a result of Andy Wirth continuously showing excellence in his job as the CEO and as the President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

Andy Wirth has not only attracted more tourists within the six years that he has been the leader of the resort, but he has also helped grow local businesses and has continued to be a well respected member of the community of the Tahoe region.  Learn more about Andy Wirth:

As the chairman of the board, Mr. Wirth has the job of demonstrating how great the region is and how it has also become the ideal place to vacation. With mountains, fresh air, as well as a beautiful lake and woods to explore, Andy Wirth has been to showcase that Northern California is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in the world.

Andy Wirth has always had a passion for promoting businesses that successfully combine the luxury of hotels with the beauty of nature. As the CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Andy Wirth has been able to attract more customers than ever to the serenity and the luxury of the area. With activities to take part in that occur year round, this region offers anything to do. In the summer, visitors can go on a long hike or ski to explore the 6,000 acres of land that this ski resort currently possesses.

This ski resort is currently located by the Tahoe Lake, a lake that is considered to be one of the many jewels of the United States. The Tahoe Lake offers pristine and clean waters to conduct fun activities for all that can bring together friends as well as families.

Individuals, during the summer time can also enjoy the fresh air of the area and explore the lake by hiking the 70 mile shore line. Everyone who comes to the resort has something fun and exciting that can be done whether it be an activity or relaxing.

New Tool Provided by Davos Real Estate Group

David Osio is a real estate investor who is well-regarded in the real estate industry for being a leader in both residential and commercial real estate. Through his group of companies, the Davos Real Estate Group, he has provided a number of different services to his investors, including financial investment advice, market knowledge, capital for investments, and even financing options.

One way that David Osio has benefited his clients is by providing customers with the tools necessary to make informed decisions. One great investment that an individual can make is the decision to purchase a piece of investment real estate. While it can be a great financial investment, many investors do not go into the investment fully informed about what all of the costs could potentially be.

The Davos Real Estate Group has recently launched a new application that will give all potential investors all of the tools they need to ensure that they are making a good long-term investment decision. The application will act as a checklist and financial model to ensure that all of the potential expenses are recorded and accounted for. The application will ask you for information regarding basic revenue, such as rental income, what local vacancy rates are, property taxes, mortgage information, and insurance. While investors often recognize those expenses, the application will also ask for other expenses such as maintenance, association dues, and utilities that can dilute the investment return.

Once all of the information has been received, the calculator will be able to give you a breakdown of what the realistic income potential of the property will be. This information will include what net income is, what your free cash flow will be, and what the long-term return on investment can be. This information can also be used to compare potential investments side-by-side to make a more informed decision.

The tools provided by the Davos Real Estate Group can also be used to find ways to save on expenses to make a financial investment more accretive. This will include providing tips on how to save on utilities and maintenance costs, tips on how to negotiate real estate taxes with the local county, and tips on how to ensure that the property stays full to reduce vacancy expenses.

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Richard Blair Talks About Making Extra Cash From AirBNB


For some people, renting out a small space in their house or apartment has now become easier and better than ever. With the rise of places such as AirBNB, it is now possible for someone to offer a room in their homes when they wish. A person in a popular destination such as New York City, can easily find it possible to rent out a small space every single day of the week of the year if that’s what they want. Even someone who is living in an out of the way space that does not get much traffic may still wish to consider taking advantage of this right and renting out a space to people who are just passing through for a short time.

Cautions And Precautions

Yet, as Richard Blair reminds people, what looks like easy money may be nothing of the sort. Blair, a highly skilled professional wealth manager, knows that this sort of rental arrangement is one that needs to be considered carefully in today’s market. Being a hotel manager of a sort is not always easy and may cause all kinds of problems if the person renting out the room is not prepared for all eventualities. He cautions people to be aware of the need to be able to confront any potential problems. His own personal experience is one that suggests to him that renting out space today requires careful caution. He reminds people that people that they need to aware that problems may arise unexpectedly, causing potential risks of all kinds. The savvy renter will take this in account and remember such needs before they begin to rent any space out at all.

Working With Richard Blair

At his own firm, Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair is all about being able to avoid risks. He knows that anyone who is going to accumulate wealth needs to be aware of all details at all times. His own philosophy of wealth management and accumulation is about balancing the need for rewards with the potential for risks that may cause problems and may cause the loss of capital. He aims to help people manage such risks just as they manage any potential risks from renting out a room in their homes. He knows that it is imperative to help move past such risks and enjoy the potential rewards that can come from specific marketing insights and risk taking.

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Squaw Alpine California Ski Resorts

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are ski resorts in Lake Tahoe, Nevada which offers exceptional scenery to people visiting the area. The mountain offers excellent slopes, and both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are connected by a gondola. Both have been highly desired by visitors, but those traveling to the area find that they have to drive from one mountain to the other on a frequent basis. It’s a highly efficient lift which reduces the travel time between the mountains considerably. Visitors are also able to ski the mountains year round.

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are a part of the dynamic region which is North Lake Tahoe. The 22,000 acres and many different lakes form the perfect backdrop which continues to attract visitors on a daily basis. Visitors to the area arrive at the Lake Tahoe airport and frequently travel to the Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows resort through Uber or by renting a car. The resort is also a short driving time from areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Reno. Lodging is at the Village at Squaw Valley, which offers a wide range of accommodation for visitors. Guests are able to stay in standard hotel-style rooms, suites with spacious accommodation, smaller suites, three bedroom suites with a full kitchen, and a suite with a den.

Squaw Valley also puts on events for visitors to participate in. Nearly every day, visitors are able to participate in one of the events which the resort puts on for guests. These range from a writers workshop to outdoor movies to a summer music series. Even if you don’t like skiing, there’s also plenty of other things to do. Bike rentals, disc golf, yoga, spa, museums, wanderlust, and hot tubs are some of the great amenities which await visitors.

The resort also operates the Squaw Valley Athletic Foundation. This is a charitable organization which grants scholarships to young athletes participating in winter sports such as competitive skiing. The foundation has granted $62,000 in scholarships, which was divided among 24 participants and 7 coaches. Students in the area are able to apply for eligibility to be considered for a scholarship. Athletes are often able to travel to faraway places such as Andorra where they are able to ski.

The Manse on Marsh Accepts Second “Caring Star” Award

The Manse on Marsh has recently accepted the “Caring Star” award from’s annual consideration. This award has very selective criteria for consideration beginning with a 4-star all-time average rating by customer review and ending with the requirement of at least one 5-star review between Dec. 1, 2014 – Sep. 30, 2015. The Manse on Marsh received an all-time average of 5-stars with 5 5-star reviews during the award timeframe. This is the second consecutive year that the San Luis Obispo County location for the company was awarded this honor.

The Manse on Marsh assisted living campus in San Luis Obispo County used a top of the line Care Planning System which enables the caretakers to fine tune all of the support for their residents. It includes such features as the point system that breaks down care into numerous categories such as medication management, meal reminders, grooming assistance, and more. This individual point system allows for very personalized care plans and also ensures that the resident and their family are only paying for the support they need instead of paying more for one-size fits all option like other assisted living communities.

The CEO and co-founder of, Andy Cohen, stated that the “Caring Star” award was intended not only to recognize the quality of businesses like the Manse on Marsh but also help steer prospective residents and their families towards trustworthy communities that had strong reputations and consistently positive reviews. It is well documented in recent studies that most soon-to-be residents use internet-based consumer reviews as the main determination in choosing which community to trust. They value it even more highly than medical professional or in-person recommendations according to studies. In response, the Manse on Marsh Executive Director and CEO Logan Sexton noted that the winning the award a second time simply showed that residents and their families appreciated all the innovative and hard work that their assisted living community staff put into their day to day happiness and care.  Be sure to follow Manse on Facebook for continued updates on the facility.

Sam Tabar: Rising in the Ranks

Sam Tabar is the perfect example of how hard work and a fierce determination to succeed will get you to where you want to be. Although Mr. Tabar started his career in the fund management industry, he had his eyes set on a much bigger position. That determination, hard work, and skill, pushed Sam Tabar to his position of chief operating officer. He is considered by those who know him in the financial industry as a role model for those just starting out of college.

To better understand how Mr. Tabar became a success, you’ll need to take a closer look his accomplishments along his journey. Sam Tabar began by working as head capital strategist for the Merrill Lynch company. Sam Tabar would help fund managers by offering them introductions to use to develop foundations, fund of funds, pensions, endowments, and family offices. Mr. Tabar was instrumental on consulting legal operations and building back office teams.

Before Sam Tabar got the position at Merrill Lynch, he was co-head of marketing for the Sparx Group. That company is considered one of the largest funds in Asia-Pacific. During the time at that job, Sparx Group worked in every aspect of their global marketing efforts.

Mr. Tabar has a vast experience in the law field as well, having worked as a lawyer for Schulte, Roth & Zabel and Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom.

Sam Tabar made the rise to the top with a commitment to success, never-ending determination, and a background of impressive higher education. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Oxford, he holds a Masters of Law from Columbia, and Sam Tabar worked as editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal.

Mr. Tabar is currently a member of the state bar in New York.

There is no coincidence that Sam Tabar is always in the right palace at the right time. His past successes has lead him on this course. During his private investor career, he was one of the first to identify the potential in SheThinx. That company went on to re-invent feminine hygiene products on a global scale.

Just Fab hits $1 billion

Just Fab, Inc. named a new CFO and COO, Tod Tappin, as of June 30,2016, who is known for his IPO transition strategies. His previous position at Rubicon Project, as their CFO and COO, guided them onto the public marketplace in 2014.

JustFab, Inc. is the parent company of Fabletics and Shoedazzle, and is worth $1 billion as of July 2016.
Shoedazzle, founded by start-up guru and former attorney, Brian Lee, attorney Robert Shapiro, Kim Kardashian, and represented by Kimora Lee Simmons, joined with Just Fab in 2013.

The Wall Street Journals quotes Mr. Lee as attributing the success of his many start-ups to pairing with celebrities with substantial social media stardom.  Learn more about JustFab:

Fabletics, a fashion athletic brand created by actress Kate Hudson, had $150 million in revenue, attributed to their e-commerce business, and plans to open 75-100 retail stores in the future. Six have opened at present and they attribute 40% of sales to current sybscribers.

Both companies, along with most under the Just Fab brand are subscription based shopping services, and have been largely successful in social media due to the famous faces behind the labels. Read more: Fashion Unicorn Startup JustFab Inc. Taps CFO With IPO Experience

Despite Mr. Tappin’s success at going public, he has chosen not to put Just Fab on the public market just yet. A wise choice perhaps, given the common practice of start-ups often being snubbed in their initial market openings. Currently, JustFab, Inc. has 3 million customers as of 2015 and growth has slowed considerably as of late.

The magical early morning hair conditioner

Are you a person with beautiful hair and one who loves to maintain the shine and bounce of your hair for the whole day without fear of you looking disheveled and flat? Then check out Wen by Chaz Dean’s YouTube channel, which produces a range of hair care line [see,] in the name of Wen cleansing conditioners that acts like shampoos, conditioners and styling treatment. Wen by Chaz offers a range of products with different formulations that work on virtually any hair type. used-cleansing- cleansing-conditioner- on-my- fine-hair-here’s-what- happened.

As reported in an article on, the application amount of Wen cleansing conditioners depends on the type of hair in question. Different hair sizes require different application amounts for excellent effect. For short hair one requires an average of about 13 pumps while long hair will require about 28 pumps. One needs to spread the necessary amount evenly across her hair when showering.

Unlike other conditioners and shampoos, Wen cleansing conditioners will protect the hair from falling off by giving strength to the roots of the hair. When applied during the morning shower, the
conditioner will guarantee healthy, beautiful and shiny hair for the whole day. Its amazing effect will show in a span of one week of using it. This period is enough to enable a person to know how well to use the products depending on their daily routine.

This is the ultimate product for people with fine hair and who wish to maintain the softness,bounce and shine of their hair for the whole day. It works wonders when applied in the early morning shower because it maintains the hair’s shine, health and bounce for the entire day. Purchase a bottle on Amazon today.


Bernardo Chua Uses Marketing Expertise to Grow Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua’s rise from being an ordinary employee of a business in his native Philippines to a global entrepreneur of his own company is the quintessential rags-to-riches story.

Chua used his marketing expertise to grow the company he founded in 2008 in British Colmbia, Organo Gold, from a three-person start-up into a multimillion dollar enterprise that has a presence in more than 35 countries and is backed up by thousands of employees and independent distributors.

Prior to establishing Organo Gold, Chua worked for the Philippine-based Gano Excel company for a number of years before relocating to California to manage Gano Excel USA. One of the products offered by Gano Excel is the ganoderma lucidium herb, but in a Facebook post, Chua said he devised a new way to use the herb in popular drinks like coffee and tea, which led him to form Organo Gold.

Today, Organo Gold is an international gourmet coffee company that offers certified organic ganaderma lucidium in a variety of coffees, teas, nutraceuticals and even personal care products, The company sells its products through an independent distribution network and to the public through its Coffee Connoisseur Club in both the United States and Canada.

For his marketing efforts, Chua has been selected the direct sales company executive of the year almost six times and in 2014 and 2015 he received a business and industry Dangal ng Bayan award. In addition, the National Consumer Affairs Foundation in Manila honored Chua as its outstanding global entrepreneur in 2015.

Chua is alos a well-known philanthropist whose company sponsors the OG Care Foundation which helps young men and women from around the world tap into their leadership potential.